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When we talk about Skechers we instantly think of the memory foam cushioned footbed and their cool athletic design. The American shoe company, situated in Manhattan Beach, California was established by CEO Robert Greenberg and his son Michael in 1992. When the company started in 1983, they were best known for creating skate shoes and utility-style boots which then expanded into the making of athletic, casual and dress shoes for men, women, and children. One of their most durable, heavy-duty yet stylish boot ever made is the Skechers Sergeants Verdict for man.

The Verdict boots, once name Sergeants, are fashionable work boots made in Vietnam, and they feature smooth leather or oiled smooth suede upper. The boot comes with a rounded plain toe front, reinforced seams, and S logo detail. A cushioned collar and well-padded tongue are added to provide your feet with Skechers’ outstanding comfort feel. According to reviewers, they are the most comfortable boots you will ever own. The boot rests on rugged traction soles to help you maintain balance in your outdoor adventures, and the six hexagon metal eyelets give you lacing to your preference. They are one of the best boots to have if you require something that will grip onto wet surfaces. Be prepared for your feet to fall in love.

Editor's Pros & Cons


Good cushioning


Durable and sturdy



Half size too small 

Feels heavy after wear

Break in period


The outsole is made entirely out of high-quality rubber that continues to deliver excellent flexibility and traction whether you are on greasy or grassy conditions. It is the perfect boot for hiking on rough terrain. The sturdy and durable rubber lug traction outsole will make you want to stay outdoors for the whole day. The heavy-duty lugged outsole holds up well and does not wear out quickly. You can always trust that your feet will stay dry and toasty warm even with nearly a foot of snow on the ground.


The natural curve to the sole of the boot adds comfort to walking. For added comfort and support there is steel shank completely encased in the midsole. There is nothing better than a shock absorbing boot at work. If your job requires standing for long hours or working in construction, the midsole helps decrease the risk of injuries since it has ¾ inch shock absorbance. The boot features seam-sealed waterproof midsole design.


The one thing that attracts you to footwear is the way it looks. At this moment you decide whether you want to try the boot or not. Skechers Men’s Verdict, not only does it have an upper that looks sturdy and stylish, but it is layered in high-quality genuine leather or suede that is easy to clean. Any product that is made to moisturize leather should be suitable for the oiled leather upper. The leather is very vibrant, and from first glance, you can notice that it is made to last long.
Nonetheless, rest assured that you can wear these boots all day, every day, and they will hold up. Another great touch to the boot is the padded tongue and collar to enhance comfort and provide extra stability for ankles and top areas of the feet. The full six eye lace up front with hexagonal metal eyelets allows for an adjustable lacing system.


When you read or hear about the features of these boots, you probably ask yourself why you don’t own a pair yet. What you might fall in love with at first sight could be the rugged look, but when you try them on your feet will never forget their first encounter. Instantly your foot slides from a padded ankle collar and tongue into a smooth fabric lining giving you a feeling of real luxury. Then you rest your foot on memory foam insoles that make you feel like you are walking on clouds.
The genuine waterproof leather with natural finish ensures durability and prevents your feet from over-sweating. Most non-slip Skechers are made from genuine leather. It is a very comfortable material, especially for someone who stands for long periods. The heels and toe caps are reasonably reinforced, without being steel toe-capped. The six-eye lace-up front with hexagonal metal eyelets secures for adjustable lacing system to keep your feet snug and tight. The side is strengthened with stitched sealed seams to last longer and the rugged rubber traction sole for excellent traction when walking on rough terrain. No doubt, these boots are made to last.


If you want comfortable boots for riding or winter activities, then these are for you. They are warm, waterproof and very comfortable. Skechers Men’s Verdict boot gives you a high level of quality and comfort you would count on from a well-known brand like Skechers. Reviewers love the padded tongue and collar along with the cushioned insole which allows them to walk and work with ease, and keep their feet from hurting at work. The sole curves naturally and adds comfort when walking long distance too. Some customers noted that the Verdict boot has a comfortable fit like the leather was already broken in. The memory foam cushioned footbed lets you sink into comfort. If you need the extra padding, they come with one.


Skechers Verdict boot is a well-made, chunky, and waterproof boot without being sweaty like so many waterproof shoes. The comfortable Air cooled memory foam was recently added to all colors of the Verdict boot. It is removable and provides enhanced breathability. Designed to provide comfort in different weather conditions such as rain, snow, and mud, they feel good on your feet in hot weather too. Some customers noticed that if you live in more humid areas of the world and want these boots to work for you on a construction site or in a factory, or to wear out in the summer, you may find they don’t breathe as well as you might hope. Skechers Verdict boots are very well insulated, the tongue is thick, and the boots are waterproof, so your feet stay very warm. If you work in the cold elements, or your feet get cold easy, then your feet will be happy.


Customers find this boot to be very sturdy and more of a work boot than a fashion boot. One downside noticed by customers is that they might be stiff so be ready to wear them for several hours to break them in before using them for work or general wear.

They provide a firm fit for walking the trails and a classical look for going out and about. Not to mention the traction that the waffle-stomper style sole gives. The treads are aggressive on the sole and deep enough for snow.


One of the best heavy duty and waterproof boots on the market that you don’t have to worry about the quality. Skechers Verdict boot holds up even in the toughest of conditions. These boots are great for farmers, stand workers, ranchers, drivers, camp workers, winery workers, as well as rock climbers, hikers, and that just names a few. Designed for outdoor activities that include trekking in often wet and rocky environments, in any weather, these boots are an excellent all-around work boot that looks great too. They survive pretty much all conditions snow, heavy rain, thick mud, sand, grit and can still go strong with minimal wear.


The Skechers Verdict is an excellent heavy-duty, waterproof boot designed for people who work on their feet for long hours in harsh conditions and terrains. The ¾ inch shock absorbing midsole provides excellent cushioning and support while the rubber outsole gives excellent traction and grip to keep your footing secure on slippery surfaces. If you need more cushion and support, you can always slip in extra inserts. They don’t come with a steel cap, so if you are working around heavy machinery and equipment, you may want to consider using a reinforced steel cap boot for extra safety. It goes without saying that your balance must be secure when your work requires walking on slippery surfaces. If your job requires standing for many hours and it feels that your feet, legs and back pay a terrible price, then Skechers Verdict are the boots for you. You will appreciate the sturdiness and also find that the boot flexes well and give you good arch support. You can wear them 5 days a week, rain, sleet or snow.


It is essential for your boots not to weigh you down, especially on rocky surfaces, when climbing or working on wet grounds. In comparison to their heavy-duty look, Skechers Verdict boots are very light. If you regularly wear athletic shoes or dress shoes, the work boot may seem bit heavy, but you will appreciate the sturdiness. Considering the fact the rubber sole adds to the weight the boot weighs about 16 to 20 oz per boot depending on the size, making them lightweight for workers shoe of this caliber.


Stability in these boots is sound, due to the cushioning and padding of the midsole and tongue — the laces tight above the ankle which prevents rubbing that can hurt over time. Skechers Verdict will wrap your feet in comfort and still give you good traction and support. This comfortable, and lightweight work boot, will make your pace light and throughout the day. They have the right comfort and sturdiness around the ankle. They are perfect for all-day use for work as well as casual wear.


Skechers Men’s Verdict boots add a trendy rugged look to your casual plain old jeans, a t-shirt, and a hoodie. Try them with a classy pair of slacks and a sweater or a lacy top, and you have got a complete look for a night on the town. You can wear them for work and fun. Skechers Men’s Verdict boots are very comfortable and yet durable, rugged but yet dressy. They are stylish enough that they can dress up quite nicely and sturdy enough to serve you well in cold, cold winters. Not long after you buy them, they will become a staple in your wardrobe.
You can find these boots available in waterproof leather or suede, stylish options for work and play, and they come in neutral colors: wheat, dark brown, black waterproof oiled smooth leather, charcoal, brown and black, so they are perfect for yearlong wear in any season.

Key Features

* 100% Leather or suede upper
* Air- cooling memory foam insole + extra one
* Lugged rubber outsole
* Side Reinforced stitched sealed seams built to last
* ¾ Shock absorbing midsole
* 1 1/4 inch boot heel

Bottom Line

All Skechers waterproof work boots are designed to make working guy’s life easier, and the Skechers Men’s Verdict is intended for the same reason. Skechers Men’s Verdict Boot is a versatile work boot. It is designed to fit in any working conditions. From construction to hiking, this shoe is ideal for pretty much everything. This boot features waterproof leather and suede upper. It's a fantastic set of shoes that will keep you protected in any weather conditions. The outsole is rubber, with excellent tread style to last you in different terrains and work conditions. The tongue is well padded providing protection and strength around your instep. For additional comfort, it comes with an attached cushion insole. Even from the first glance, you can instantly tell this shoe will outlive all the other ones you own. Your foot slides in an inside that is lined with a smooth material, keeping your feet snug as you get the task done. Have in mind that this shoe is designed primarily to make your working life more manageable. It's a sturdy and comfortable boot that deserves a chance. Gear up for some fun, since many trails are waiting to be discovered.