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Skechers Synergy Trend Setter Review Review Facts

When we talk about Skechers, what instantly comes to mind is their famous memory foam that means heaven for your feet. Thanks to this divine feature, Skechers managed to fascinate people of any age and working environment, from athletes to pregnant women and young mothers. Situated in Manhattan Beach, California, this American company was established by Robert Greenberg and his son Michael in 1992. Although the company was first launched in 1983, it only produced skate shoes and utility-style boots. Today, as the third largest athletic footwear brand in the United States, Skechers continues to make quality footwear that appeals to almost anybody.

One of the most popular models among trend-savvy customers is the Synergy Trend Setter. These comfortable gym shoes perform great in the gym. However, the stylish and casual look makes them perfect for walking, traveling, special occasions and work. This athletic, yet fashionable design features smooth leather and synthetic upper in a lace-up panel.  In order to double the pleasure, Skechers not only incorporated comfort in the footbed, but they also added a padded tongue and collar for a more enjoyable ride.  While the upper portion keeps your feet snug and secure, the rugged traction soles optimize traction for enhanced durability. According to reviewers, they are one of the most comfortable trainers for those who are standing on their feet all day long.

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Good cushioning


Poor selection in colors

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  • After my foot surgery, finding a comfortable shoe was difficult. However these Sketchers are amazing, and I love the black style which can still looks professional
  • Very lightweight shoe with tons of support, bonus that it has adjustable lace up which helps if you have wide feet.
  • After Chemo, I needed a very lightweight shoe that was super comfortable and easy to adjust. These are perfect!
  • Great shoe for all day wear, they’re absolutely perfect!
  • Great athletic shoe, perfect for teens needing a uniform shoe, perfect since they do come in all white!
  • Purchased for work, great shoe, super comfortable. I would definitely recommend.
  • Sketchers is my favorite shoe brand. I can walk around in these shoes for hours.
  • Everyone in the family swears by Sketchers, I get a ton of compliments on these shoes.
  • I had to size up with these shoes, but they’re the perfect tennis shoes
  • Great shoe for people who need to be on their feet all day. They are very comfortable.
  • Super comfortable shoe, perfect for needing a clean shoe when athletic shoes wouldn’t be appropriate.
  • No need to break these shoes in, they were perfect straight out of the box.
  • Great value, I wore them for a full day of work the first time wearing them. Good quality.
  • I volunteer at a local dog shelter, and these are perfect for comfort and super durable.
  • I’m super impressed with these shoes, feels like I’m walking on air. I love them.
  • No regrets with buying my pair of Sketchers. They’re a good running, hiking and walking shoe.
  • Great trainers for all day wear. I wear mine for 10 hours or more a day. My feet don’t ache at all.
  • After breaking them in, they felt amazing. Great for my feet which are a little wide, they fit nice and snug.
  • Most comfortable shoe with good foot support, usually sneakers are a challenge for me but these are perfect.
  • Great shoe for anyone who does a lot of walking, the support lasts a long time plus this shoe looks very nice.
  • Some customers said shoe ran a little narrow.
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Skechers Synergy Trend Setter features a flexible, rubber traction outsole. The rubber is made of high-quality material that provides flexibility and durability during use. This means that it holds up well and does not wear out quickly. The entire sole unit is designed with flex grooves, ensuring that the sneaker bends in response to the natural movements of the foot.

The downside on this model, as reported by customers, is that the outsole traps rocks, twigs, and dirt inside the grooves. As some buyers have said, they have to clean the tread out after every use. When it comes to the sole being slippery, many wearers reported they are actually quite slippery on wet terrain, but they still love them for being one of the most comfortable sneakers they have ever worn.


The midsole of this model is made with the flexible Synergy midsole design. This means it provides the wearer with what they need in terms of flexibility and shock absorbance. It is also very lightweight, which adds to a more comfortable ride during use. The memory foam footbed adds contoured support that the underfoot instantly gets. It molds perfectly to the exact shape of the underfoot, making sure that the heel, arch, and forefoot are well-supported. The cushioning in this model works to take in the impact of the ground and prevent the wearer from feeling the effects of the harsh terrain, making Skechers Synergy Trend Setter great choice for all those gym fanatics as well as those who stand on their feet for long hours.


The name of the design says it all. All parts on the upper portion work together to create a stylish model, that many wearers fell in love with. What we notice first is the smooth nubuck leather and synthetic upper. Contributing to the sporty, yet stylish look is also the lace-up front with fabric eyelets in glitter finish and the metal top eyelets. This part gives the foot a nice snug feel that together with the padded tongue and collar work better to promote superb comfort. There is also a handy pull tab at the back of the heel allowing for easier taking off and putting on your shoes. The stitching and overlay details together with the “S” logo on the side add to the overall sporty look of this model.


Putting on these shoes is like putting on your most comfortable pair of house slippers. One of the best features of the Skechers Synergy Trend Setter is the comfort they provide. This is due to the memory foam cushioned insole, which is glued, but some reviewers that needed to add or change it with special orthotics said it was removable. The ability of the self-adjustable lacing system makes it possible to accommodate different insoles. When compared to other Skechers sneakers, some customers reported that the memory foam generates heat and the feet get hot, while others said that this model fits perfectly and they feel cool and comfortable after long walks. Another feature that helps for a more comfortable experience is the microperforated side panels, which together with the soft mesh fabric lining help promote cooling effect, so your feet can stay dry and odor-free.

This is definitely the type of sneaker you would like to have if you enjoy long workouts, walks or stand on your feet for long hours. A number of customers said that once the foam molded into their feet, they started hurting and felt hardly any support. However, adding inserts to your own liking may bring about improvement in this field.


For those who have serious knee problems as well as wide feet and are unable to wear most styles of shoes, finding a comfortable pair of trainers that can pass as casual, yet dressy is a real challenge. As most athletic women's shoes these days come in bright and fluorescent color combinations and lack a professional appearance, this style is an ideal option.

When it comes to support, Synergy Trend Setter provides the wearer with average support. Many customers that have high arches claimed that the low profile of the model didn’t give them the support they needed. However, the light weight of the design and the exceptional memory foam help promote decent support, and many wearers began experiencing less leg and back aches. Those customers with flat feet said that the Synergy Trend Setter was the first shoe that they didn’t need to buy insoles for. In addition to the features mentioned above, this style comes with both flexible outsole and midsole for even greater support.


The Skechers Synergy Trend Setter owes its popularity to its exceptionally comfortable memory foam as well as its lightweight structure. This memory foam, as some customers reported, still springs back and doesn’t flatten even after one year of use. When it comes to longevity, many buyers have said that Synergy Trend Setter has lasted them for a long time. The leather upper is of high quality and together with the durable woven eyelets work well to prevent tearing. The lightweight, yet durable sole unit, also retains its responsiveness even after extended wear. In addition to these features, the rubber outsole works very well to provide the wearer with a high degree of traction and doesn’t wear off quickly.

Skechers shoes are specially made for marathon and professional runners and are durable up to 1000-1300 kilometers. After that, the grip of the outsole reduces. Since the Synergy Trend Setter is designed for casual wear, they can last up to 4 years. So, not only are they lightweight and more comfortable than any other brand, but they are also much more durable than other sports shoes.


Flexibility varies from person to person depending on their walking speed and style. Both the outsole and the midsole of this model are made from a flexible material that helps the foot to bend easily and naturally. In addition to that, flex grooves have been added to promote forefoot flexion across the joints. The solid heel, together with the lace-up closure also prevents too much movement or slipping of the foot inside the sneaker. All these features make Synergy Trend Setter a flexible, lightweight training shoe that has less stress on the knee.


Skechers Synergy Trend Setter is a well-made, lightweight and good looking sneaker, designed for people who are on their feet for long hours, people who love working out and for those who love taking long walks. Even though the sole may not be as slip-resistant as it was expected to be, some customers were thrilled to say that when walking in rain and puddles, they didn’t have to worry about water getting in their shoes. Some wearers have even reported that the trainer protected them from an acid spill while working in a chemical laboratory. That resulted in a small opening at the toe box, which grew larger in time, but the Trend Setter was sturdy enough to protect their toes from the acid spill. At the bottom, the foot is protected by the thick rubber outsole.


The Skechers Synergy Trend Setter has an outsole that is layered with a very durable rubber material. This rubber can shield the platform from wear and the damaging nature of the surfaces. It is also responsible for delivering great traction. Besides the rubber outsole of this model is flexible and durable, it was also given flex grooves to allow the foot to move with ease on different terrain.


Designed for the gym, comfort wear, or workplace, Skechers Synergy Trend Setter is meant to be worn in any season, at any time. However, according to some reviews, due to the incredibly comfortable memory foam, the feet get warm very fast, which made them more suitable for cold weather. These lifestyle shoes or street shoes perform best when worn on flat terrain, preferably dry. Since they are designed as training shoes, they perform great in the gym.


We have already established that Skechers synergy Trend Setter is an insanely comfortable shoe. However, it is more of a fall/winter style. The feet get warm quickly, and this is due to the well-cushioned footbed. In order to promote ample airflow, this model features microperforated side and heel panels which together with the leather upper deliver a cooling effect. For people that are constantly on the move, the Synergy Trend Setter style leaves your feet feeling fresh and relaxed, even after extended wear.


Skechers Synergy Trend Setter not only fit the description of "professional," but they are incredibly comfortable too. The only downside is that they come available in two colors: black and beige. Women love them so much that they were happy to say they own three pairs of the same just in case Skechers stopped making them. They complement any sports outfits or casual attire. The leather upper is also easy to clean and maintain.

Key Features

*Leather upper
*Padded tongue and collar
*Flexible, rubber traction outsole
*Memory foam Synergy footbed
*Microperforated side panels for a cooling effect


Skechers have made a significant impact on the shoe industry regarding comfort. Comfort is actually the most important thing you need to keep in mind when choosing the perfect training shoe. While working up a sweat, ample airflow, support, and comfort are crucial for your feet. Many customers have said that Synergy Trend Setter work perfect for a gym session, cross training or just standing in them for long hours. The shock absorbing Synergy foam midsole is all the rage when many put these shoes on, and reviewers also enjoyed the microperforated side and heel panels that helped make their Trend Setter completely breathable and cool. This model is really lightweight, combining comfort, flexibility, and durability. The beautiful smooth nubuck leather is very durable and flexible and provides the wearer with a long-lasting sneaker that will be comfortable from morning to night.

Because of its flexible design, you can enjoy the Trend Setter conforming to the shape of your foot while offering reliable support. The quick lacing system makes the proper fix easier by staying true from the first tread to the last. Most users love this model for its durability and comfort and the point that no matter how wet the shoe becomes the upper always feel very secure. The only drawback reported by customers was that this style comes available in only two colors, which was very disappointing to Skechers fans. They found this shoe to be so comfortable, that if it came in five colors, they would get all five. To sum up, with a cool look and superior comfort, the Skechers Synergy Trend Setter is certain to set some trends.