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In our quest to find the best for your feet, we leave no rock unturned, testing and reviewing just about any type of footwear that's out there. Some make the grade and some simply don't, but we'll share the good the bad and the in between about every shoe we look at. Here is the team that brings you detailed product reviews, as well as foot health related information that will keep you walking, jogging, and even running wherever life might take you.
More about Walkjogrun
  • We have access to registered nurses, clinicians, and therapists who share their expertise, foot related health information, as well as explanation and treatment of many common foot injuries or issues.
  • Our team leaves no box unchecked when it comes to information related to new products. We have absolutely no problem sharing our honest assessment of shoes, boots, and other footwear. This means you'll get the whole story, the good and the not so good, so you're able to make a more informed decision before buying that new pair shoes.
  • Our blog articles are based on deep research, as well as real world experience. Our team is determined to give our readers the very best, and the most helpful information possible. Our best tool in the toolbox is experience, which we love to share. Whether we're sharing information on a new pair of running shoes, or a detailed rundown on the root causes and treatment of something like shin splints, we put the time and effort into sharing the best info possible.