Foot Health

How to run with shin splints
How To Run With Shin Splints?
One of the most common injuries that a person can experience when starting an exercise program is shin splints. The dull ...
Pain in the Feet:  A Bigger Problem Than You Think
Pain in the Feet: A Bigger Problem Than You Think
No one is a fan of pain, but pain helps alert our body to immediate problems that need attention.  Consider it an alarm s...
5 Winter Must Haves for your Feet
5 Winter Must Haves for Keeping your Feet Soft
Winter is upon us and that means cold, dry, chapped skin, especially feet. Although you may not be showing off your feet ...
Should You Clean Your Feet?
How To Properly and Thoroughly Wash Your Feet
I didn’t even realize this was in question, to be honest. However, the internet has spoken, and I am but a humble servant...
Essential Oils and Your Feet
Everything You Need To Know About Essential Oils
We’ve all heard about essential oils and their many different uses. Although many are not labeled for direct use on...
Make Your Own Massage Oil
Make Your Own Massage Oil from Home
A massage is more sensual than a good foot rub. It’s a great way to show your partner that you love them and that you car...
Plantar Fasciitis and You
Plantar Fasciitis: Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment
You know what’s a real pain in the a**? Foot pain, as it turns out. Bet you didn’t see that one coming! It&rs...
Scent Blends For DIY Sneaker Balls
Scent Blends For Making DIY Sneaker Balls at Home
We’ve talked about how to make your own sneaker balls in the past… now the question is, how do you make your...
Foot Pain: The Facts and Causes
Foot Pain: Causes, Home Remedies & Treatment
Foot pain sufferers can fear no more! Here at NicerShoes, I’m on the case. This is a problem that affects approxima...
An in depth guide covering  Sprained Ankle: How to Avoid in 2018
Sprained Ankle: How to Avoid & How to Treat
The anatomy of the human ankle is fascinating, complex, and perfectly structured to perform the movements and tasks we de...
An in depth guide on Sepsis and Staph Infections in 2018
Recognizing Sepsis and Staph Infections After Foot Surgery
When a person undergoes surgery, the body becomes vulnerable to infection usually through the incision site. Even when th...
An in depth guide on Broken & Fractured Toe Strengthening in 2018
Broken & Fractured Toe Strengthening Plus Treatment
Broken or fractured toes are caused by a variety of things, however, it is typically caused by blunt force trauma. What d...
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