The Do's and Don'ts of Pregnancy Workouts
The Dos and Don’ts of Pregnancy Workouts
Working out during pregnancy has been a common concern among those who got pregnant in the past.  During more recent year...
How to Accurately Measure Body Fat
How to Measure Body Fat Accurately for Correct Results?
Body fat is a bad couple of words to some people. Appearance is what everyone worries about, and body fat has an importan...
Vegan VS Vegetarian
Vegan vs. Vegetarian: What Are the Differences?
When you go out to dinner, you will have heard someone around you say that they are vegetarian. You may even know someone...
Mediterranean Diet
Fast Facts: Mediterranean Diet
If you want to lose weight, improve your health, and strengthen your heart—without going on a traditional diet—then you s...
Intermittent Fasting
Fast Facts: What Is Intermittent Fasting?
Intermittent fasting is the latest, and probably the greatest way to lose weight, improve your health, and cut down on yo...
How to run with shin splints
How To Run With Shin Splints?
One of the most common injuries that a person can experience when starting an exercise program is shin splints. The dull ...
image of runners knee
What is Runner’s Knee and How to Treat It?
If you have pain around or under your kneecap, you may be experiencing Runner’s Knee. This injury often referred to as pa...
Your BMI is a measurement of your weight compared to your height
What Is BMI And How Important Is It?
I am sure you’ve been to the doctor, and he/she probably measured your BMI.   And if they have, they probably used that i...
What You Need to Know About High Impact Sports Bras
What You Need to Know About High Impact Sports Bras
Finding a sports bra you love is no easy task. Every detail matters from the way it looks to how it feels. And, most impo...
Check out these Amazing Smartwatch Benefits
Check Out These Game Changing Smartwatch Benefits
Watches have evolved a lot over the past few years. They went from a simple dial with two arms to a mini computer on our ...
Best Goal Setting Apps for a New You
Best Goal Setting Apps for a New You
Creating a habit is never easy. Especially when it comes to improving who you are. Everyone uses different methods to do ...
Get a Bigger Butt with These Moves
Get a Bigger Butt with These Moves
I think we can all admit big butts are all the rage right now. People will stop at nothing to get a Kardashian booty or l...
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