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How to Spot Replica & Knockoff Shoes: Guide to Fake Footwear

Replica & Knockoff Shoes: Guide to Fake Footwear in 2022 How to Spot Replica & Knockoff Shoes: Guide to Fake Footwear www.walkjogrun.net

When purchasing shoes online from a reseller, nothing sucks more than getting fake shoes. There are a few ways to check to ensure your shoes are not knock-offs.

You should:

  • Use a legitimate website
  • Pay through Paypal
  • Check the label
  • Check the box
  • Smell the shoe
  • Do your research

Doing the legwork to make sure your shoes are legit could save you lots of time and money. 

What are fake shoes called?

I am sure we have all heard the names of fake shoes. They are called fakes, replica sneakers, knock-offs, B grades, counterfeits, bootlegs, etc. 

Although many “sneakerheads” and shoe lovers would say it is blasphemy to buy a pair of knock-off shoes, some individuals want to sport the latest style, and authenticity is not their primary objective. 

Is it okay to buy fake shoes?

Buying fake or counterfeit shoes is illegal in the U.S and many other countries. So, it is not okay, even though the law is not often enforced.

As of 2020, the counterfeit sneaker market was worth $450 billion. And as stated earlier, there are people whose primary goal is wearing the style, not getting the shoe made initially by the official shoe company. 

The most popular knock offs include Nike shoes (especially the Air Jordan 1 and Air max models), Adidas, Yeezy, Balenciaga, Dior, and Gucci shoes.

Wanting a pair of knock-off shoes can be influenced by the cost of the authentic shoe and its availability. Many shoe brands produce a limited number of shoes. And depending on a few factors, such as the brand and the designer, the prices could start at $130 and resale for more.

But, this is not to say that the fake shoe is always cheaper than the original. Depending on the high quality of the knock-off shoe is made and how close to the original shoe it looks, it can sometimes cost more than the original shoe’s price. 

Where are replica shoes made?

Most of the fake shoes are made in China. Some people question the difference between authentic shoes made in China and knock-off shoes made in China.

And many people will tell you it is the quality of the shoe and the bragging rights to wear a fresh pair of kicks that dropped yesterday. 

Arguably, stealing someone’s shoe design and profiting from it without giving proper credit to the creators and not specifying this information to the buyer is called a scam.

But, it is also evident that the cost of many shoes limits who can buy them even if they are counterfeit because many people may only be able to afford the $50-$60 knock-offs.  

How to spot fake shoes?

When you purchase shoes from a reseller or on a website, there are a few things to keep in mind to spot a fake shoe, even if it’s a quality replica.

These steps will help you be at peace with your purchase and help you not to waste your money on a knock-off. 

  1. Check the tag inside the shoe

On the inside of your shoe, the tag gives you the UPC. This number should match any shoe of the same size, style, and design for as long as the shoe is purchasable.

  1. Use a website or company that backs its products

Companies like eBay endorse their products by certifying that they are authentic. Currently, this service is free and is done for new shoes sold for over $100 and pre-owned/auctioned shoes for over $150. 

  1. Request proof of purchase 

Verify an item is legitimate by getting the seller to show you the original proof of purchase or a receipt.

  1. Be sure to use a payment method that protects the buyer

Paypal authenticates its sellers by protecting its buyers. If you receive fake shoes and the seller states that they are authentic, or if they state they are new and the shoes have been used, PayPal will foot the bill, and you will not be out of any money. 

  1. Smell the shoes

If you buy a pair of knock-off shoes, they will smell different and “toxic” due to the chemicals used to make the fake shoes. 

To conclude

Buying shoes online can be exciting and fulfilling because you never have to leave the comfort of your home, and you still can get the best quality shoes you have been waiting patiently to be released.

But, if you missed the drop time and were not able to get on the queue, I hope these solutions are helpful for you when purchasing shoes through a reseller or authorized resale website.