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Your Heel Broke? 3 Quick Fixes on the Go

Your Heel Broke? 3 Quick Fixes on the Go Your Heel Broke? 3 Quick Fixes on the Go www.walkjogrun.net

Perhaps you have been in the situation when you are walking down the streets and suddenly one of your heels broke. Or rather, perhaps it is one of those days when you grab a pair of heels for work, which you have not used for quite some time from the shoe cabinet, only to find that the heels had mysteriously broke. Either way, you would have experienced a moment when you are stuck with a broken heel, and at that point in time, you were unsure of what was needed to be done.

The easiest way to deal with the situation would be to purchase a new set of heels. While this may be the easiest way out, it may not be the most feasible solution especially when you had spent quite a lot on some of your heels. This solution will not do either if the heels happen to be one of your best or favourite pair.


The next best idea is to take it to the nearest shoe repair shop and let the professionals assess and deal with the damage. Both of these solutions are the most convenient, but they can also be quite expensive.

If both options are out of the question, there is always the do-it-yourself method, that works well whether you are on the go or when you are in the comfort of your home. Depending on the severity of the damage, some heels can be repaired using simple everyday items.

Let us look at some of the practical ways you can do to get a couple more miles out of your favourite pair of heels.

1) Reinsert the Heel

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In some cases, it may be possible to simply reinsert the broken heel back into the holes or slots. Sit down and carefully examine your shoe, the broken heel, and any other pieces that may come out with it, Check the alignment of the nails, and if possible, try to reinsert the heel as best as you can.


If it proves to be a little too difficult for you, or if the heel is tight,  get the assistance of someone who can help you with it. Remember to not use too much force as this may cause the heel or the pieces that came out with it, to snap.

2) Re-attach the Heel Using Glue

The most convenient way to fix a broken heel is to use glue, so it is handy to have a tube ready in your bag just in case you encounter any heel emergencies.

Bear in mind that this does not work with any glue. A better option would be to use Super Glue to get you by or glues that are specifically made for shoes. For heels and soles that are made from wood and held in place with nails, applying wood glue would be a better alternative.


Be liberal during application to ensure the heel will have a stronger and longer hold. However, do not use too much of it till it puts your shoe off balance. When you are gluing the heel to the shoe, make sure you align your heel very carefully.

Simple fix using glue:

  • Try to scrape off as much of the old glue from the heel and the shoe. At the same time, wipe off any dirt or dust that may have stuck onto the heel and the shoe.
  • The next step is to rough up the heel if you can. This will help the glue to stick better.
  • Align your heel carefully and glue the heel to the shoe. Super Glue works fine for a temporary and impromptu fix, but if you can get a hold of a good quality shoe glue, that would be better.
  • After you have applied the glue, apply pressure, and keep it at the side to dry. Letting it dry overnight would further strengthen the glue, indirectly enhancing the lifespan of your heels.
  • Once the glue is dried, tug on the heel to make sure it has got a strong hold and will not drop off.

For heels with protruding nails, you have to slide the nails back into the original holes, coat the nails with glue, and hold it in place until it dries. This will ensure the nails will not slip right back out.

3) Purchase Heel Tips

If you are nearby a shoe store that provides shoe repair services, head in there and purchase a heel tip replacement. During purchase, make sure you are buying the correct size and diameter. This can easily be done by measuring the tip of your damaged heel.


Simple fix using purchased heel tips:

  • Remove the damaged heel tip and metal pin with a pair of pliers. You may have to put in a bit of strength to take them out, but it should not be too much of a problem.
  • Carefully place the metal pin of the new heel tip into the hole where the damaged heel tip was.
  • Grab a hammer and hammer the metal pin gently, making sure the pin goes all the way in and that the heel tip is securely fastened.

So which solution would be the best one for you?

After listing out 5 possible solutions to tackle your broken heel, the best solution really depends on the situation, the extent of the damage to the heels as well as what do you have on hand at the moment.

If you do not mind buying a new pair, or you would rather send it to be repaired by a cobbler, then those would certainly be the best solutions for you. On the other hand, if you would rather take a shot at repairing it yourself, you could begin the repair process in the sequence of trying to reinsert the heel, reattaching it using store-bought glue, and go to the point of purchasing heel tips if it is necessary.

When all else fails, you would have to fall back to option number 1 or 2, which is to get a new pair of heels, or send it to a shoe repair store for repairs. Whichever method you choose to use, just be sure to carry a tube of glue with you all the time in case you ever need to use it when you are on the go. Better be prepared, and be safe, than sorry. This simple reminder is bound to save you from encountering potential embarrassing situations.