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How to: Avoid Feet and Leg Problems if Standing for Work

How to: Avoid Feet and Leg Problems if Standing for Work How to: Avoid Feet and Leg Problems if Standing for Work www.walkjogrun.net

How to Avoid Feet and Leg Problems if Standing for Work

If you stand for your job, you undoubtedly worry about the effects that has on your feet and legs. There are very real problems that can occur from standing all day. People who stand and walk around on their feet for their jobs often suffer from painful joints, bunions, circulation problems and more. Fortunately, you can avoid these issues by following some useful guidelines.

Change Your Shoes First

There are some things about working on your feet that just can’t be changed. For example, there’s no way that a waitress or bartender is going to be able to serve people their food and drinks from a seated position. In the same vein, nurses can’t just take sitting breaks whenever they want to. But there are three small and simple changes you can make with just your shoes to help prevent foot and leg injury. Take a look at these shoes that are considered and tested to be the best for standing all day.

1. Avoid Heels

Heels may be stylish, but they should be avoided for jobs where you will be standing all day. Heels push your toes into the fronts of your shoes, and they can also cause your calves and thighs to cramp up. Your knees will suffer too.

2. Find Shoes With Ample Room and Comfort

If you’re not going to wear heels, try to do some in-depth shopping to find stylish flats that are both cute and comfortable. There are many guides online for nurses and others that have standing jobs. Make sure to find shoes that have large toe boxes so that your feet have room to swell a bit. You should also find shoes with at least a half inch of cushioning and thick soles.

3. Change Shoes

Another option for improving the comfort of your feet is to change your shoes halfway through the day. You can find two comfortable pairs that will cradle your feet in different ways so that you don’t get chaffing in certain places.

Other Helpful Tops for Avoiding Feet and Leg Problems While Standing on the Job

1. Try Intermittent Exercises and Stretches

Some exercises and stretches can improve your feet and legs. Try squats to improve the strength of your upper legs and knees, and do ankle circles to strengthen and stretch out the small bones and muscles in your ankles and feet. The internet has many resources for great feet and leg stretches.

2. Soften Hard Flooring

If you work in a place where you can alter the flooring, consider adding soft or cushioning rugs to the floor so that you are not constantly walking around on hard floors. For example, if you are a cook or chef, consider putting a cushioned rug below where you do most of your prep work.

3. Cushion and Support Your Feet and Legs With Socks

There are also stockings and socks that can help your feet and legs. Compression socks and stockings help to improve circulation, and thick socks made of wool or cotton will help to insulate your feet and keep them cushioned and warm.

4. Lose Weight if Necessary

Your feet and legs will suffer if you have a lot of extra weight on your body. It is your feet and legs that have to carry around this weight, and it can cause serious joint problems. In addition, type II diabetes can often cause terrible circulation issues in the feet. If you need to lose weight, start exercising and counting calories to help your feet, legs and overall health.

5. Massage Your Feet and Legs

Massages feel great, but they are also beneficial for medical reasons. You can massage your own feet, or you can get a massage from a professional. Many physical therapists know a lot about special pressure points in the feet that they can teach you to manipulate. If you prefer not to give yourself a massage or can’t afford a professional, consider asking your partner to give you one. There’s really no wrong way to give a good foot massage.

6. Try Foot Baths at Home

Foot baths or baths for the whole body can help to improve blood circulation and soothe aching muscles. Aside from these very real benefits, you will also benefit from the relaxing experience of a warm foot bath or bubble bath with salts and scents. It will calm your mind and reduce stress. All of these things will make you feel immensely better.

It’s easy to forget about how much your feet and legs support you. Without them, you couldn’t work or do any of the things you enjoy. Take care of your feet and legs, and they will reward you by getting you where you need to go with ease and comfort.