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How to Keep Your Heels From Slipping Out of Your Shoes (10 Hacks)!

How to Keep Your Heels From Slipping Out of Your Shoes (10 Hacks)! How to Keep Your Heels From Slipping Out of Your Shoes (10 Hacks)! www.walkjogrun.net

You’ve found the perfect pair of shoes, you’re walking along confidently, and then, BAM, your heel pops out of your shoe, and it will not stop. Why is this happening? It is a frustrating yet common occurrence. 

Before trying to return the shoes or tossing them aside, take our advice.

Continue reading to discover what causes this to happen and discover clever shoes slipping off heel hacks. Leave this annoyance in the past.

Why Does My Heel Slip in My Shoe?

There are many reasons that this happens.

Some of the most common reasons are that:

  • Your shoe is too big
  • Your instep is too low, or your arches are too high.
  • The shoe simply doesn’t fit you correctly or isn’t designed for your foot shape.
  • Your feet are sweaty.
  • The shoes are laced incorrectly.

How Much Heel Slip Is Too Much?

If you feel a slight movement in the back of the shoe, but it doesn’t cause pain or discomfort, you’re probably okay. However, if the heel slippage is causing blisters at the side and bottom of your feet or making it difficult to walk or run, you have a problem.

Some new shoes, especially boots, have a break-in period where your heel is likely to move about half an inch until the soles become more flexible.

Once a shoe is broken in, you shouldn’t have more than ⅛ of an inch of movement in the heel

How Do I Keep My Shoes From Slipping Off My Heels?

Depending on why your shoes are malfunctioning, there are different DIY methods of how to keep heels from slipping out of shoes. 

If the shoe just doesn’t quite fit your foot correctly, you could consider:

1. Heel grips

MATIE FIX Heel Grips
MATIE FIX Heel Grips

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These work well with all types of shoes. They can be made from leather, suede, gel, synthetic, or silicone materials. They adhere easily to the back of the shoe and hug your Achilles. Sometimes this is all you need to improve the shoe fit and keep your heel from slipping out.

2. Shoe fillers

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MSDADA 10 Pairs Heel Cushion Pads Toe Fillers

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You can buy shoe fillers or make your own. These are pieces of fabric or foam that you stuff into the toe area of the shoe. If your shoes are slightly too big, this will help to fill the extra space and keep them from slipping as you walk.

If you have a low instep or low arches, you can try:

3. An internal tongue pad

Liams Shoppe 7 Pairs of Felt Tongue Pads
Liams Shoppe 7 Pairs of Felt Tongue Pads

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This adhesive sticks to the tongue of the shoe and helps to fill that space between the top of your foot and the tongue. 

4. An insole

There are insoles and inserts for all types of feet. They can increase comfort, improve the fit of a shoe, and help to keep your heel from slipping.

If you have sweaty feet, you can try:

5. Talcum powder or cornstarch

It’s possible that your heel is slipping out of your shoe because there is too much moisture. These powders will help to absorb the wetness and keep your feet dry.

6. Regular antiperspirant

The same antiperspirant that you use on your armpits can be applied to your feet to stop them from sweating.

If you are wondering how to prevent heels from slipping in running shoes, you can:

7. Try different types of lacing

Perhaps the laces need to be tighter in one area and/or looser in another. 

8. Slide your foot to the back of the shoe before lacing

This will allow you to pull the laces comfortably to a position that locks in your heel.

9. Try a lace-lock

Lock Laces - Elastic No Tie Shoe Laces
Lock Laces – Elastic No Tie Shoe Laces

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A lace lock pulls your foot to the back of the shoe and also adds extra ankle stability. 

One final hack is for those of you who want to know how to keep feet from sliding forward in heels (to the front of the shoe).

While the first three categories can also help when wearing high-heels, this piece of advice comes straight from the red carpet.

You can:

10. Stick a piece of double-sided tape on the bottom of the inside of your shoe

This works best with a bare foot. Because the shoe will literally be connected to your foot, heel slippage is very unlikely. It’s not the most comfortable option, but pain is beauty.

How Do You Fix a Heel Gap?

Besides the hacks that I have already mentioned, the best way to fix a heel gap is to avoid it altogether. You can do this by trying on your shoes with a fit specialist.

Even if the shoe you love doesn’t fit you quite right, the specialist will also be able to recommend the correct insole. 


Alas! You now have multiple solutions to fix this annoying problem. Depending on the type of shoe you plan to wear, some of these tips will work better than others.

These shoe slipping-off heel hacks will not only keep you more comfortable, but they will also keep you safer.

Walk, jog, run, and strut with confidence.