Danner Tachyon Boots

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Editor’s Conclusion
Danner is an impeccable brand. They are known for their craftsmanship with boot making and ensure that their customers have the best experience by using quality materials and superb technologies. For near on a century, this brand has built boots to last for those who pioneer and strive for perfection.

Tactical boots are designed for a strict purpose, they have a heavy focus on being lightweight to perform well in the field while also being breathable, stable, and supportive.

The Danner Tachyon 8" duty boot was created as a boot that acts like a shoe, but not a shoe that acts like a boot.

The Tachyon boot is designed to complement the foot by acting like its extension rather than an add-on.

Editor's Pros & Cons



PU footbed



Not waterproof

Key Features


Danner Tachyon Outsole

The outsole of any shoe is so important because it's going to give you the durability that you require, along with the protection your foot needs.

The Danner Tachyon offers a supreme outsole designed for abrasion resistance, with the added bonus of pentagonal lugs for maximum surface contact.

This outsole will be both perfect for wet and dry surfaces and will offer great traction giving you that stability you wish for.

EVA Midsole

The Tachyon's benefit from an EVA midsole which provides excellent cushioning, a real bonus for those who spend their days on their feet.

Open Cell Polyurethane Footbed

The Polyurethane bed offers a superior amount of shock absorption for impact and the additional layer of open-cell construction gives better air circulation.

Synthetic Ultralight Upper

I mentioned earlier the importance of tactical boots being lightweight. The Tachyon Duty boots are just that.

Their Synthetic upper is of the lightest weight and is a super quick-dry material - beneficial for working boots.

Bonus Features

A few added bonuses you can expect from the Danner Tachyon are things such as the speed lace system for an easy 'one swift tug and you're tight' system.

They also boast an abrasion-resistant toe cap for added durability regarding the area that shows the most wear.

For added stability, you also have a nylon shank and Danner has cleverly made extended sizes to accommodate more people.


I find the price to be more than fair for the Danner Tachyon duty boots. They offer such features that your feet will be protected and continuously supported throughout their day.

I would never buy a cheap pair of boots as I would constantly question their quality and longevity, The Danner Tachyon offers you confidence in knowing that you have paid for the exact things.

Comparison to Similar Boots

Reebok Work Sublite Cushion Tactical 8" Boot – Similar to the Danner Tachyon, the Reebok Sublite offers a sleek and athletic look, along with a moisture-wicking nylon mesh lining to help with a breathable feel. They also boast waterproof leather which is a durable material.

Bates Footwear 8" Tactical Sport Side-Zip Boot – Another great tactical boot to consider, it comes with the DRYGuard technology (a waterproof membrane) that gives a drier, more comfortable environment for the foot. They also benefit from an EVA midsole, durable rubber outsole, and removable cushioned textile insole. These boots are both comfortable and fit for purpose.


The Danner Tachyon 8" tactical boots offer the technologies you will need to stay on your feet all day and do it comfortably. They will, no doubt, be long lasting and be well worth the money you pay for them.

They boast brilliance and are made with great craftsmanship and expertise. Just be mindful of the sizing - they can fit on the large size so be sure to check when you purchase them.

The only other thing that may waver you pushing the purchase button is that they aren't waterproof, something that other tactical boots benefit from.