A Complete Review on Alegria Keli Professional Clog

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Many people that work for long hours experience terrible backaches, pain in their hips, calves, and arches. Most of the time, this aching comes from the shoes they wear. We may have stumbled upon a good solution for that. If you are reading and find yourself in this group of people, stay tuned, because we are going to reveal more about a shoe that delivers both comfort and style - the Alegria Keli design.

This model is highly popular amongst female nurses since it gives the right arch support and they are easy to walk in, especially when the nurses are rushed through busy hospital hallways.

This slip-on model that works perfectly as a casual style features a stain-resistant leather on the upper which can be Nappa, embossed or printed. With its first-class comfort and support, will the Alegria Keli live up to the expectations of many, or will it disappoint? We are about to find out.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  •     Easy to walk
  •     Slip-resistant feature
  •     Lightweight structure
  •     Cushioned support
  •     Offers superb comfort
  •    Inconsistent sizing
  •    Not hard-wearing


The Alegria Keli has been praised for its comfort and support. These features are the shoe’s best attributes. Dressed in leather, Nappa, embossed or printed, the upper accommodates many different styles and needs. The toe box has been reported to be very roomy as well. According to some buyers, the model stretches after a while, so there is no need to panic if they feel a bit tight from the start. You may want to wear the Alegria Keli design for at least a week to start feeling all its benefits, and before you decide to wear them at work for the whole day.

The feeling of optimum comfort also comes from the latex and memory foam-cushioned insole that adds to the softness of the inside. This is Alegria’s patented cork footbed that molds to the shape of the foot, to deliver a customized fit. If you require special inserts, the removable insoles are a great feature for you! You can either replace them with your own, use yours on top or don’t use any substitute at all! Insoles made of cork material provide anatomically-correct footbed and that in the world of pain-free feet means a lot.

In addition, the top edge and the top back of the model are nicely padded, for all-day comfort and support. Despite the padded elements and the leather lining, the shoe doesn’t feel hot and helps maintain your feet dry and cool throughout the whole time. At 12.5 ounces or 354.4 grams, the Alegria Keli design is exceptionally lightweight and enables you to feel light and fast when you need to run somewhere in a hurry.


For the price point and the purpose of the Alegria Keli design, (as a nurse shoe), you would expect them to last you a long time. This is where the model lacks positive comments from buyers. Even though the materials are of high quality, such as the 100% leather upper, the durable rubber outsole, and the leather lining, a number of customers were not happy with the short-lived life of the Alegria Keli. Some wearers reported that the sole separates from the shoe after only two months of wear, and others had complaints about the color and the outside design coming off quickly.

The leather upper may also scratch easily if you don’t take good care of it. Apart from these drawbacks, the rest of the Alegria Keli shows endurance, especially the cushioned cork footbed, which is in charge of providing you with great comfort and support. Other women claimed they wore the Alegria Keli shoes throughout the whole day, every day for two years until they noticed the model started to come apart. With proper care, all things considered, we can say that they will keep your feet happy for a long time.


For those with wide feet, the Alegria Keli style may not be the right choice for a working shoe. Especially if you stand on your feet for many hours and do a lot of walking. A number of customers reported that the model runs small, and even after they stretch, it is not sufficient enough for those with wide feet. However, for all of you with narrow feet, this model is a great choice, it snugs your feet well, and when a shoe doesn’t feel loose or tight, it helps you deliver great results at work. There were reviews from people with wide feet that loved the fit, and this is where it gets a bit tricky. Ordering a size up may solve this issue or just to ensure you are getting the right fit you may want to try the Alegria Keli model in a store, before ordering them online.


The Alegria Keli is said to be more on the stiff side, than flexible, but wearers didn’t seem to have an issue with that since they offer excellent arch support and feel really comfortable. Even though the rubber outsole is said to be flexible, they are not designed to be a running shoe, so flexibility is not a number one priority. According to some Alegria fans, this design seems more flexible than the Dansko shoes they used to wear. The vital characteristics to nurses and other professionals who are Alegria Keli’s fans are the support for their arches, calves, hips, and back, as well as the comfort, so they can wear them all they long without worrying about blisters and rubbing toes and heels.


When it comes to the Alegria Keli outsole, you can count on it guiding you safely through rain, snow or other wet surfaces. The slip-resistant bottom made of polyurethane materials offers decent shock absorption and traction. It is somewhat flexible, and the mini rocker sole helps podiatry patients to treat multiple feet issues. The platform measures approximately 0.25 inches, while the heel measures about one and a half inch, giving you better stability when walking or when you are rushed off your feet. Many nurses prefer a style that doesn't have a high heel.

This design molds to the foot and becomes custom shaped to it over time, which is a fantastic attribute. At the end of a long working day, a number of customers stated that they didn’t feel as exhausted and their hips and calves didn’t ache like with other shoes. The Alegria brand has many different designs, but this is a favorite amongst nurses because they have no heel. The new heel shape on this style has converted many new customers.


The style of the shoe is somewhat modern, casual and very functional. The Alegria Keli model comes available in 36 colors and patterns starting from Black Nappa, Esher, Shard Oh Yay, and Devine, to Glitz Now or Never, Workmanship Mini and Steel Wheels to name a few. Many customers love the variety, and they consider the design to be very attractive. It is an excellent feature since all women like to be fashionable even at work. With the Alegria Keli style, you don’t need to feel as you are wearing an orthopedic shoe, due to the many fun colors and patterns. Although they may be the perfect shoe for nurses and other working professionals, they can be utilized as everyday wear. They can be dressed up or down easily, and they go great with jeans, pants, skirts or dresses, depending on your personal preference and the occasion of course.


We understand that there is nothing worse than feeling pain in your back and feet while you are stuck at work and can’t do anything about it. The Alegria Keli is designed with comfort and support in mind. There is no doubt in that. Many working professionals and individuals are pleased with the optimum comfort and cushioned support this design wraps their feet in. This is due to the polyurethane foam incorporated in the sole, helping to minimize the pain and stress that the feet may be exposed to. Your heel and the metatarsal bones at the center are adequately supported.

Also, for those with high arches, arthritis or tendonitis, the longer they wear the Alegria Keli, the better the shoes get. The heels or the feet are reported by many not to slip within the shoe. Many women with multiple feet issues who have been told by their orthopedist to wear rigid soles with good metatarsal and arch support have found their heaven in the Alegria Keli model. According to them, this design meets all their criteria and are worth every cent to be able to walk normally and pain-free.


While the rubber slip-resistant sole ensures the safety of the wearer on wet terrain, the leather upper helps save the feet from other hazards, like punctures from sharp objects. It takes about two weeks for the leather to be broken in since it stretches a little bit and allows you to walk in better comfort than the first couple of days. The toe box, although it may not be reinforced, it still offers some protection, but you would definitely feel if someone stepped on your feet. On a different note, a padded back collar wraps your ankle nicely and the cushioned cork footbed molds to your feet for a customized fit and more comfortable and natural walking and standing.

Some customers mentioned that as the Alegria Keli model stretched, their feet slid forward. Many women who have diabetes and foot pain agreed that these are the only shoes they’ve found that relieves many of these issues. The pattern on some of the models is textured, but it's not rough, compared to some other designs with patterns. There are elastic v-gores on the upper that enhance the overall comfort. To preserve a good condition of the leather, it is recommended to clean it with a soft cloth regularly, and if you get it stained than a quick wipe off would work wonders. Using a leather lotion for protection is always a good idea, so make sure you do that often and before going out in the rain.


Have you ever tried on a shoe that you instantly bonded with, and it felt like it was made for you? Alegria attempted to do the same thing with the Alegria Keli. We all love the fact that some shoes are designed mainly for support and for those who work long hours, however, what we love even more is the style they make them in. This Alegria Keli is a staple in many nurse’s closets, but their functionality and versatility make them adored amongst people who need comfort every step of the way.


In the nursing line of work, nothing should weigh you down. This Alegria Keli style is what you may need when you are rushed off your feet and have to walk and run through busy streets and hallways. They will also protect your feet from slipping on wet terrain, as a result of the slip-free outsole. In addition, each shoe weighs 12.5 ounces or 354.4 grams, ensuring a place on your shoe rack as one of the lightest shoes you will ever wear, which at the same time provides excellent arch support and divine comfort.

Bottom Line

The Alegria Keli design performs well and is a good buy, all things considered. First, you can count on them to provide excellent arch support, especially if you have high arches, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, or arthritis. Second, we established that the cushioned footbed which combines cork, latex, and memory foam works wonders for many, regarding high levels of comfort.

And last but not least, the skid-free rubber outsole that keeps you and your feet protected from losing balance and falling over on wet terrain. Besides this excellent quality, the polyurethane outsole helps reduce pressure on the heel and the central metatarsal, while at the same time absorbing shock and offering traction with each step you take.

The one drawback reported by some customers was the inconsistent sizing, and that many women with wide feet found them to be tight fitting, especially around the toe area. Speaking of which, the toe box is not steel, and the leather upper is reported to be neither soft nor hard. Where the shoes offer a lot of stability, they lack in the protection of the toes, since you can feel if someone stepped on you, but the leather helps prevent sharp object puncturing the upper.

There were other negative reviews about the longevity factors of the Alegria Keli style, but overall they seem to last more than two years. According to many nurses, they are worth the price, and they help their back and leg in the long run. Out of all different colors and designs, you may find yourself grabbing a pair in the next store.