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In certain cultures, when entering the privacy of the home is mandatory to remove your shoes that you came with, and to put on special home slippers.

Such customs exists to this day in Japan, and some parts of South American. This custom is due to tradition and respect for the house, and you show respect by removing your shoes and putting on assigned home slippers.

But in some cultures that wasn’t the case. For instance, in the Middle East, the slipper was a symbol of captivity.  The sultan had indoor slippers lying in front of the harem slippers that were very soft and comfortable just for indoors use. So the concubines wouldn’t have been able to make a break for freedom away from the harem while wearing them. Why, because the slippers they were too thin and slippery.

They would tear easily on the hard rocky roads outside, and the women would go far by wearing them on their feet.

But for now let’s get back to present times and review one modern version of the house slipper. The Birkenstock Kaprun.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Anatomically shaped cork-latex footbed

Upper: wool felt

Footbed lining: suede

Sole: EVA


Artificially dyed real fur


The outsole of the Karpun clog model as just the right amount of thickness to provide comfort, but not to overbear the foot. It’s made from EVA and it offers lightweight feeling to the foot, shock absorption and lasting durability that will make a great investment. The outsole may not be the star of the shoe, but it very much is one of the central players on the field.


The midsole is the star, and once you hear what it has to offer to you and your feet, you’ll basically set a star on the Hollywood walk of fame for it. The midsole is shearling-lined for better fit and greater comfort while wearing the Karpun clog. It has a contoured footbed that molds to the shape of your foot and by molding the footbed, it creates a custom footbed that supports and cradles your feet with every step that you take.

The midsole has a very pronounced raised toe bar, specifically designed to encourage the natural gripping motion of your feet. The raised toe bar also provides exercise to your legs and aids the circulation in your legs. The neutral heel profile and deep heel cup really keep the natural padding of your foot where it belongs, distributing your body weight more evenly. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the comfort and anatomical molding that the midsole has to offer to your feet. You really can’t put a price on something amazing like that, no can you?


Now get this. Birkenstock is a German company that makes footwear by a German patent, but these type of clogs are not only made in Germany, they are made with Australian fur. Yes, the clogs are quite international in the assembly and materials, but they’re German through and through. The Kaprun clog is a slip-on shoe made from wool and fur mix, and the fur part of the blend have been artificially dyed to satisfy the preferences of the customers. The round toe makes the clog more appealing and comfortable, and the slip-on style of the shoe does make it easier to slip on and take off. Because at the end of the long working day, there’s nothing more satisfying than putting on your home slippers and relaxing on the sofa.


The Kaprun clog is designed to provide comfort above all, and that’s what you’ll get in every second that they’re on your feet. Maximum comfort from every inch of the shoe. The midsole gives most of the comfort, thanks to the anatomically shaped cork-latex footbed that molds to your foot and stays in that mold during the entire time that you’re wearing the clogs. The raised toe bar also helps with the comfort and so do the neutral heel profile and deep heel cup within the midsole.

All of them combined keeps the comfort on a high-satisfaction level, because at home that you’ll be needing the comfort the most. Sure you can put up with an uncomfortable shoe for a couple of hours, but why do that at the privacy of your home? Your footwear at home need to put you at ease and relax you, and if you have a shoe that pinches you, it’s a shoe with a lost cause.


Yes, again that midsole give most of the support as well, but that outsole is not to be wasted here. Made from the good old EVA, the outsole is as just as amazing as the midsole, and it does care about the support of the clog.


Frankly there isn’t any part of the Karpun clog that isn’t durable. The quality blend of wool and fur in the upper, the anatomically shaped footbed in the midsole or the EVA outsole that just supports all the previous components at the bottom of the shoe. All of the pieces of the puzzle create one beautiful picture perfect, and that happens to look and feels amazing


See, that Eva outsole really does provides the flexibility, but she’s not the only part that gives the flexibility in these slippers. The flexibility is important for any house slipper, but over here is one of the basic requirements. What a house slipper would be without flexibility? Nothing. You’ll have to be able to wear it during the day without pain and discomfort, and not a lot house slipper have that distinctive quality. But the Karpun clog is different. Many parts of the clog are responsible for the flexibility and it’s provided in big quantities here. There’s no skimping on the quality in the Karpun clog that’s for sure.


Oh, that anatomically shaped footbed. Once you have the clog on your feet, you’ll understand how important that footbed is for the stability of the shoe. Yes, you’ll be wearing it mostly at home, but stability is needed in your home as well. So, why not pick a shoe that can have it in copious amounts?


The Karpun clog by Birkenstock will let your feet breathe and that’s a promise that the mix of wool and fur are willing to make. And to keep for that matter. The perfect blend of wool and fur in the upper provides the bigger part of the airflow, and not only that your feet will be aerated, so they’ll be rested, moist and odor free as well. Because who doesn’t love (and need) a slipper that can do the dirty work of cleaning up the mess that the work shoes has left on your feet? No, the Karpun model will not only leave your feet rested at the end of the day, they’ll be aerated as well.


Now, because the Karpun clog is a house slipper, it’s meant to be worn indoors, and any outdoor activities while wearing this shoe are frowned upon. There is some merit to the durability of the materials used in the making of the shoe, but they’re not to be tested outsole. The shoe is not equipped to be worn on rough terrain and on different types of weather conditions. The clog is a house slipper and should be treated as such. Meaning you have to wear it primarily at home, and not to the local grocery store. The dirt, the rough terrain, and the outside weather condition can seriously damage the shoe and make it unwearable pretty quickly.


However, because there are several terrains at home too, the traction is one of the things that this shoe got them covered. The outsole of the clogged is pierced with the recognizable bone shaped pattern and it’s precisely that pattern that will keep you safe from slipping. Yes, slipping does occur at home as well but don’t worry. The Karpun clog will keep you safe thanks to the high traction properties of the outsole.


What’s the best way to describe the style of the Karpun clog by Birkenstock? A domestic chic maybe? Yes, that seems appropriate, given that although stylish and comfortable, it’s meant to be worn in the privacy of your house or flat. The easy slip-on style makes this shoe even more comfortable, and the mix of wool and fur gives the shoe a more polished, rich looking look that just screams sophistication. So, why not indulge yourself and order a pair? If your feet were able to speak, they’ll thank you for making that purchase, because looks in the shoes do matter, but that those shoes have to offer beyond the looks is what matter the most.

The shearling-lined and contoured footbed molds to the shape of your foot and leaves a custom made footbed that hugs your feet in the right way and provides them with a fantastic grip in every part of the day. The mix of wool and fur adds to the comfort but from the upper part of the clog, while the raised toe bar and neutral heel profile of the foot keep the shape of your foot and distributes the weight of your body evenly.

Oh, and last but not least, the EVA outsole is there to keep up with the multiple functions of the upper and midsole and just to add the comfort from the bottom of the shoe.

Bottom line

The Birkenstock Karpun model comes from the famed Doubleface collection of slippers designed by the famed footwear company. However, this is a German model, with wool and fur imported from Australia. The clog is a unisex type of slipper and will fit on just about anybody. Although comes in a variety of colors, they are artificial, which means the wool is artificially dyed. The design and the craftsmanship are unmatched by any other slip one house clog, and you’ll be able to feel the comfort of the anatomically shaped footbed right from the start. The contoured footbed provides much of the arch support, but it would have been nice if the shoe was hugging the entire foot, not just the front. It would have been nice if the model was sitting on the foot from the toes to the Achilles heel. The clock was made with eco-friendly production practices that ensure minimal waste and environmental impact throughout the entire shoemaking process.

You’ll fall in love with these shoes, and they’ll be the perfect Christmas gift for practically every family member. They’re not only comfortable, but also supportive of the foot, and will provide you with a relaxed feeling that you crave after a long period in uncomfortable shoes. The quality of the materials in high, the craftsmanship even higher and what’s left is for you to try them on. You won’t be able to take them off when you do, so might as well do yourself a favor and buy them immediately. They’ll become your new BFF that you’ll invite home for a cozy night in. Only that BFF will be stuck on your feet for a long period of time and wouldn’t want to let go of them as well.