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The origins of the fringe are a little more practical than originally thought. Yes, plenty of fashion historians associate the fringe with the Flapper dresses of the roaring ’20s, but it dates centuries back. For instance, the Native American tribes in the uncharted frontiers proudly displayed them on their garments.

They repelled moisture of the material used in those garments, and they were relatively quiet right until the turbulent ’60s. The hippies used them in much of their outfits, and plenty of fringes can be seen even in the cult classic Easy Rider.

The Jack Nicholson and Peter Fonda movie helped popularize the fringe and to bring it in the mainstream and it’s been part of it since. However, just like with any fashion trend, it keeps coming back, and by the early 00’s it transitioned in footwear again. So, The Delilah model of Sole Society is full of fringe and proud of it.

Here’s the review of the Sole Society Delilah model just for you. Hope you’ll like it.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Adjustable ankle strap closure

Layered cascading fringe

Padded insole

Textured outsole


No vegan option


Textured outsole not just looks beautiful; it also makes you feel beautiful. The thin outsole of the Delilah really lets the fringe to shine at the front of the shoe and the thick chunky heel to shine in the back of the shoe. The outsole takes a bit supporting role to the rest of the elements but it doesn’t mean that it’s not appreciated. No, the outsole lets the fringe to be the star of the shoe, and it’s a very selfless role for such an important part of a shoe. In the outsole area of the shoe is the textured heel measuring 3 inches in height, and it pairs well with the rest of the textured outsole. But there are more important things to discuss in the Delilah model, and although first on the list, it’s one of the most subdued elements of the shoe.


Just like in the most of the Sole Society’s models, the midsole is equipped with a padded footbed, which provides most of the comfort. Regardless if it’s a high heeled shoe or a flat shoe, the slightly padded footbed in the midsole is there to aid the arches and to secure the comfort. And just like in plenty of other Sole Society’s models. The footbed is fixated to the midsole and can’t be removed or replaced.


Made from suede, the Upper is probably one of the most beautiful parts of the Delilah model. The toe area of the shoe is supported with two thick horizontal suede straps and one vertical that connect the ankle strap with the rest of them. Alongside the vertical suede straps is a layered cascading fringe always matching the color form the rest of the upper. The fringe gives the Delilah model a playful and elegant feature without taking away the seriousness and effortless elegance.

And last but certainly not least, at the very top of the outsole, the ankle strap with adjustable buckle can be found. The three and a half inches wide ankle strap highs the ankle in a secure way, and the adjustable buckle, allows you to tie the shoe in the desired way. It’s certainly more appealing for the ladies with much wider ankles, and for the ladies that are fond of open toe style of sandals.


The chunkier textured heel measuring 3 inches in height adds to the comfort of the shoe, and certainly a big portion of that comfort goes to the padded footbed in the midsole. Although just lightly padded, the comfort that it provides to the feet can be felt even after several hours spent walking in the shoes.


If you’re not supported in a chunky heel like the one in Delilah style of shoes then you’ll definitely need a flat shoe. Luckily the support that it’s offered here is greater than the average, and it’s all because of that chunky heel. The thick heel gives much to the support to the heel and toe areas of your foot and makes the walking in the shoes more balanced and comfortable. The support is immense with the Delilah model, and you’ll be able to feel it.


The durability can be felt in several ways. In the fine craftsmanship used in the making of the shoes, and of course in the materials. And there’s plenty of quality in both portions of the durability feature. The suede is one of the best possible materials for this type of sandals, while the textured outsole provides the balance and comfort from the bottom of the shoe. Combined together, they make the Delilah model one hell of a durable shoe that is sure to last.


Unlike the other Sole Society models, the Delilah is a highly flexible model to be walking in. The thin yet textured outsole gives a great balance to the toe area of the shoe, and the thick heel at the back of the shoe. The Delilah model is highly flexible and much of that flexibility is down to the suede used in the upper and the lightly padded midsole. And frankly when you have a sandal like this, the flexibility is essential. The entire foot needs to move within the sandal without feeling restricted or tight around the edges. And only great shoes can provide that balance on both sides. The Delilah shoe by Sole Society is one of those prime examples.


Yes, the outsole is very thin, but the biggest portion of the stability in the Delilah model is due to the chunky heel at the back. It’s so much easier to walk in chunky heels, and the Delilah model makes walking a breeze. Of course, the adjustable strap topped with a metal buckle cannot be denied in the stability portion, but that’s a no brained here. That particular strap, which measures almost 4 inches around your ankle, is there to secure your ankle and position it properly. You’ll be amazed by the stability that strap has to offer to the entire shoe.


If you worried about airflow, don’t be. The Delilah model has almost the entire foot open, to be ventilated, aerated by the open air. Just like with any good summer sandal, only a handful of straps are enough to grip the foot the right way, and the rest of the foot should be out on the open for everyone to see. Why cram the foot in enclosed and constricting style of shoes, when with the proper design you can let your feet be aerated and ventilated.


The outsole of the Delilah model is thick, but not so thick that it will cause pain when walking on rough and unpleasant terrain. However, try to avoid walking on terrain that’s muddy or full of pebbles, because they can cause damage not just to the shoe, but also to your feet. They’re open for the most part in these types of shoes, and only one small shoe pebble can do some damage to your feet. Also, avoid wearing the shoes in areas where’s too much humility and puddles of water. The open toe style of the sandal deosn’t go well with water


Because that outsole is not equipped with ridges, it can because quite dangerous to wear the shoes on terrain that’s slippery or way to smooth. Be careful how you walk on such surfaces, and try to avoid areas that are filled with other slippery objects. Water and ice will not work well with the Delilah shoes, and nor will surfaces like smooth marble. So do be careful, and make sure to hold on tight to something if you do find yourself in places like this.


If there’s a balance between style and comfort than the Delilah model of Sole Society is the perfect specimen of such balance. The quality of the material used in the making of the shoes makes them comfortable and super durable, but the comfort and stability are not just from the outsole. The light padded footbed gives most of the comfort too, and those straps that hug the foot are there to give you a good grip on several locations. Two horizontal suede straps can be found on the toe area, and one strap hugs the ankle. Of course, both of those straps are connected with one long vertical strap and a stylish suede fringe is placed on the surfaces of it.

But the style of the Delilah model is what makes them so effortlessly chic and eternally classic. They’re also versatile and you’ll be able to wear them with pretty much everything. You can wear them with your favorite jeans, with your favorite dress, and with your favorite pants. You’ll be able to wear them for every occasion, and with every accessory. Are you headed to your friend’s wedding or your coursing’s christening? The Delilah model shoes are even for those occasions too.

Just put your favorite summer floral dress, and add bold loose earrings and you’re good to go. You need an inspiration for going out on a Saturday night? Why not let the shoes guide you and let them complete the outfit. They can be dressed up or down and you’ll look fabulous either way. And if by any chance you opt not to add an accessory in your upper half, don’t worry. The shoes will become the ultimate accessory. You’ll be the star of the night, and it’s only thanks to the playful fringe on your feet. They’ll do the talking for you and will definitely make a statement for your entire outfit. A positive statement of that.

Key features

Adjustable ankle strap closure
Layered cascading fringe
Padded insole
Textured outsole
Approximate heel measurement 3-1/4"

Bottom line

If you’re looking for a chick way to upgrade your shoe closet without spending a lot of money, than the Sole Society Delilah model is the perfect choice for you. It can become your biggest asset and a statement piece when you just want to let the shoes to do the talking for you. If you want them to send a message that you’re a sexy confidant woman with the right amount of sassiness than look no further. The Delilah model is made to cater the fashionable ladies that just want to feel playful from time to time. And you’ll find plenty of style in such simper shoe. Elegance and style is not measured by the amount of material used in the making of the shoe, but in the design, so if you’re looking for a shoe that will bring out the sex appeal and the confidence that you desperately then it’s highly recommendable that you have the Delilah model of shoes on your feet.
But what would have made them better? Perhaps a shorter heel would have made them a bit more comfortable for sure, and definitely a thicker outsole. Because this is a summer style of shoe, the outsole should accommodate walking in several types of terrain. That includes slippery type of terrain, and several types of weather conditions. Of course an extra padding in the footbed would be an amazing option, especially if that padding is concentrated in the arch and the toe areas of the foot. Because this is a higher style of heel, additional padding in the footbed would be highly welcomed by the ladies everywhere. Especially by the ladies who aren’t blessed with the perfect walking style in these type of heels.