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Did you know that this 2019, the Champion company will be celebrating its 100 year existence?

Yup they’re 100 years old and still going strong. Champions was established in 1919 by the Feinbloom brothers as then unknown Knickerbocker Knitting Company, but it was in the 1930 that the company got their current name Champion Knitting Mills Inc.

But in the years that followed, they became a symbol of excellence, quality and they’ve provided (or manufactured) kits for plenty of teams, companies and national teams.

Hey, even the US military academy uses the Champions merchandise in their training exercises and physical education classes.

But for now let’s focus on one particular product from the Champions vast selection. The Champion 93 Eighteen sneaker. Hope you like the review and the sneaker too.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Multi-paneled suede upper

Rereinforced double stitching

Padded tongue and collar


No vegan option


One might say that the entire sneaker is Champions pride and joy, but the outsole is truly something. A white rubber outsole with multi-tread pattern never gets out of style and the Champions teams knows it. You’ll find the leather upper durable and stylish at the same time, and fitting in the entire shoe structure. The outsole is as classic as it gets, but the beautiful detailing especially in the back of the sneaker really makes it exquisite. Although quite big in size, the outsole never dominates with the rest of the sneaker. No, it complements the other pieces and together they make one hell of a shoe.


And we’re in a removable padded midsole territory. I great territory to be in quite frankly. The midsole is thick for greater impact support, and a soft textile is lining the entire padded footbed of the shoe. Not only it makes the shoe more comfortable, it makes the wearing of the shoe more pleasant. Because, what’s the point of having a great footbed if it’s not lined with a great fabric? A great fabric in the midsole can make or break a shoe, because if the sneaker is lacking a textile lining, than it could cause friction, blistering and a lot of damage to the foot. No, the removable midsole will become a god-sent feature in these sneakers, and will make your sneaker experiences more fascinating. If you’re not satisfied with the given midsole, you can easily remove it an place a midsole of your choosing. If you need a special orthopedic midsole or footbed, you can easily implant in the midsole and give the sneaker a more familiar boost.


Oh man. Would you look at that upper? That gorgeous leather upper finished with a round toe? There’s a lot going on in the upper so pay attention. Let’s start with the lace-up style that’s featured in the upper. Blessed with the good old familiar lace-up system, the 93 Eighteen is classic in this area too. There’s nothing like a good lacing system on a great shoe, and these laces are classic as well. Just simple white thick laces that will secure the foot the right way. They’re dyed to match the color of the upper, and it also adds to the style as it does to the quality of the sneaker.

The quality leather hugs the entire upper of the sneaker, and 2 sets of Champions logo can be found on two different places of the shoe. The big C of Champion is positioned on the side of the upper, while a C and the full Champions name is branded on the locker patch of the tongue. So you don’t forget what you’re wearing. The leather is reinforced with double stitching, and there’s padding in the tongue and collar of the sneakers as well. Yes, that’s right. The padding in the midsole is sometimes not enough, so Champions has places and extra padding in the tongue and collar for added comfort and security.

Oh and that gorgeous leather upper is made with double stitching that ensures durability and high quality in every occasion. The double stitching in a dying art when it comes to the shoe manufacturing, and not that many companies use it. Plenty of the modern companies are trying to cut costs, and labor so the stretching is done one time, but Champions have been doing things differently since 1919. You’d be very impressed with the leather upper and the double stitching in the upper.


There isn’t any mart of the sneakers that doesn’t offer some degree of comfort, but for the most part it’s due to the padding. And there’s a lot of additional padding in this sneaker. Not only in the removable midsole, but also in the collar and tongue area of the shoe. It not only makes them more comfortable, it raises the stakes in the overall quality of the shoe. You’ll be wanting that added padding and you’ll be chasing it in every sneaker that you buy after this.


There’s plenty of support in the Champion 93 Eighteen too, and it comes from top and bottom of the shoe. The thick rubbery outsole gives plenty of support, and there’s no denying that the padding in several areas of the sneaker isn’t helping matters. The support is essential in every sneaker, but here in the Champion 93 Eighteen is a must. The padding that’s done in the midsole, collar and even in the tongue will tremendously help the people that are having arch, Achilles heel and back problem and coincidently improve the posture.


There’s no need to worry about the durability when you have these sneakers on you. And you’ll be having them on your feet for quite some time, since they’re made from quality materials, and a lot of quality craftsmanship is invested in making them. Yes, the leather and the rubber are fantastic, but that double stitching done on the upper is a life saver when it comes to the durability faction. It will most certainly prolong the life of these sneaker and you wallet will be thanking you.


It’s a general rule that the thicker the rubber outsole- the less durability the sneaker has. But it’s not always the case. In the 93 Eighteen’s case the flexibility is heavily improved by the removable midsole and let’s not forget that the upper is perfectly capable to bend to your foot’s movement.


Oh that gorgeous white rubber. It’s glorious isn’t it? Thick multi-tread pattern that will always hug the bottom of your feet in the right way, and provide the stability without you even noticing. And if you do notice, it will remain cool about it. No big deal, it’s what the rubber outsole is supposed to do, so chill and relax.


Do you see the little holes in the upper? Right at the toe area of the shoes? Well, they do much of the heavy lifting in the airflow department, but the very same can be said about the entire upper. Not just to that area. Yes, they’re specifically designed for that, and it’s their intended purpose to provide airflow to the feet, but the leather used in the upper has filtrating abilities as well. The leather material used in the upper will keep your feet moist and odor free in almost every condition.


There isn’t a terrain restriction for the Champion 93 Eighteen sneakers. They’re good to go on any type of terrain and on any type of weather conditions. Because they’re more everyday style f sneakers, it’s important that you wear them every day. And you can’t really know what terrain that you’ll be on every day right? So the sneaker got you covered for pretty much everything. Rough terrain, slippery, chalky and slippery. Nothing will surprise them.


Traction is also possible with these shoes. That beautiful thick leather mentioned earlier, is also equipped with some serious pattern and ridges that is sure to provide you with the best traction possible. The ridges on the bottom of the outsole, come in different sizes and even in different colors, so every area of your foot will be taken care of. The toes, the heel and everything else in between. The traction game is on point in these sneakers, so if you do enjoy a game of basketball from time to time, you don’t have to worry about any slipping injuries or falling-related injuries. There will be none of that.


Yes, the Champion 93 Eighteen is a beautiful casual style sneaker, meant to be worn every day.
But do you know what one of the sneakers’ best qualities is? Besides quality, comfort, and stability of course? The fact that this sneaker is unisex. Yes, it can be worn by men and women alike, and it will look amazing on both sexes. The sneaker is gender neutral and it doesn’t comfort to the gender stereotypes. The sneakers come in various colors, but the design is not limiting, which makes it timeless and an instant classic among the fashionable men and women.

Yes, the style of the sneaker is sporty, but the design and the style of the sneaker allow you to wear it in more casual outfits. It would look amazing on a regular pair of high-waisted jeans, and on the classic sportswear. Despite being made from such heavy materials, the sneaker is in fact very lightweight and can be worn during the day without any restrictions. In fact the padding that can be found on three different location makes this shoe very comfortable and durable. You’ll never want to take them off your feet.

Bottom line

Champions have been making quality footwear for a century. But it’s not always that you can enjoy a unisex type of sneaker that offers comfort and the athleisure style you crave. The Champion 93 Eighteen offers Champion 93 Eighteen chic athletic-style mixed with modern comfort and lots of it. The thick rubber outsole pairs beautifully against the intricate detailing of the double stitching dozen in the upper. Together they make a beautiful cohesion of two seemingly polar opposites, but when you put them in one fantastic shoe, the end result is something so beautiful and comfortable. Something that can be enjoyed by men and women alike, and for a long long time.

The quality of the materials and the detailed craftsmanship of the entire completion give the sneakers their timeless chic, which has been appreciated for 100 years, and are sure to be appreciated for 100 more to come. The Champions; official page states that this particular shoe is inspired by runners, but made to be worn by everyone. Runners and non-runners. The contemporary silhouette is fantastic, and so are the all the details, but in the end, it would be nice to see if all the padding done in various areas of the sneaker is a bit much. Yes, the padding in the collar and the tongue of the sneaker is a welcome addition, but it would be best if the company focused more on the padding in the midsole. If that was reinforced with even more padded midsole would be great, but the padding in the collar and the tongue area of the sneaker is really uncalled for.

But in the end you’ll really enjoy wearing the sneakers. They’re comfortable, lightweight and made from quality materials. The Champion 93 Eighteen is one fantastic sneaker that will last a lifetime.