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The Sole Society website describes the Teena model of sandals as breezy d’Orsay flat styled shoes with a pointy toe.

But what does d’Orsay part of the sentence means? Well, the Pop Sugar website mentions that d'Orsay pump is any shoe that reveals the arch of your foot. It’s that simple. Any type of shoe that reveals the arch can be characterized as a d'Orsay style, because traditionally the sides of the shoe are cut away, and the vamp is cut close to the toes.

They’re super flattering, super stylish and years back, the famous Carrie Bradshaw made them even more popular in the hit series Sex and the City.  This type of shoe can come with a high heel or a flat heel and will look just as beautiful on any type of lady. Not just on Carrie Bradshaw.

But for now, let’s focus on a flat heeled sandal. The Sole Society Teena model, and what follows is the review for precisely that model. Hope you enjoy it.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Velvet material

Fit to Size

Tie Clusure


No other closure available

Only 3 colors available


The outsole of the Teena model is synthetic, and barely noticeable. The heel of the outsole is very flat, but perfect for the ladies who have a general dislike of high heels. Well, this is as flat as you’ll get, and the entire sole radiates with minimalism. The outsole lets the rest of the shoe shine brightly and doesn’t take away from the elegance and the beauty that it’s the fantastic Teena model


The footbed of the Teena model is lightly padded and fixed to the midsole. Because of the padding to the footbed, these shoes doesn’t cause too much pressure on the arches, and that midsole is what makes them more comfortable to wear. Imagine if there was little to none padding in the footbed. Because of the flat nature of the shoes, they’d be instantly hard to walk and stand in, and they’d cause multitude of orthopedic problems. They’d influence on your posture, and frankly you’d be throwing you money away on uncomfortable shoes, that are not even high heeled.


If there wasn’t much special stuff to be said and to be written about the thin midsole and outsole of the Teena model, then sure is plenty to be said about that gorgeous upper. And it’s gorgeous. Where to start? From the mix of leather and velvet that coats the entire upper, or that synthetic lining that coats the inside of the sandals? Let’s start with the velvet. The three variety color velvet dominates in the outside side of the upper, while the leather coats the inside of the upper. Together they make one perfect union that’s so fashionable and comfortable that you just might find yourself buying a pair of the Teena sandals in practically every color. But that’s not it. The velvet in the pointy toe shoe is so luxurious and beautiful, that it practically doesn’t need other than a knotted ankle strap. The gorgeous velvet strap sits comfortably on your ankles and gives away the perfect fashionable finish to the perfect fashionable show.


The padded footbed provides much of the comfort in the Teena model, and so does the leather lining of the inside of the upper.
Support: A flat heeled sandal, like the Teena model is supported bout the entire flat outsole, but much of that support also comes from the ankle velvet strap. Tied in a simple not, the ankle strap secures the foot within the sandal without being too rigid and conforming to the feet.


You can thank the leather put inside the upper for that. The durability is no joke here. Although the outsole is thin, the sturdy quality leather that supports the velvet is the MVP in the durability department. The leather makes sure the entire shoe is durable and highly comfortable to the entire shoe. Yes, the leather is one of the most durable materials out there, and the fact that the entire upper is filled with leather, gives comfort and promotes the durability on the long run.


If you’re looking for flexibility in a great flat shoe, than you’re in the right place. The flexibility comes from the thin pretty much every part of the sandal. It comes from the synthetic outsole, the padded footbed, and the fantastic blend of leather and velvet in the upper. The sandals can bend with your feet, and that will additionally make them more durable and comfortable. It’s not that often that you see a sandal so flexible like the Teena model, but when you do, you just want to keep it on your feet for as long as possible.


Oh would you look at that gorgeous knotted ankle strap. It’s not just an aesthetic addition of a simple yet elegant sandal. No, it’s so much more. The velvety ankle strap provides most of the stability to the foot, but form the ankle area. If tan be tied to the desired presence of the person that wears the sandals, and you can make that stability to suit your needs. The strap can be tied up or down a notch, and it will still maintain the stability that your feet require, without losing the comfort or the style of the shoes. How amazing is that?


Oh don’t you worry about the airflow. Because the Teena model is a d'orsay style of shoe, it means that it’s cut out in a manner that let’s much of the skin show while you’re wearing it, and thus lets your feet to get the filtration that they need. You’ll be pleasantly suppressed by the airflow that this type of model has to offer to the entire foot, but the part of your skin that isn’t exposed will be aerated as well. Why? Because of the presence of Leather in velvet in the upper. Both parts are made in this case from natural materials, and they’re both great providers of airflows and moisture wicking properties. They won’t let you down on both occasions.


The sole society Teena model is a flat shoe that it’s not particularly equipped to withstand walking on rough terrain. It’s more suitable for walking in flat surfaces and on dry conditions. The velvet in the upper can be damaged quite quickly if it gets in contact with moisture, so make sure to keep them dry and walk with them on smooth surfaces.


Just like in the terrain’s case, the traction is also unremarkable. Why? Because the bottom of the outsole is not market with any type or ridges, and therefore could make this shoe highly dangerous if worn on slippery or wet surfaces. You need to be extremely careful when wearing these sandals on very slippery surfaces, or you’ll risk exposing yourself to some serious injuries.


If it wasn’t for that tie knot closure at the ankle, this would have been any other ordinary flat shoe. But Sole Society doesn’t like ordinary stuff, and the Teena model is anything but ordinary. The flat, pointy toe sandal looks beautiful on just about any lady. If you don’t really care about wearing high heels or if it isn’t your style, than the Teena is the perfect pick for you.

But the Teena model brings exquisite style without overbearing the lower part of your feet. If you notice, aside form that velvety strap, there isn’t that much of an embellishment. And frankly it doesn’t need any more. It’s perfect just the way it is. The leather provides comfort, stability and airflow to the feet awhile the plush velvet gives the luxurious finish and shine to the entire shoe.

And that ankle strap book ends this fantastic flat shoe in a sophisticated and understated way. The Teena model is a stylish option for the practical ladies that just don’t like the high heels in their wardrobe. Yes, they do exist, and Sole Society has an option for everyone. The pointed toe is made with the perfect measurements to accommodate even the pickiest ladies, and that ankle strap is adjustable to suit the size of everyone. Just tie the strap to your feet, and forget that the shoes are on your feet in the hours to come.

Bottom line

The Teena model by Sole Society is a gorgeous, comfortable breath of fresh air. It’s a pointy toe flat heeled sandal made from both leather and velvet. And velvet (in three separate colors) can be found on the entire upper, even on the strap. The ankle strap forms a knotted firm but very stylish feeling to your feet and that very strap can be adjusted to your needs and desires.

It’s simple, elegant, luxurious and stylish, and the best part of having one is that not only will not break the bank when you buy the Teena model, you’ll be wearing it for a long time after you do buy it. The Teena model is versatile and can be worn in every occasion. It goes well with your daily casual outfits that require minimal effort, and it pairs well with your night outfits. Why? Because of that gorgeous velvet on top of the upper what’s why. It gives the shoes their natural shine and not only completes and outfit, it has the power to elevate it and transition it from a day to an evening type of outfit. And who doesn’t need that type of versatility to be honest?

But according to an article in Pop Sugar, this has been one of the favorite shoe picks for brides across the globe. That’s right. A more fashion forward and bold brides around the globe have been selecting the Teena model as their go-to shoe along with their wedding dresses. And it makes sense. If the choice of the wedding dress is more in the tea length and if it’s unconventional, the velvet flat shoes would really make the dress pop even more. Brides have been fascinated by the affordable luxurious comfort that these shoes have to offer on their most important day, and Sole Society really appreciates that trust.
But what would make these shoes even more comfortable? Yes, they’re comfortable, durable and stabile as they are right now, but it wouldn’t hurt if some extra features would be added to the finished product. An option for extra padding would be appreciated that’s for sure. Because the outsole is extremely flat, it can cause some discomfort to the arches and to the rest of the feet. The padding in the footbed offers some comfort, but in some cases it just isn’t enough. More padding would be a much greater option for this type of shoes, and an upper that’s made with different set of materials. Suede for example would look just as luxurious as velvet, and simple cotton would make this shoe even more classic than it already is right now.

Also, the velvet knot strap looks perfect and balances the velvet in the upper, just a great addition to the overall security would be the possible buckle to the strap. It would make the shoes more secure especially in the ankle are, but for now they’re great as they are.