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Have you ever wondered why they call these types of shoes pumps? Well, that particular style of shoe has different names in different parts of the world. In Great Britain they’re called Court shoes, while in the USA, they’re called pumps.

For instance Quora suggests that a pump usually is a high heel shoe where the front of the toes is covered. They come in two types of toe designs. A round toe pump and square toe pumps, and the reason they are called pumps is because they are closed toe shoes. The shoe goes upwards on sides of the foot and is usually without buckles, but if it does hoe straps or buckles, that type of shoe is usually called a Mary Jane type of a pump shoe.

Interesting isn’t it? But for now let’s look at one specific type of pump shoe. The Twila model by Sole Society is up for a review in this post. It’s simplistic, elegant and comfortable, but you can find out the details about this particular shoe bellow.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Easy slip-on wear

Pointed-toe silhouette

Leather or suede upper

Wrapped heel


Runs half size small


The Outsole of the Twila models is very thin. It’s made from the good old black leather, but the thin nature of the outsole makes it almost unnoticeable. It blends to the heel, but that’s because the outsole lets the rest of the shoe elements to dominate. Frankly when you take a good look at the entire shoe structure, the design of the outsole, the heel is a non-skid type of sole, regardless of how thing it is and it will be the perfect balance to the bigger elements of the shoe. More to the point, to the thick heel that occupies the Twila model.

Yes, that heel measures 3 inches in height and it’s also a flared heel at the same time. That’s right a flared (or a floated heel) according to the Free dictionary is built to increase the heel contact area, to stabilize the lateral or medial rearfoot in the shoe or to prevent abnormal foot eversion (or inversion) that might occur while wearing high heels. Oh and for that added touch of class and style, the design and color of the upper can be found on the entire surface of the chunky heel. Because the fun nature of the shoe doesn’t belong solely to the upper of that shoe. It can be transferred to the other parts of the shoe, with great success, and the Twila shoe is the perfect example of that.


Much like in the most Sole Society shoes, the midsole is equipped with a lightly padded and fixated footbed that gives the shoe a great comfort regardless if the shoes is with a high or a flat heel. The footbed is fixated, and it hugs not just the arches, but also the heel and the toe areas as well. The midsole also has a synthetic lining that adds to the comfort in a much understated and barely unnoticeable way. If it might not be so difficult to spot the upper or the heel of the shoe, the midsole and especially the lining do require a bit of an effort, but that effort is rewarded with a great sense of comfort.


The upper of the Twila model is bold, in your face and filled with a retro nod to the '80s. Made from leather or suede, the upper is probably one of the most noticeable things about the Twila models.

The Twila model has a pointy toe silhouette and an easy slip-on wear, perfect for the ladies on the go. The slip-on design makes the Twila model very comfortable and easy to put on and of your feet, while the pointy toe silhouette is made for the bold and daring ladies who love fashion as much as they love comfort. And a side not on the pointy toe silhouette of the shoe. Doesn’t it remind you of a style that you’ll probably see in a scene of Working Girl? Or maybe on Michelle Pfeiffer’s feet while seducing Jeff Bridges in The Fabulous Baker boys? The inspiration is there of course and if you love that retro feel that the Twila model gives, you’ll love these shoes even more.


The slip-on style and the padded footbed in the midsole do the trick in this department. Yes, the padded footbed has great value in every shoe, but especially in a shoe that’s elevated with a three-inch heel. It makes the walking in these shoes a little more comfortable and it secures the positioning of the toes in the pointy toe silhouette. Oh, and the slip-on silhouette makes the shoe extra easy to put on and take off on a moment’s notice. The Twila model is highly convenient for every busy woman on the go who likes to feel fashionable with every step and in every moment.


Nothing says support much like a wrapped chunky heel. This type of heel just makes the walking more easily, more comfortable and pain-free. The comfort is not an added bonus to the shoe, but a premium concern that Sole Society addressed in a very fashionable and practical way. The support of the shoe can be felt in any part of the day and that support will never leave you at any moment that you have the Twila model on you. Add to that the synthetic lining, and you’ve got yourself a highly supportive shoe that can be worn even by the ladies who don’t particularly like high heels.


The leather that hugs the entire upper of the shoe, along with the thick wrapped heel provides most of the durability in the Twila model. And that durability is obvious throughout the entire shoe. You’ll find yourself marveling at the fine construction that is the Sole Society Twila model, and quality materials used in the making of that shoe will just attribute to the shoe’s longevity.


Because of the thick and sturdy nature of the leather, the upper of the Twila model is not the most flexible part of the shoe, but the thin outsole, topped with the padded footbed of the midsole; do help a bit with the flexibility. But this is not a shoe that’s too flexible. It’s bigger in size, and the design itself makes it little less flexible than the rest of the shoes from the Sole Society Company.


Although the flexibility wasn’t the Twila model’s strongest suit, the stability sure is. And the stability comes from several areas, but most importantly from the whapped chunky heel. Let’s face it. The shoes that have chunky heels and especially chunky wrapped heels are much comfortable easier to walk and generally more stable for the overall posture and movement of the body. You’ll feel more stable and secure while wearing the Twila model shoes in every occasion, and your rested feet will thank you at the end of the day (or night). The stability is not taken lightly here, and the Sole Society won’t let you forget it.


Because this is a slip-on style of silhouette, and the entire upper is lined with the fantastic material that is leather, the airflow is in high doses in the Twila model. Yes, the leather provides most of the ventilation, and natural wicking properties that come with having a great shoe like this, so your feet will not only be rested, they’ll be aerated, ventilated, moist and odor-free at all times. The great power of the leather comes through again in an amazing pair of shoes, and it’s up to you to recognize that power.


The Twila model’s chunky wrapped heel can ease the walking on rough terrain to a certain point, but that very thin rubbery outsole will make things difficult all over again. Yes, walking on grass, for instance, is a lot more comfortable with a chunkier heel, like the one in the Twila model, but because the outsole is not rigged, walking on smooth surfaces can become a challenge at times. However, the leather in the upper shouldn’t present a big problem for the unpredictable weather conditions that you might encounter.


The traction that the Twila model has in almost not existent. The rubber outsole is not provided with great traction properties, and waking on slippery surfaces can get quite serious if you’re not careful. Yes, the chunky heel does provide a great deal of the balance, but the outsole is not suited for wearing the shoes on wet or slippery surfaces, Injuries can occur if you’re not careful at times.

Bottom line

There isn’t anything that these pumps won’t look wonderful with. You can wear them with a pair of skinny jeans for an everyday casual look, or a smart suit that you’ll wear on your next job interview. You’ll look sophisticated, classy and fashionable on any occasion, and you’ll make a bold fashion statement every single time that they’re on your feet. They’re meant to be seen, and they do make an impression. You’ll sure to stand out in a good way when wearing the Twila pumps by Sole Society, but they’re so much than a comfortable shoe.

They’re a comfortable way of expressing one’s individuality and but with a retro flair. It would have been nice if the padded footbed in the midsole was removable, or even more padded to make the comfort even greater, but the curiosity doesn’t end there. What would the Twila style shoes feel and look if they were done with a buckle in a more Mary Jane Style or if the heel was a bit thinner? But the only improvement that would make a huge difference is the addition of more padding in the footbed. It would ease the arches, and make the posture even better. They’re comfortable as they are at the moment, but a touch of more padding and a couple of inches in the outsole would make them even better. You’ll be able to wear them on more rough surfaces without the fear of sleeping or pain.


The simplicity that the Twila model has is evident in almost every part of the shoe. In the simple, but elegant design of the upper, the bare minimalism in the thin rubber outsole and the retro style of the chunky three inches wrapped heel. The pointy toe silhouette and the massive style of the construction give the Twila shoes their retro-inspired feel. You’ll definitely feel the nod to the ’80s and 90’s when the shoes are on you and they do have the power to elevate an everyday work outfit to new fashionable heights. You can wear the shoes for your work meeting paired with a great smart suit if you want to feel comfortable and powerful, and you can wear the Twila shoes of your night out if you want to feel sexy and powerful. They radiate with a stylish appeal for every occasion, and the added comfort makes them so versatile, that you’ll rotate them in plenty of the outfits in your closet. That’s a promise.