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The Puma Fierce Swan is a trainer and performance sneaker - it’s also one of the newer models by this particular brand. The Puma Fierce Swan is built with enhanced movement in mind. It is geared towards offering convenience and comfort during a dance, aerobics, or other sporting activities. Dancers doing rigorous activities and training inspired the build of this model. It is intended to be a development that caters to absorb all the pressure during the process of use in the gym or dance floor.  The Puma Fierce Swan shoe which is also an inspiration from the black swan feathers is built to showcase beauty, elegance, and comfort through its radiant details. Made of both synthetic and fabric materials, this sneaker ranks among the top effective designs of its kind for many reasons.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Iridescent detailing

It is easy to slip ON and OFF


Very comfortable


Very affordable

Extra cushioning


Sneaker can slip off at times

Only two color options

They appear to expand when heavily used


Every shoe needs a reliable outsole to serve its purpose of support and protection, among other functions. The outsole of Puma Fierce Swan sneakers is made of high-quality rubber materials that give the user a good grip on the ground. The outsole contains pivot points which are an important part of the design. The pivot points help to enhance movement in a dynamic multi-directional pattern when the shoe is used in a training session where such movement is required.


The Puma Fierce Swan displays an excellent midsole to give the user a great cushioning effect. For this sneaker, EVA - an elastic but tough plastic material - is the choice for the midsole to come out unique and functional. Though a plastic material, EVA is strong and flexible and provides the needed cushioning effect on the foot. The EVA-made midsole is lightweight and really doesn’t add significant weight to the design. It plays a crucial role in supporting the wearer’s body weight when in use.


The Upper of Puma Fierce Swan is covered in extra lightweight mesh material. It is designed to give a distinctive wrap. It incorporates strap closures for a good fit. Significantly, the mesh material stretches from the heel of the shoe down to the toe box to become the base layer material of the entire design. The lightweight design of the Puma Fierce Swan comes from the extensive use of the mesh material. This also gives it it’s simple look. Wrapped around the tongue and collar is a strap that displays the Puma logo which complements the upper design. Both the collar and the tongue comes attached with a pull loop for users to easily put ON/OFF the shoe as the need demands.


Using the Puma Fierce Swan shoes always provides comfort and satisfaction because of its lightweight. When used for aerobic classes and training during dance classes, the lightweight feeling you get makes it appear as if you’re almost not wearing a shoe at all. This comes from no other than the heavily meshed design and the use of lightweight sole materials like EVA and rubber. When shipping the product, as seen on Amazon, a weight range of between 1.8-3 pounds is often the case for the shipments. The different weights depend largely on the various sizes available and the packaging ability of the seller.


For whatever a user of the Puma Fierce Swan intends to use the shoe for, an airy and breathable shoe to keep dry and comfortable should be desired. As seen from its design pattern, the Puma Fierce Swan enhances breathability. The attractive and very lightweight mesh upper makes this function possible, a very important feature for good shoes. This makes the user comfortable when using the shoe for training and dance purposes. The mesh material which stretches across from the heel to the collar and then down to the toe box is the obvious reason the shoe has a very reliable and excellent breathable function.


Wide straps at the shoe’s top provide protection, a decent fit, and comfort. The Puma Fierce Swan shoes are more comfortable for use due to its great potential and many positive factors. These include their light weight, the implementation of pull loops, highly meshed features and a reliable support from the collar and tongue. The strength of the Puma Fierce Swan shoe comes from the comfort it offers users. It is simply excellent in that people never stop to sing its praise based on the single benefit of offering them comfort.


It is simple, light as a feather and has an innovative design that is cute and functional. It goes well for the casual as well for the serious-minded individuals in the gym. These words describe in a nutshell what the Puma Fierce Swan has to offer in style. The Puma Fierce Swan sneaker is built for the exercise-loving, the gym freak and the guy in the street in mind. This adorable design which comes from a fruitful collaboration between Puma and New York City Ballet is a toast to those who admire fashion and style when playing a sport. It appeals to people who want it for the casual use and it has been a great one many young guys are comfortable with on the street. You have a choice in any of the white or black colors to choose from. Though designed from lightweight materials, the final output is not missing in technical details to make it a good fit for both casual and training purposes.


The Fierce Swan’s durability is not in doubt. The reliable EVA material used for the midsole is one to count on for this. Another is the strong rubber material used for the outsole. Both give the sneaker the ability to withstand wear and tear, hence, extending its lifespan. Keeping the foot well ventilated through air circulation achieved by the mesh material is a plus for the Puma Fierce Swan shoe. Keeping your shoe dry is another way of ensuring it lasts long for you. The thickness of the shoe’s heel and the tough rubber pods on the outsole are also protected when the item is dry. Consequently, all of these things add up to give you the durable design you have in the Puma Fierce Swan shoes.

Toe Box

The Puma Fierce Swan shoe Toe box comes in the traditional shape with a pointed forefront. The toe box which is partly meshed and strapped has more of a minimal design. The characteristic mesh covering adorns the top with a crossed strap for support and protection. Owing to the flexible and responsive midsole beneath and the mesh material at the top, the toe box responds to accommodate any changes to keep the foot comfortable.

Width & Length

The Puma Fierce Swan shoe is available in different sizes. Since the size varies, you should expect the same for the dimension of the shoe. You can compare the values in stores where the shoe is listed. From a sample’s dimension which measures 11 x 7 x 15 inches, you can deduce that the width & length measurement is 11 x 15 inches. You can access the various sizes available before you place your order to be sure you have the right fit for you.


If a shoe misses out in this, it can as well be deemed useless. The support feature enhances performance and influences other aspects of the shoe’s features in various ways. The Puma Fierce Swan offers great support on the foot during training. The midsole is made of durable EVA material. The EVA material offers a cushioning effect to support the user’s body weight. The thickness of the midsole as well as the heel, ensure you’re resting on a solidly built shoe that is capable of holding your weight up. In the absence of shoelaces, the Fierce Swan is designed with a lace-up closure and flatlock stitching to take care of this need to secure your foot. It also ensures you have a good fit when the shoe is worn.


Puma Fierce Swan comes basically in two variations. These are the Puma black and the Puma white. They both have the same design features except the color aspect that sets them apart. Many users anticipate more color variations due to the limited number of colors available on the market. It’s quite possible that more variants will hit the market to meet the demand of loyal customers.


To describe the Puma Fierce Swan shoes as affordable may be an understatement. The thing is they are very cheap. The price of the Fierce Swan can be considered cheap for the quality that is put in the production. Kylie Jenner has shown the quality they are made of by endorsing the product - the price is not an issue.


The grip between the foot and the ground helps balance and improves performance. With breathtaking design features, the Puma Fierce Swan offers everything to help users get the traction needed on the ground while using the shoes. The strong rubber outsole pods are designed to help you have a complete ground contact sufficient to provide the required traction between your foot and the ground. This is developed in the Puma Fierce Swan shoes to prevent falls and to promote good balance during sessions.


To get the desired movement you want around the foot, the Puma Fierce Swan shoe is designed with a special heel thickness to aid your side to side movement when using the shoe. In addition, the full-stretch flex groove ensures you have the freedom to make both fast moves and dynamic directional movements.


The Fierce Swan shoes come with extra cushioning on the heel and tongue to enhance stability. The extra-thick heel also offers protection for the foot. The caging overlays and the use of a meshed material in the design not only add breathabilitys, fitness lockdown, and support but also stability on your foot whenever you have the shoes on.


The Fierce Swan sneaker brings to play the power of performance technology in the design of these beautiful shoes. The demi-cut strap training shoe offers eye-catching design implemented through a variety of high-quality materials such as EVA. The lightweight design is the focus of the technology to enhance performance when the shoes are used. One thing makes the Puma Fierce Swan shoes glow at night also - the iridescent detailing. This application gives a light reflecting effect which is more visible at night. It can serve as a form of protection for those who use them in dimly-lit areas.

Key Features

• Iridescent detailing
• Extremely lightweight
• Ariaprene bootie construction
• Flatlock stitching to ensure reduced friction
• Contrast overlay with a supportive side strap and logo


Puma Fierce Swan is no doubt one stylishly built trainer with a high-performance capability. It is not just about its eye-catching design or its iridescent nature which sparkles at night but the comfort it brings to the table during workouts and dance; they are very light. Comfort has been the most pronounced benefit enjoyed by users of the Puma Fierce Swan shoes. What more could be desired if not that? Getting a pair should just be a good buy since they are cheap, especially when you have one at a discounted price.