Puma Basket Heart

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Puma Basket Heart Review Facts

Puma has designed a shoe that is both sporty and fashion forward. The Puma brand was established in 1948 in Germany and has been at the forefront of sport and fashion shoe design including clothing and accessories since then. Puma prides itself on affordability and excellent design focus. These particular sneakers are, depending on the mood of the day, great to be worn with their chunky laces which are the focal point and the game changer for this style. However, if you prefer to, you could just tie them up with nylon or cotton laces, both of which come with the sneaker when purchased. Puma has designed a sneaker with a comfort focus because of its padded insoles which make this particular sneaker design versatile as to whether the purchaser has to run after their kids in the park - to doing all the shopping with ease in the mall with no discomfort or pain from hours of walking or standing. The sneaker comes in different colors-ranging from white and black, to pastels as well. Not to mention that they are manufactured with different materials, such as Eco Leather, suede or denim. They can also be embellished with embroidery and creative glitter sides. The sneaker was designed with you in mind.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Fashion forward
  • Wide toe box
  • Versatile
  • Easy to clean
  • Variety of colors available
  • Wide selection of materials to choose from
  • Easily accessed
  • Half sizes available
  • Squeaks occasionally
  • Size inconsistencies
  • Stiff and quite rigid


The outsole of the Puma Basket Heart Patent Leather Sneaker has more flexibility noted than other sneakers with this particular design. Puma worked to design the outsole in a way that allows the outsole moves and flexes with your foot while you are doing whatever work you set out to do during the day, rather than the sneaker remaining rigid and inflexible. The outsole is made of a thick rubber for protection and durability with a good grip design which also allows for more traction for more intense exercising should the occasion arise.


The midsole of the sneaker has an Eco Ortholite sole for comfort and breathability. To provide a bit more comfort, a memory foam and cushioned sock liner were put in place in the shoe’s design. This allows for this Basket Heart to be a super comfortable sneaker that will protect the foot from heavy impact when exercising. The sneaker is designed for long hours of walking and/or working out, as well as extended walking through the mall, in the park or standing in queues without your feet getting smelly and sweaty or weary.


The upper is both compact and made from eco-leather in this case - it also comes in suede and denim if those are cl. There are different designs on the upper, with most of them including embellishments and glitter. The design is versatile in regards especially to the use of chunky laces that don’t crease but they make the sneaker design worthy. The upper sole comes with a wide selection of colors and materials to choose from.


The sneaker is lined with the Eco Ortholite material to absorb sweat and smells. The sock liner is made of foam which not only creates comfort but allows for the air to flow where necessary in the sneaker. The sides of the sneaker also features a mesh lining for breathability and comfort. So no matter how long you walk or run, your feet are protected from sweat and slipping.


The padded insoles make for a very comfortable sneaker. They are known to absorb any impact when doing your preferred exercise. The sneaker has a cushioned tongue and sock-liner as well as a mesh wall around it’s entire frame. There are more flexible and the shoe moves as and when you need to work out. Whichever work out that might be. The sneaker is compact and holds the footwell and it is also designed to be a bit wider so that the foot is able to move freely. The Puma Basket Heart is an extremely comfortable sneaker because it is made slightly wider for foot freedom, this avoids straining the feet muscles and enables the foot to move in the shoe.


The thick-soled cut of the Basket Heart has come back in fashion; it used to be a really big hit in the 70’s during the hip-hop scene. The reviews are positive in regards to the revival of the particular vintage look. The shoe has a wide toe box and it is slightly rounded in the very same area – which gives it bulky look that blends completely with the style that the company is trying to give the sneaker. These patent leather sneakers are made from a durable synthetic material: Eco patent leather. It looks exactly like the real patent leather too – the shiny design makes it glisten which also blends in with the style that the company was trying to give off. They come with tie up laces which don’t crease easily and keeps the look of the sneaker crisp and clean. The sneakers match with most outfits so it’s easy to style up or down. You could go straight from the gym to a lunch with a friend or to the nightclub from dinner and dance the night away without any changes to your shoes. You will have to switch your clothes around for the occasion that it lends itself to, but your Puma sneakers will fit right in anywhere and hold their own with any outfit. Dresses, pants, skirts or shorts work with this versatile sneaker. The varied colors in the range also offer an easy match with any of your outfits.


The material is made from eco-leather which can usually withhold all types of weather. Other materials include suede and denim, however, this particular shoe is made from eco patent leather. This is a long lasting shoe because of the way it has been designed for longevity. It can take all the necessary pounding that your preferred exercise needs are. The nature of the patent leather allows it to withstand a great deal of weather types which ensures that users don’t have to worry about consistent replacement of their shoes.


There are different ways to protect your shoes; there are a few that even lessen the effect that paint has on the shoe. Products for this particular material can be found here - this is a personal choice, of course. However, for the day to day of shoe protection, the existing material on the Puma Sneaker is very easy to keep clean as well as only a quick wipe away from dirt and other grime that might come into contact with it.


The Puma Basket Heart Patent Leather Sneaker is responsive to the foot from all angles of the shoe. This often translates to less pressure being felt while walking. As time goes by, the memory foam will mold itself to your foot and will do even more to lessen the stress felt while walking in a particular model. Keep in mind that the sneaker is not meant to provide you with as much responsiveness as you are likely to get from say, a full-blown running shoe.


The Puma Basket Heart Leather Sneaker holds its own on all terrains. This means that no matter where you decide to do your walk, this sneaker will respond positively to the terrain. Some women prefer this shoe for its fashion appeal, so clocking up those steps at the mall is perfect, or a walk along the promenade with a friend, as well as walking the kids to school if possible, or a quick drop in at the local super for last minute supplies too. However, there are the others who prefer to do more intense exercise and this sneaker allows for that -such as running. Whether you are a runner, a basketball player or gym goer then this sneaker will cope with whatever terrain it is exposed to. While these shoes are not particularly meant for exercise, it’s important to note that they will respond well if used on a surface such as that.


The public reviews of the Puma Basket Heart Sneakers have been very positive in regards to their price and affordability. Online website shopping prices will vary from website to website, so doing your research before you buy is highly recommended. The prices tend to vary depending on a variety of different factors such as color, size etc. However, there are so many positive reviews saying that these sneakers hold excellent value for money, so much so that buyers have bought more than one pair due to their affordability; a pair for each outfit.


Because the sole has a very good, solid grip and comes with a vulcanized sole, this enables for this Puma sneaker to have excellent traction for whatever terrain it is used on. You can be confident that you won’t slip or fall when working out, running or even just walking around the block. This is an important factor for women who are pregnant for example. Also for the women living in areas where there is a high rainfall – these sneakers will prevent injury from occurring.


Flexibility in a shoe is very important and can with the lack thereof have a negative effect on the foot. The Puma Basket Heart Sneakers are mostly flat with a small degree of elevation. So the positive outcome when you are walking or running with these sneakers allows for your Achilles and hamstrings to lengthen which is great for leg shape and leg health.


Stability in these sneakers is sound, due to the cushioning and padding of the midsole and the foam tongue. With other sneakers, some women could overpronate (roll inward) when they use them and this could potentially cause knee pain and possible injury. These wide gait sneakers make for a very stable experience, alleviating strain and unnecessary pain on the foot.


The Puma Basket Heart Sneakers drop is around 1.5-2 cm- unless you are opting for the platform in which case that would be around a 3 cm drop. Whatever the name this drop refers to how much taller to heel is than the forefoot. So if you are a shorter woman, these sneakers are great for a bit of extra height without putting a strain on the hamstrings and ankles.

Key Features

 Eco-Orth Olite insole
 Patent Leather upper
 Rubber outsole
 Foam tongue
 Memory foam
 Eco patent leather


The Puma Basket Heart Patent Leather Sneakers are all round winners. They have attracted a lot of attention because of their versatility and design. The fashion focus and the sporty look is great for any sneaker to have. The fact that this is an everyday type of sneaker is a bonus. The price point is positive and affordable for most pockets. In fact, more than one pair is a realistic option. The reviewers also liked the vintage look comeback of the 70’s hip-hop scene. The variety of colors and materials available makes selecting your sneaker an easy thing to do. They are available everywhere on the web with different suppliers where some of them have sold out due to popularity. The laces are definitely the focal point of these sneakers and the way that they are tied looks very attractive on the shoes. This is the game changer from other sneakers on the market. The sneaker design lends itself to match with everything and they can be worn everywhere, as well as dressed up or dressed down, depending on the color that you have purchased.