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Reebok CrossFit Nano 8 Flexweave Review Facts

Since the inception of the Nano series in 2010, Reebok has diligently worked closely with the CrossFit community in an effort to build the best CrossFit shoe. The series has grown to be very reputable and dependable. This time, however, it appears that Reebok has outdone themselves and have definitely taken the series to the next level with the Nano 8.0. Unfortunately, the Nano 7.0 did not have a favorable reception, so Reebok went to work to resolve problematic areas. Although it looks very similar to the Nano 7.0,  you will soon discover the Nano 8.0 to be a totally different animal. Reebok has worked feverishly to produce a shoe worthy of the CrossFit community. Upgrades and new technology produced a CrossFit shoe which is flexible, versatile, durable, and breathable for even the most strenuous Metcons. This CrossFit trainer could seriously become one of your favorites.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Exceptionally Comfortable
  • Wide Toe Box
  • Very Lightweight
  • Versatile Use
  • Great Flexibility
  • Inconsistent Sizing
  • May Experience Heel Slipping
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  • I am not fond of the way they look but the comfort and stability can’t be beat. Reebok made big improvements over the nano 7.
  • Love the wide toe box. I use these mostly for crossfit. Seems to fit true to size. Love the grippy soles and stable footing.
  • Nice grip both inside the heel and outside on the sole. I like the feel of the cushion when I am running also.
  • Love the different look and these shoes are sooooo comfortable. Imaging me screaming how comfortable these are because it’s true.
  • I’ve own at three other nano models and this Nano 8 is by far the most comfortable.
  • Best Nano to date. Will buy another pair.
  • Enough cushion for workouts and jumps. So far holding up well.
  • I like the Nano 8 much better than the nano 7. I went a half size up because I have a wider foot and they fit comfortably.
  • It’s been years since I’ve purchased a Reebok so I am glad that I got these Nano 8s. Extremely comfortable and worth the money.
  • This is an awesome shoe for cross training. Love the wide toe box.
  • Without a doubt these are my most comfortable and favorite shoes.
  • Great grip and great comfort. Exceptional for Crossfit and love how my feet don’t slide at all.
  • These are perfect for weightlifting because of the wide toes. They fit perfectly.
  • Nano 8s are a great gym workout shoes. Love the grip on the bottom. I use these mostly on the stair stepper and for lifting.
  • This being my first time buying this type of shoe (CrossFit type) I am pleasantly surprised. Love the fit and the feel of this shoe.
  • This shoe feels amazing. I walk in these and it feels like I am walking barefoot.
  • Users report that after only a few months these shoes show wear.
  • Some wearers say the shoes runs narrow while other rave about how wide it is.
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Just from glancing at the tread pattern, you may think the outsole is the same as the inflexible Nano 7.0, however, nothing could be farther from the truth. Reebok designed the outsole with a unique RopePro technology which is much softer and flexible than its previous Nano 7.0 sibling. A low outsole gives it a boxing shoe feel which optimizes it for jumping rope, walking, and for lifting weights. There were a few reviews which implied the softer outsole makes rope climbing a tad bit more challenging. Although it works great for weightlifting, a softer material does mean more heel compression during heavy weight lighting and squats, which may cause the ankles to very slightly rotate inward.


Compression Molded Ethyl Vinyl Acetate(CMEVA) already made the Nano series a game changer. However, re-engineering the forefoot cushioning has really made an overall difference in the Nano 8.0. Fortunately, Reebok went back to the dual density midsole system which was a signature design feature on every Nano model except the Nano 7. A stiffer heel composition, coupled with a soft forefoot compound gives the insole the right amount of flexibility and superb comfort. Whether you are doing a sprint, weightlifting, or jump squats, you will appreciate the increased dynamics resulting from the added flexibility, stability, and cushion the new midsole brings.


The totally redesigned upper is causing a lot of excitement in the CrossFit community. The FlexWeave material continues to promote exceptional breathability and flexibility while ensuring enough strength to endure your toughest workout of the day. The open figure eight weaving construction does have a propensity to attract debris and maybe a little difficult to clean. One revolutionary feature which is really causing a rave is the separate bootie system around the collar which gives you a snug fit without restricted movement. The tongue also adds a degree of cushioning. With the extra cushioning, you might feel like you are doing your Olympic Weight lifts in slippers. Reebok has replaced the thicker laces with thinner ones which some say come to untie very easily and more often.


On average the Reebok Crossfit Nano 8.0 weighs in at an impressive 10 ounces, depending on the size. This is considerably lighter than the Nano 7.0. This is great news because this means it is good for strength, agility, and endurance exercises. Notice that it is heavier than most running shoes and not the best shoe for long distance runs or jogs. However, this only solidifies the fact that it is tailored to the CrossFit community and meeting their unique needs during various types of movements, and activities.


For sure, the Nano 8.0 scores high in the breathability category. The FlexWeave with its open figure eight constructed material allows for your feet to remain dry. Additionally, the clever separation of the outer fabric and the bootie system allows for air to circulate around the feet. Another advantage to the construction of the Nano 8.0 is its ability to absorb moisture and eliminate odors. Athletes who have an affinity to have sweaty feet will definitely appreciate this built-in design feature.


Due to the wider toe box, faithful Nano fans hail the comfort level to be a hybrid of the Nano 3.0 and Nano 5.0. There is plenty of room for toe splay during heavy lifts. The separate lining cultivates comfort by making your feet feel like you are wearing socks, thus reducing swelling. Reebok has also included a thicker insole. The cushioning alone would make these splendid for everyday wear. Sometimes the insole comes out. Also, there is a negligible amount of heel slip with the new bootie system, but most reviews say it is only noticeable to those who have worn previous Nano models. It is true to size, but Reebok does specify that these do run narrow, so wide feet may want to look for another option or get a larger size. If the sole feels a little stiff out of the box, don’t worry it will become more flexible after your first workout.


There is some disagreement surrounding the style which really boils down to personal tastes. Undeniably, Nano 8.0 looks like the Nano 7.0 series. This, of course, can be expected since the look of high-end shoes usually doesn’t change until after two years between versions coming out. For the most part, athletes are beginning to favorably embrace the different styles Reebok is delivering. The least fashionable, but most versatile appears to be the black Nano 8.0. Due to the superb engineering, those who render the look of the shoe as less than desirable are still making this their top pick for their workouts.


Reebok is known for producing durable, high quality, and dependable athletic gear. The Nano 8.0 is no exception. The FlexWeave material has proven to be very tough and unlike other brands, the fibers are not apt to fray during rope climbing. A strong outsole ensures the shoe can take the impact and stress of exercises that challenge the human body on great levels. You can be assured that you will get multiple uses out of this trainer without worrying about it falling apart during a workout. Of course, there will be normal wear and tear which can be expected over time.


The outsole is constructed to protect the feet from friction, awkward rotational movements, and weight-bearing exercises which you are sure to come across in CrossFit. Extra cushion provided by the redesigned upper, insole, and midsole are some of the protective features you can count on. There is also the newly designed outsole which helps tremendously with shock absorbency and providing the right amount of flex during workouts to avoid injuries. The heel cup also provides the protection needed during prolonged or repetitive high-intensity movements associated with CrossFit.


Reebok hit the bull’s eye with the Nano 8.0 when it comes to responsiveness. Part of the success in responsiveness is probably due to the separate bootie system. There are outstanding shock absorbency and push off features incorporated for quick drills and other fast moving exercises. The shoe feels very firm when weightlifting, but springy when sprinting. Many reviews attest to the positive energy and spring back this shoe exhibits. Additionally, Nano 8.0 truly interacts with the ground during impact without you feeling like you are treading on lead. Increased functionality in this area may also be due to the newly engineered outsole and midsole engineering which allow the shoe and feet to work in harmony in different situations and terrains.


One feature which puts Nano 8.0 ahead of the game is the separate liner which not only gives the feeling of wearing socks, but a feeling of having your feet comfortably supported and locked into position. This snugness literally keeps the feet from sliding in the shoe even during the most extreme moves. Seven lacing outlets for higher lacing and a special heel cup also offers great heel and arch support.


Nano 8.0 is definitely a CrossFit shoe designed to facilitate peak performance during climbing, sprinting, lifting, grinding, and sliding motions within different environments. Although it is a very versatile shoe with good traction, flexibility, and durability, it is not ideal for long-distance running and it is certainly not an all-terrain shoe. As with similar shoes, peak performance and built-in technologies excel on surfaces common to CrossFit workouts. It is also not recommended for roads with debris since the open lacing pattern of the outsole makes cleaning a little cumbersome.


The pricing for the Nano 8.0 tends to be expensive. However, Reebok has kept the price consistent for all of its Nano models. Also, when compared to other high scaled CrossFit shoes, the price is consistent with what you would expect to pay. There may be a few sites which offer discounts, but for the most part, the Reebok suggested price is the price you can expect to pay. With the upgrades, multiple wears, and maximum performance provided by Nano 8.0, the investment might be one to consider.


Due to the RopePro engineering in the outsole, the traction may feel comparatively different but not inferior to previous versions. Actually, the tread pattern is very effective when it comes to grabbing different surfaces. A few reviews indicated that there was less grip when rope climbing, but for the most part most customers were overjoyed with the traction. There were not any complaints of slipping or falling on wet surfaces, although keep in mind the shoe is not waterproof. Overall, people were pleased with the versatility offered.


Hands down, the TPU heel pattern that is being attached to the upper makes this Crossfit shoe more flexible than the Nano 7.0. The dual density midsole and flexibility make it the preferred Nano for short distance running. It is not a high-performance shoe for running long distances, however. Athletes will love how this shoe moves with and not against your foot. Another special feature of the Nano 8.0 is the uniquely interwoven fibers go from the heel to the toes, unlike other models, adding considerably to its flexibility.


Regardless of the body type, the outer sole provides a strong base for a multitude of varying movements associated with CrossFit. Although the softer material allows for the heel to give a little amount, the sole is more than able to accommodate heavier weight lifting routines. A beautiful design element which provides added stability, especially during lateral movements, is the heel cup. Your feet feel secured without restriction. A final feature to consider is the lacing system which is comprised of seven eyelets. This means more ankle and overall support for your feet. For even more steadiness, you may want to trade the thinner laces that come with the shoe for thicker ones.


The Reebok Crossfit has an ideal toe to heel drop of 4mm. This serves the two-fold purposes of evenly distributing body weight across the foot and securing a more innate foot placement. Literally, a 4mm drop allows you to determine where your feet go and secures a solid base. You will appreciate this during weightlifting and squats. For the same reason, however, this is what keeps it from being the ideal running shoe.

Key Features

● FlexWeave engineered upper for flexibility
● Separate lining or bootie system
● RopePro technology for outsole
● Dual density midsole system
● Wider toe box for full toe splay
● Seven lacing outlets for more support
● Extremely breathable.


This may very well be the most adored Nano in the series. It is definitely more flexible, comfortable, and conducive to CrossFit needs than its predecessor the Nano 7.0. Many people appreciate the wider toe box which makes full toe splay possible. The clever decision to add the separate inner lining puts this one over the top for comfort, breathability, support, and responsiveness. Although it is a little pricey, the dual density midsole system alone makes purchasing a pair appealing. Another beauty of this shoe to consider is the design technology which captures a front feel for running and a heel feel for squats and weightlifting. Reebok has even added a thicker insole for more comfort. There might be some disagreement along the lines of fashion appeal, but what it lacks in style, it definitely makes up in performance. If you are looking for a CrossFit shoe from a reputable brand, which offers which offers top-notch design technology for your next Metcon, you might just want to consider the Nano 8.0 as a worthy ally.