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Reebok Fast Flexweave Review Facts

Since the 1980’s Reebok’s primary goals have been to provide added speed, and performance with a touch of fashion. They have once again achieved that goal with the Reebok Fast Flexweave. This lightweight shoe delivers performance with a bang. New technologies used in the outsole, midsole, and upper makes it a genuine multipurpose shoe which the flexibility, traction, and durability needed for a tough workout. If you are looking for a reliable stylish shoe which can help amp up your next 5K or gym workout then the Reebok Fast Flexweave might be a good fit.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • True to size
  • Low cut construction
  • Lightweight construction
  • Variety of styles available
  • Durable and multipurpose use
  • Can be expensive
  • Less cushioning
  • Not suitable for long distances


You will find that the outsole is very durable, yet flexible. It is engineered with a carbon rubber which is considerably stronger than regular rubber. A series of traction pads and masterfully positioned grooves provide the traction, grip, and flexibility expected from a running shoe. Additionally, the special grooves also help you to move easily in all directions for activities such as combative workouts. Another added perk is the carbon rubber rim located beneath the toes and heel which ensure you don’t lose your footing. The outsole is also constructed to be close to the ground for improved responsiveness. Although the outsole may not be conducive to longer runs, it will surely help with having a faster run.


Reebok is creating some excitement in the athletic world with its new 3-D foam midsole. Fast Flexweave uses an innovative foot mapping system which delivers responsive targeted cushioning. Some feel the 3-D foam does not offer as much cushioning as high-performance running shoes. This may be because this shoe is designed for running distances up probably a 5K or casual daily runs. The Reebok Fast Flexweave also shines in gyms and any cardiovascular type workout.


There are many cool dynamics going on with the new upper. First, there is a slight difference between the women and men’s designs. The men have a lower cut design, while the women have more of a bootie fit to provide more support. Both are very stylish and provide the same benefits where needed the most. Flexweave engineering is integrated into the design to provide flexibility, stability, breathability, and a supportive structure. The Flexweave also allows the shoe to mold around the foot during a workout. Reebok uses traditional adjustable lacing for added support. Extra cushioning provided by the tongue and around the collar provides a comfortable snug fit.


On average, the women’s version weighs in at 7.2 ounces, while the men’s style weighs in a little heavier at 8.5 ounces. While these are a tad bit heavier than some of the newer running shoes they are still considerably light. Keep in mind that this is not a shoe designed specifically for long-distance running, like some of the other high-performance running shoes. It is a multi-purpose shoe that is designed to excel in the gym, on short runs, during some CrossFit workouts, and during any other cardiovascular workout. Reebok has constructed a shoe whose weight can withstand these types of agility and endurance movements. This is mostly due to the lightweight materials used to construct the upper, outsole, and midsole. You will enjoy how light and faster you will feel in these due to these properties.


The Reebok Fast Flexweave excels when it comes to breathability. It is designed specifically to promote a constant flow of air for the feet. This is mainly due to the advanced Flexweave technology in the upper which facilitates breathability and a comfortable fit. Reebok incorporates the figure eight weaving pattern with many fibers to create a one piece mesh which promotes airflow and keep the feet from overheating. This means a comfortable fit in various environments. Most athletes can be grateful for this attribute, especially during a grueling workout.


Reebok incorporated several features to ensure a comfortable fit. The Flexweave in the upper contributes to a snug and breathable fit. There were no complaints found regarding the feet sliding around in the shoe. These aerobic shoes are designed to keep moisture away from the feet to reduce or eliminate sweaty feet and associated odors. Advanced cushioning devices are strategically placed to promote the right amount of compression and shock absorbency for extended wear. Additionally, this shoe won’t leave you weighted down. The low cut style, especially in the men’s version, affords less movement restriction for quicker transitions. Also, it is true to size and the toe box provides ample room for toe splay during workouts. For some, however, the shoe may be on the narrow side. Adjustable lacing can also assist in giving you a secure and comfortable fit.


You may notice that Reebok uses a low cut for the men’s version and a bootie style for the women. Both styles not only cater to unique needs but are very fashionable and versatile. The upper definitely possess a certain fashion appeal. This shoe can easily double up as an everyday shoe to compliment any pair of jeans. It does come in a variety of styles and colors which gives it endless styling potential. Reebok definitely incorporated fashion flare elements to enhance the Fast Flexweave’s appeal.


At first glance, you may think this is a flimsy shoe due to its light weight. However, they are not only stylish and comfortable but quite durable. One of the many advantages to the figure eight pattern used with the Flexweave is that it creates a very strong unified network across the foot. Reebok also opted to use a stronger rubber compound instead of the brown rubber for the outsole. This means you will not see this shoe breaking down during even your fiercest runs.


Reebok designed the Fast Flexweave with ample protection built into its construction. The low cut aids by giving you more rotational freedom to avoid injuries. Systematically integrated Flexweave envelope your feet securely and move dynamically with your natural foot movements. The Carbon rubber sole ensures you have enough grip and flexibility to move effortlessly across several planes during your workout. Reebok also used an adaptive cushioning technology in the midsole which will protect and support your feet when and where your demands it. You will immediately notice the cushiony tongue which protects your skin and prevents rubbing and blistering. There is also the lacing system which locks your feet in securely leaving you able to focus on your box jumps and sprints.


Reebok was very intentional in the way the Flexweave was incorporated into the upper to provide more support. Part of the support system is the weaving pattern which provides a strong, but flexible network. The Flexweave also provides a snug fit which keeps the feet in place. Although the support may not be enough around the ankles or the bottom of the shoe for long-distance running or weightlifting, most say there is more than enough support for 5k’s, CrossFit, and even Burpees. The women’s style has a higher collar and more heel support integrated for even more ankle and heel protection. You will also notice that the traditional lacing adds extra support during your workouts.


The Reebok Fast Flexweave is built to give you a degree of variety in the environments you can experience. A flat outsole and tiny traction pods do set forth limitations, however. Because of the absence of deep grooves, it really isn’t a good idea to try and conquer unstable surfaces while wearing them. On the flip side, however, Reebok’s Fast Flexweave is exceptionally made for flat roads, paved trails, track and field surfaces, gyms, and lightly graveled road.


You can expect to pay close to the suggested retail price shown on Reebok’s site. However, there are several retailers who are offering a slightly reduced price to help you save a few bucks. The Fast Flexweave offers a lightweight shoe which offers high performance in many environments. Added benefits include durability and enough flex to meet your workout needs. Also, it’s a hardy, good looking shoe which will cater to multiple workouts and extended wear. If you love working out in the gym or short distance running, you may find this to be a worthy investment.


The carbon rubber used in the outsole aids in bumping up traction during a workout. Reebok strategically positioned this material within the tread structure so that you will have increased traction in the most critical areas. You will notice more traction under the heel and toes due to this special carbon rim engineered into these areas. Also, no complaints were found of consumers losing traction on wet or smooth surfaces during their workouts. Reebok certainly put a lot of effort into incorporating traction features so you wouldn’t have to worry about losing your footing during your next 5k.


One reason why Reebok Fast Flexweave is celebrated is due to its incredible flexibility. Not only does the outer mesh aid in this accomplishment, but the figure eight interwoven pattern of the Flexweave help tremendously to create a pliable network. There are also unique grooves on the outsole which are purposefully placed to increase flexibility. Those of you who do workouts that require quick footwork will appreciate the flexibility and unrestricted rotational motion provided.


Flexweave used in the midsole to support stability. Reebok uses much targeted cushioning which not only promotes comfort but a system which supports the diverse body mechanics and motions involved in running. The design also offers great arch support, especially for athletes with medium or high arches. Another feature which adds stability is the adjustable lacing system, which Reebok decided to leave traditional for added support during workouts.


The drop depends on which version you purchase. The guys’ style has a drop of 6mm, while the ladies have a drop of 4mm. While this does mean less cushioning, it does not mean less comfort. Reebok has added other features to compensate for the less padding. These heel to toe drops support the foot’s natural movement and help with weight distribution across the foot. A 4mm drop actually gives you more control, but it does make longer runs less comfortable and efficient. Both drops do add to the overall stability of the shoe.

Key Features

● Flexweave engineering in upper for flexibility,
● Extremely breathable
● Carbon rubber soles
● Low cut design for increased mobility
● 3-D foam midsole for more cushioning
● Specialized mapping for targeted cushioning
● Traditional lacing system for more support


This may very well be the go-to shoe for multipurpose workouts. While the Reebok Fast Flexweave is not ideal for long-distance running, it does give you the support, flexibility, and comfort needed to participate in a multitude of other workouts. You will love how it moves in unison with your natural foot movements and surrounds your feet comfortably like a glove. Overall, the technology employed gives you a shoe which caters to your unique gait, body type, rotational needs, and compression needs. Although it is on the pricey side, it is durable, a good fit for gym workouts can handle multiple terrains, and comfortable enough to wear every day. If you need a long distance shoe, then you might want to look elsewhere. However, if you are wanting to do sprints, maybe some CrossFit, quick movement workouts, or aerobic routines, then it might benefit you to check these out.