Reebok Duty Rapid Response Review

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The Reebok Rapid Response combat boots are a great choice for those who are looking for a decent pair of work boots with a reasonable price tag. They are going to offer you the support and stability that you need to keep your protected while you are on the go, but they will also give the freedom to move thanks to the great flexibility on the uppers and soft outsole. You can go almost anywhere with these boot without having to worry about if you will be able to stay on your feet.

The outsole is designed to ensure you can keep quite a grip on a plethora of surfaces. From rain to snow, to mud, to gravel, you are going to be able to safely move around without the fear of falling. These boots do not come without their pitfalls, however. They are not always the most comfortable, some reviewers mentioned that it might be beneficial to purchase an additional insole to give you a little better arch support and underfoot cushioning to keep your feet happy. Additionally, these have the tendency to suffer from some premature wear and tear, mostly the seems on the backs of the boots will slice open, making them unwearable after only a short time. These seem to be a pair of work boots that customers either love or hate.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Supportive and stable
  • 100% non-metallic
  • Good shock absorption
  • Electrical hazard safe
  • Flexible feeling
  • Amazing traction
  • Suffers durability problems
  • Not the most comfortable


The Reebok Rapid Response 8" tactical stealth boots have an outsole that is made out of dual-density Mountain Trail rubber to ensure you get amazing traction on almost any terrain without the fear of them wearing down too quickly. The soft and grippy rubber compound that makes up the sole, combined with the deep grooves on the bottom ensure that you will stay on your feet almost anywhere you are. Whether you are hiking in the woods, stomping down a muddy trail, walking on a gravel road, trekking through the snow, or strolling through the rain, these winter boots are going to help you stay on your feet. You will not have to worry about where you are walking when you are wearing these, they will help prevent your feet from slipping out from underneath you which can cause you to fall and injure yourself.


The Reebok Rapid Response tactical boots have an EVA foam midsole that is designed to give you good comfort and support all day long. In addition to the EVA foam, the boots also feature an F2A PU cushioned insole. This additional insert is going to give you, even more, cushioning under your feet which some customers can appreciate. Some people are not completely satisfied with the underfoot comfort level of these boots right out of the box so they will opt into purchasing an additional insole to give them the right kind of comfort. It is not a necessary purchase, but some reviewers mention it is recommended.

These boots are also going to offer you a decent amount of shock absorption thanks to the underfoot padding. When your feet strike the ground with each step you take, some of that impact is going to be soaked up by the cushioning, relieving some of the stress from your joints which can help prevent joint pain or discomfort.


The uppers of the Reebok Rapid Response boots are made out of suede leather and ballistic nylon to give you some flexibility and comfort while wearing these boots. They have an extra-wide soft toe, so if you are looking for a pair of steel toe boots then these are not the best option for you. They are completely non-metallic so you will not have to worry about your feet setting off any alarms when heading through security, they are completely airport friendly.

The uppers come with a zipper on the side with a hook-and-loop (velcro) strap so you get them on and off easily. They do have a lace-up design so you can tighten them when needed to ensure you get a snug and secure fit. You will get the experience of a padded tongue and collar to give you a little extra comfort while you are wearing them.

Additionally, there is a nylon mesh liner inside the boots the help ensure you get a well ventilated and breathable experience. You will be able to get an adequate amount of air flow into your boots to help keep your feet cool and dry while you are walking around in them.


Some customers have voiced some concerns when it comes to the Reebok Rapid Response rugged work boots. The first thing to note is that most customers who have purchased these boots thought that they were extremely durable and stated that they think they got their monies worth out of them. Some of them even opting to purchase a second pair. One thing that almost all customers can agree on, however, is that the zipper is amazing, it is built tough and will not break or get stuck very easily.

That being said, there are always those who have had negative experiences and have had their boots suffer from premature wear and tear. Unfortunately, there were more than just a handful of complaints so it is important to note that there are some problem areas with them. The outsole, even through great for traction, is made out of a soft rubber which can wear down quicker than you might like, which can be kind of frustrating when you are spending your money on a product that you expect to last. One of the biggest complaints about them, though, is that the sole will start to pull away from the boots and the stitching on the side with start to come undone. Some users only got a couple months worth of wear out of these boots before they had to be replaced.


When it comes to purchasing a pair of work boots it is essential that you are going to get something that will fit you properly. Not only will you be extremely uncomfortable if you are wearing a pair of ill-fitting work boots, but you will not get the support and stability that you would need from them. You should ensure that your feet are going to fit snuggly in the boots. Some customers stated that they run just a little bit too big, about a half size, so that is something you might want to note when purchasing them. If you are unsure about what size you will require you can always consult the sizing chart.

Customers love the wide toe box that gives them a little extra wiggle room while they are wearing them. It is nice to be able to wiggle your toes without having to worry about your whole foot wiggling and sliding around. Overall, customers are generally happy with how they fit and feel on their feet, assuming that have purchased the correct size.


When purchasing your work boots it is essential that you get something that will give you the support you need to keep you safe while on the work site. The Reebok Rapid Response tactical boots are going to offer you an exceptional amount of support. First, the 8" high boot is going to come up and over your ankles to give you the ankle support you are going to need for a long hard day of work. The lacing system also helps provide a little more. Even though the boots have a zipper on the side for an easier experience taking them on and off, you can and should still use the laces to make sure they are tight and secure. You do not want a lot of wiggle room inside of your boots, you want to make sure you are locked in. When it comes to arch support, there is a little offered but not a whole lot. Some customers prefer adding a separate insole to help give them the personized arch support that they require.


When it comes to boots like these you are going to expect them to have a decent amount of weight on them. They are designed to give you a lot of support and protection on the work site and that is going to mean a lot more features that will weigh down your boots. It might not be the most comfortable thing to have all the additional weight on your feet, but it is a necessary evil. The Reebok Rapid Response work boots weigh in at 1 pound and 11 ounces, for one boot. This weight was measured using size 12 D so please keep in mind that the weight is going to be different based on the size you are planning on purchasing. Even though they have a little heft to them, some customers commented that they felt light on their feet which is always appreciate.


Most customers seem to like the look and style of the Reebok Rapid Response stealth tactical work boots. They have a very basic Military design, there is nothing flashy or over the top about them. They only come in three colors, black, desert tan, or coyote brown, so you can choose the pair that works best for you. Interestingly, the coyote brown pair is authorized to be worn with the OCP (Operational Camouflage Pattern) uniform, they are AFI 36-2903 compliant. Please keep in mind that this is only the coyote brown color and not the other ones.

The simple design features a lace-up closure to give you great support, but also a zipper on the side to allow you easy access. You can quickly and easily put your boots on and take them back off without having to mess with the laces every time. They are electrical hazard safe and designed with no metals at all which is nice.


When you are wearing a pair of work boots you will want to make sure that your feet are locked into place and that they fit snuggly, otherwise you will not get the support you need. That being said, you also want to make sure your movements are not restricted and you have some freedom to move your feet freely and naturally. The beauty of the Reebok Rapid Response boots is that it gives you a great balance of support and flex. The soft rubber outsole helps ensure that you when you are walking or running in the boots you will be able to move freely. Additionally, the soft suede uppers, even though they support your ankles, will allow you to move around unhindered.


Customers have mixed reviews when it comes to the comfort level of these boots. The majority of customers love the comfort they receive from wearing the Reebok Rapid Response work boots. Most of it has to do with the EVA foam midsole with additional cushioning in the insole, giving them a relatively pleasant underfoot experience. As mentioned above some customers recommend getting an additional insert to help increase the comfort level. The construction of the uppers is also a big proponent in the comfort of your feet. They are made out of soft and flexible suede so you can move around without feeling too restricted, the snug fit helps keep you locked in and secure without feeling restricted.

There are a few reviewers who were not completely satisfied with how they felt on their feet. One stated that the tongue of the boot was sewn awkwardly and would rub on his foot and ankle, causing blisters and sores. Others stated that they are extremely uncomfortable right out of the box and can require a significant amount of time to get them broken in before they will be acceptable all day footwear.

Bottom Line

Customers want to just love the Reebok Rapid Response work boots, and a lot of them do. There are those, however, that just cannot get behind them. They have some amazing features, such as the amount of support and stability they offer, the great flexibility, and the phenomenal traction. Those are all amazing features, but they do no good when the shoes will most likely not last long enough to make them worth it. Some customers experience premature wear and tear, either the sole breaking off from the rest of the shoe, or the seams splitting. There are some customers who have not had these problems and absolutely love them. It just appears to be a gamble.