Salomon XA Pro 3D

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Salomon XA Pro 3D Review Facts

When it comes to trail running shoes the Salomon XA Pro 3D goes above and beyond by filling all of their basic needs and then some. The shoe features an extra thick sole unit, which, when used on the trails that it is designed for doesn’t take away from anything. The shoe, being designed for trails, also features several technologies that allow it to perform with a high level of efficiency while in use.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Upper provides a snug fit to the wearer
  • Has an amazing level of traction
  • Guards placed throughout
  • Protective measures on the toe unit
  • Liner that reduces odors
  • Heel doesn’t provide enough shock absorption
  • Not much support in the ankle
  • Has a bit of weight to it
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  • These feel glove like for fit, the midsole is very comfortable and no hotspot issues, I do have wide feet but these do not fit to feel constrictive at all, I run hills and traction is very grippy even in mud, I was concerned that the Goretex would overheat my feet while running but no problems with this at all. The hills here have all types of surfaces and these shoe are proving to be comfortable and durable.
  • Put these through a lot of trails during the year, in all seasons these have held up and given very good performance, love how waterproof these are without the feet getting too hot, the traction has worked great for me in all weathers, a nice trail shoe which was worth getting, I call these my good investment.
  • I wore these for 4 weeks in Thailand, hiking everywhere, heavy rains, blistering hot weather, so many different surfaces, not a single blister or problem, the soles are very tough and thick, the cushion amounts to near perfect comfort, the lace system is smart and lots of protection for my toes
  • Yes, I love these, they are fantastic for trails and hiking, I have read some reviews where runners complained about the break in time for these. My advice is be patient, put in the time because you will end up with a fantastic performing shoe.
  • Trails can change surface conditions while I’m running and these can easily deal with the changes, the performance is outstanding, the comfort level is outstanding and protection from the wet really great, took awhile to break in these but it was worthwhile.
  • I hike in rocky places so I need the grip that I get from these, wet or dry rocks, these grip and hold, the support for my feet feels absolutely great, for rocks I need durability and these give it, I worried that the goretex might cut down on breathability but no problems, my feet stay cool enough. The sole of these reminds me of tractor wheels, capable of taking on any type of surface, seriously recommend these highly.
  • I put these through nine months of very tough running and hiking, recently they have started to show signs of wear but this is fine because I really do take shoes to the limit. If you want full support, top standard performance and comfort, I suggest you get these.
  • In six months of regular running and some hiking, the only thing I have had to do is to change the laces, these shoes amaze me, they are a bit heavy but I think that because they are built for durability and support.
  • I travel a lot and work overseas in different locations, I still run regularly and I constantly hit new environments and weather conditions, six months with these and they work everywhere, a super shoe for running.
  • Love these for long hikes, nice support from the shoe arch area, lots of stability, amazing grip ability and having been caught out in heavy rain and mud I can confirm they are very waterproof. I have completed 550 miles and they are holding together.
  • When hitting puddles both deep and shallow these do a good job at keeping most of the water out, when some gets in the shoes will dry out fast, if you go into water above the shoe top it’s going to get in these. Cushioing in these feels comfortably and gives very good support, the shoe will grip all surfaces and that's what I love about these.
  • Perhaps not for everyone but for me the arch is too high in these, I can use it ok for hiking even with the arch problem but I won’t push it and try trail running in these. Waterproofing is good, the shoes are goretex so breathability is somewhat less but in exchange for the shoe performance, its a good deal.
  • I was called out to work, I work in a reserve, on my feet for ten hours and the shoes let me down, my feet were incredibly sore after wearing these for a prolonged time. This could be difficult for long distance hiking.
  • I failed at breaking in these, I tried for 4 days but these just make my feet very uncomfortable, not saying this is about the shoe design but perhaps my feet are just not right for these.
  • I find these are comfortable if I move quick and constantly, when slowing down they become clunky and hard, the comfort level dips when not actively moving quickly. As far as waterproof, these are amazing, they do keep my feet dry even in very watery conditions.
  • Really impressed by the waterproof level of these but after 3 months the tread is coming apart on the right shoe only, considering they are a hiking and trail shoe, I expected better durability.
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The outsole of the Salomon XA Pro 3D was designed with a level of thickness that makes it appropriate for use on trails. The shoe features an outsole designed from Contagrip rubber, which allows the shoe to achieve a high level of grip while in use. To aid the shoe with this function, Salomon gave the outsole unit of the shoe various lugs which added a higher level of grip to the shoe. On top of these things, the thickness of the outsole unit prevents seepage, allowing the shoe to be worn in both wet and dry conditions.


The midsole of the Salomon XA Pro 3D is made from full-length EVA foam. This feature of the shoe allows it to provide the wearer with ample cushioning during use. The cushioning used in this portion of the shoe is also relatively dense, adding to the responsive nature of the material. On top of this, the material is also able to achieve a high level of flexibility. This is done despite the dense, thick cut of it, honestly making it amazing. The midsole of the shoe also features a rock plate that is there to serve as protection for the wearer’s foot. All in all, the design and cut of the sole unit, allows for both a decent level of flexibility and durability while in use.


The upper of the Salomon XA Pro 3D is cut in such a way as to promote the shoes overall breathability. The upper is designed from a blend of both leather and mesh. This allows the shoe to retain a high level of durability without adding much in the way of weight to this portion of the shoe. On top of this, the shoe is fitted with Salomon Sensifit technology which enables the shoe to provide a snug fit to the wearer while in use. Due to the shoe’s heavy duty nature, Salomon saw that it was fit to add an Ortholite sock liner to the upper. This allows the shoe to retain a decent level of airflow and prevents the wearer’s feet from getting overly sweaty while in use.


In terms of weight, the heavy duty design of the shoe and the material used throughout add a decent amount of weight to the shoe. The shoe features a thick overall outsole made from hardened rubber. The hardened rubber material, while it’s durable and gives the shoe a decent amount of durability, is on the heavier side. The hardened rubber material of the outsole of the shoe coupled with the upper and the various coverings explains why the shoe weighs in at 14.5 ounces. That being said, the design of the shoe aids in the overall feel while running, making the weight almost unnoticeable.


In terms of breathability, the upper of the shoe is designed from a lightweight mesh material. The mesh that makes up the upper of the shoe is designed in such a way as to provide maximum air circulation in the shoe while running. This counteracts the effect that the weight of the shoe has on the body while running. The upper of the shoe, being porous, allows the shoe to protect the wearer’s feet from various weather conditions, meaning that the material allows the shoe to protect the wearer’s foot from the feeling of weather in both of the extremes. Also, the upper of the shoe is relatively quick-drying allowing it to be worn in the more humid areas without the wearer worrying about the material being excessively damp.


The Salomon XA Pro 3D is designed with the wearer’s comfort in mind. The shoe features Salomon’s sensi-fit technology on the upper of the shoe allowing the shoe to provide a snug overall fit to the wearer. The sole unit of the shoe is designed in such a way as to provide the wearer with a decent amount of cushioning and support during use, which enables the shoe to prevent uncomfortable positioning of the foot. The upper of the shoe also does an amazing job of conforming to the shape of the wearer’s foot allowing for a high level of comfort.


One thing about the cut of this shoe is that it isn’t the most versatile or aesthetically pleasing. The heavy-duty design of the shoe prevents it from being worn casually, which is something that most wouldn’t consider in the buying decision mainly because of the functionality of the shoe. The shoe does come in a variety of colorways which does give it a decent amount of versatility in a certain respect. The lacing of the shoe and their effortless functionality gives the shoe a sort of up-to-date look and adds to the shoe’s aesthetic appeal.


The Salomon XA Pro 3D was designed to be both heavy-duty and extremely durable. The shoe, having been designed to be worn on rough trail terrains, was fitted with a thick rubber outsole. The rubber lugs that are featured on the shoe’s outsole have been upgraded in this respect and now have a much longer lifespan than on previous models of the shoe. The upper of the shoe has been given a decent number of coverings which protect the material of the upper of the shoe. With that in mind, the mesh make of the upper of the shoe is also of a decent make which allow it to keep up with the sole unit of the shoe in terms of lifespan.


The upper of the Salomon XA Pro 3D is designed in such a way as to promote protection for the wearer’s foot. The shoe features protective coverings on both the heel of the shoe and in the toe region. On top of these areas, the shoe has also been given a few plastic coverings on the side of the shoe to aid in the level of security that the shoe gives to the wearer. These features allow the shoe to give the wearer a decent level of security and protection while the shoe is being worn. The thick sole unit of the shoe provides a protective layer between the rough terrain and the bottom of the wearer’s foot.


The fit of the Salomon XA Pro 3D allows for a decent level of responsiveness to be given to the wearer while the shoe is being worn. The shoe features a mesh upper with Saloma’s lacing technology. The make of the upper along with the fit provided by the lacing of the shoe allows it to quickly react to the movements of the wearer’s foot. Despite the shoe’s bulky design this affect is achieved quite easily. The sole unit, despite being a thick layer, allows for a decent range of motion; when considered along with the lugs on the outsole, the sole unit allows the shoe to give a seamless ride to the wearer.


The upper and sole unit of the Salomon XA Pro 3D does a decent job of providing the wearer with support in various areas of the shoe. The upper and the multiple coverings placed throughout is relatively sturdy and provides a decent amount of support for the heel and sides of the foot. The heel of the shoe has been given an ample amount of cushioning further improving the support provided.


Salomon decided to make the XA Pro 3D more affordable, which is great. The materials and technologies used throughout the design of the shoe signal the value that is present throughout. Also, when comparing the shoes' overall durability and gripping abilities to their leading competitors and the prices that are charged for them, this shoe just can’t help but stand out. Overall, the features of the shoe and the effort that was placed into its overall design makes the Salomon XA Pro 3D a winner in terms of budget-friendly running shoes.


The outsole of the Salomon XA Pro 3D promotes grip primarily because of the design that was used for it. The shoe features a hardened rubber outsole fitted with rubber lugs which allows the shoe to effortlessly provide a decent footing for the wearer while in use. The lugs themselves are the main reason for the high traction of the shoe; designed from hardened rubber the material aids the shoe on the rural trail surfaces that they are primarily worn. They dig into the surface and find places outside of the initial sole unit’s reach.


The mesh upper of the shoe, despite being relatively bulky, is actually quite flexible. The cut of the mesh on the upper of the Salomon XA Pro 3D is thick enough to prevent extensive damage to be done the wearer’s foot but is also quite malleable in its ability to conform to the wearer’s foot. This enables the shoe to flex quite easily during use and give the wearer a somewhat natural feeling overall. The sole unit, despite its thickness, also functions in this way and bends to the movements of the wearer’s foot while maintaining its rigidity.


The upper and sole unit of the Salomon XA Pro 3D allows for an amazing level of comfort and security to be felt by the wearer of the shoe. The upper of the shoe features protective coverings which secure the wearer’s foot and also aid the upper in achieving this effect. The shoe features quick lacing which aids in the snugness of the shoe, providing security to the wearer. The base of the sole unit of the shoe is also relatively wide, giving the wearer a decent amount of security during use.


The Salomon XA Pro 3D features a drop of about 10mm. For a shoe of its caliber, this is relatively normal and does nothing to hinder the ride of the shoe overall. The heel-to-toe ratio of the shoe is caused by the thick sole unit; the heel portion is slightly more elevated because of the extra cushioning that was placed in it.

Key features

• Quick Lacing
• Endo-fit sock liner
• Mud guards
• Sensifit technology


Overall the design of the Salomon XA Pro 3D is one that promotes both comfort and durability. The materials used throughout the design of the shoe allow it hold up relatively well during extended periods of time. The technologies that Salomon has placed throughout the upper of the shoe allows it to provide a decent level of functionality to the wearer during use. Overall, the design is one that is somewhat above standard, great job Salomon.