Salomon ADV Skin 12 Review

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If you’re in search of a practical and lightweight pack to wear while you run then you’ll love the Salomon ADV Skin 12! This pack offers a unique open-concept style that gives you more freedom to move the way that you choose to and won’t make you feel restricted in any way. It's compatible with most 1.5 L hydration bladders and offers two convenient front storage pockets for easy access to all of your belongings.

Endurance runners can't get enough of the ease-of-use and freedom of movement that the Salomon ADV Skin 12 provides which is why it's one of the top-rated among trail runners far and wide.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Airy Mesh Fabric
  • Dual Sternum Straps
  • S/M/L Sizes
  • Unisex
  • Hydration Compartment
  • Pricey 


Staying well hydrated is a must when you’re exercising which is why caring a solid hydration pack is a must. The Solomon ADV Skin 12 offers excellent hydration options thanks to its built-in bladder hanging system and compatibility with any 1.5 L reservoir.

Wearing a hydration pack enables you to drink hands-free thanks to its convenient design. The concept works by allowing you to store the reservoir full of liquid inside the pack. The reservoir has a tube that reaches outside the bag and to your mouth. You’re usually able to clip the tube down along the way so it won’t be in your way while you run. There will also be a magnetic bite valve to drink from which lets you sip while you’re on the move so you won’t even have to stop in order to stay well hydrated.

Hydration packs are known to promote better hydration while you exercise because they’re easy to operate. Sometimes people won’t want to stop just to take a drink, but this way they won’t have to. This enables you to stay well hydrated much easier which in turn will help to keep you healthier because hydration is one of the key elements to staying happy and healthy.


Safety should always be your first concern! Whether you’re hiking, backpacking, camping, or even cycling you never know what kind of situation you might find yourself in. In case you ever end up in a dangerous position you always want to have a few vital items with you that could help to keep you safer while you’re being faced with a tricky situation.

Most people often forget or overlook safety items when they’re packing for an outing which is why the Salomon ADV Skin 12 is such a great choice! It includes a safety blanket, whistle, and reflective material that will help to keep you out of danger should you be faced with an unexpected emergency.

You can never be too safe which is why choosing a pack like this one is such a smart choice because it will help you to pack the most important kinds of items for your next outing.


This pack is made from an excellent combination of materials that promote a healthier and happier feeling every time you wear it. One of the best things about this one's fabric is that it is fast-wicking which means that it will wick any excess moisture away from your skin.

Moisture control is crucial if you want to stay dry and comfortable while you travel and is also the most important aspect of controlling odors. You see, odors thrive in moist environments like sweaty clothing or backpacks and by keeping them drier you’ll be helping yourself to stay as fresh as possible while you exercise.

An airy 3D mesh material helps to control temperature and keep you nice and cool by allowing adequate airflow next to your body. Proper breathability is one of the only things that will help to keep you cooler while you’re on the go which in turn, will also help to prevent excessive sweating and odors.

A great feature with this pack is that it’s made from PVC-free materials which are healthier for you and the environment around you too! PVC is a harmful chemical that’s often found in plastic products and is known to cause cognitive and developmental issues.


This pack has everything you could need and more when it comes to storage. It offers an external compartment that is insulated and is ideal for holding your hydration pack. It is best suited a 1.5 L reservoir and it’s amazing how well it helps to keep your liquid cool or warm. A nice sized rear compartment has an internal zippered pocket that is a great place for storing valuables or equipment as it will keep your things nice and secure while you’re on the move.

If that’s not enough for you then you’ll love the front, side, and chest pockets that offer a stretch zip closure for secure storage and easier access. There’s nothing more irritating than having to struggle with opening up your pack which is why this option is so popular with runners because it is super easy to use.

The neat thing about this one is that it comes with two front stretch pockets that can hold included 500 ml soft flask bottles. This is ideal for anyone who prefers a bottle over the hydration reservoir because you could always use the insulated bladder compartment for storing your snacks because it will keep them nice and cool for longer.


Don't you just hate a pack that has uncomfortable straps?! Well, you won’t have to worry about that with the Salomon ADV Skin 12 because it has the ideal kind for keeping you secure and comfortable. It’s designed with two elasticized sternum straps that are adjustable for the most enjoyable wear.

These thoughtful straps offer the kind of fit that athletes dream about because they’re able to provide the perfect feel without creating any uncomfortable pressure points along your body. Spots of continuous pressure can lead to tender skin and sore muscles, or even worse, painful blisters. This is why it’s so important that the straps be properly designed to help prevent this kind of irritation.


This pack comes in three sizes which make it that much easier to find the perfect fit. You can choose from three options XS/S, M/L, or XL. The XS/S runs 86-97cm, while the M/L runs 97-107cm. The XL is suitable for anyone 107cm and over. These three options are great to have because most packs only come in one size with adjustable straps. But, even still, they might not fit everyone that well. These packs still have the adjustable straps just with a more appropriate overall size to your bodies structure too.


No one wants to wear a heavy pack while they’re exercising which is why the Salomon ADV Skin 12 is a perfect choice! It’s nice and lightweight so you won’t feel bogged down while you’re on the move and won’t see any negative effects when it comes to your overall speeds. If your pack is too heavy it will slow you down and make you tire easily because of the added strain on your muscles and joints with every step that you take.

Luckily, this option weighs just 14.6oz which is considerably lighter than others on the market. This means that you’ll be able to run faster and feel less restrained while you train.


The Salomon Group is a sports equipment brand that originates in France. Since its founding in 1974 by Francois Salomon, this label has reached new heights. It started out selling saw blades which soon turned into steel edges for skis and progressed from there. Nowadays, this line has its hand in just about everything relating to outdoor athletics. With retail locations in over 40 countries, they’re showing no signs of slowing and continue to create innovative technologies that help to better our performance every time we wear them.


This item was made to offer unisex wearability which has its good and bad aspects. Unisex items are often made a little on the large side, probably because they're geared more towards men than women. This isn't necessarily true of this pack, because, even though it does fit a little large there are three sizes to choose from. This makes it much easier to find the perfect option to suit your size which means that you can take advantage of its unisex design because the whole family will be able to wear this vest with ease.


One of the downsides to this pack is that it's fairly expensive. When compared to other similar options this one comes in quite high on the cost side and really doesn’t offer anything special over the rest. The hydration bladder is sold separately which puts the price up, even more, considering that some options already come complete with these. Though if you’re looking for a reasonably priced reservoir have a look at the Platypus Big Zip Evo, Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir, and the Gregory 3D Hydro, they all offer some pretty great features for an affordable price point.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Salomon ADV Skin 12 is an interesting style of running gear that delivers quite nicely on its promise of lightweight wearability. Whether you’re running, hiking, backpacking, or even camping this handy vest-like pack will help you to perform your best. It is perfect for keeping hydrated while you’re on the move and lets you choose between a hydration reservoir or its included water bottles for quick sips while you exercise.

The nice thing about this running gear is that it helps to keep you safer thanks to its included personal safety equipment and reflective material. It comes with a safety blanket and whistle too which just might come in handy if you find yourself in a sticky situation.

The Salomon ADV Skin 12 is made from a breathable blend of materials that wick excess sweat and moisture away from the skin. This helps to prevent a build-up of odor-causing bacteria so you will always feel fresh and dry while you’re on the go.

If you’re all about compartments then this is a great choice for you! It offers nine compartments of various sizes that will meet all of your storing needs and more! The straps are adjustable for a better fit and two innovative elastic sternum straps guarantee that your straps won’t end up sliding off your shoulders.

I really loved the fact that there are three sizes to choose from which helps to make this unisex option fit that much better! Its near weightless feel is perfect for athletic occasions and won’t slow you down or make you feel more strain than you already do.

Salomon is a trusted brand in outdoor and athletic equipment and with good reason! It has proven to be a line that continuously produces high-quality gear that will genuinely help to improve your experience while you’re outdoors and engaged in physical activities.