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Cyclists need a certain kind of pack to meet their demands. Not just any old style will do which is why experienced and novice riders alike turn to the Deuter Race X 12. This pack offers everything you could need and more! It’s jam-packed with performance-enhancing features and has an aerodynamic design that’s perfect for reaching top speeds.

If you’re looking for a secure fit and smooth wear then you’ll love the Deuter Race X 12! It was made specifically to cater to the needs of bikers and delivers beautifully on its promise of a lightweight and airy feel. This pack comes highly rated among the cycling community and it certainly deserves the notoriety. But, don’t think you can’t use it if you don’t ride a bike! This is a versatile option that would serve well for camping, hiking, and backpacking too.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Sternum Strap
  • Rain Cover
  • Valuables Pocket
  • Hydration Sleeve
  • Safety Light Loop
  • One Size Only


The Deuter Race X 12 offers a stable fit that won’t feel loose while you ride. It comes with a sternum strap that connects the two shoulders which makes it so your pack won’t shift even when you’re moving from side to side. Instead, it holds tight to your body resulting in a streamlined effect that helps to increase speeds and lessens the overall weight because it’s dispersed better.

Harness-style straps are more secure than your traditional two strap design. With the added sternum connector it holds those straps perfectly in place and keeps them from potentially sliding off your arm. This is a must for riders who intend on reaching top speeds while maintaining their own personal safety.

Airstripes System

This innovative design feature helps to make the Deuter Race X 12 a perfect choice for cyclists. It consists of two air-channeled foam profiles which sit under an airy mesh lining. The result is less surface which connects with your body. This promotes better circulation and airflow for cool and comfortable wear. That’s not to say that this pack doesn’t hug close to your body because it does! It simply has less surface material to actually touch. This helps to prevent overheating and excessive sweating which could result in body odor and certainly make any ride an uncomfortable one.

This pack is designed in a way that keeps the load closer to your body. This is perfect for creating better balance because if your pack shifts around it can throw you off and could even put you at a greater risk of being hurt.

Rain Cover

Another great feature that this pack has to offer is its removable rain cover. This makes riding year round that much easier because it protects your gear despite wetter weather conditions. Every rider knows that when it rains you get that backsplash that can hit your pack but this neat little aspect completely protects your stuff while you ride. It’s made with a special pocket for handy storage and has perfectly placed strap holes so you won’t be hindered in any way.


No one wants to wear a pack that has barely any pockets! It can make it tough to keep your valuables safe and even tougher to stay organized while you’re on the go. Luckily the Deuter Race X 12 was made with a pocket specifically designed to store all of your valuables like your wallet, keys, cash, or credit cards. It has a zip closure to ensure that nothing accidentally falls out or gets lost with the rest of the contents of your backpack so you can rest assured knowing that your important items are safe and sound.

This option also includes a stretch pocket on the inside that’s designed for extra convenience. This compartment makes the perfect place to store your sweaty clothing once you’re ride is done or somewhere to stash away a change of clothing while you’re on the go.


Keeping hydrated is one of the most important parts of any exercise routine which is why choosing an option that’s compatible with a hydration pack is such a smart decision. The Deuter Race X 12 was made to fit the Streamer 2.01 liquid bladder so you can conveniently drink without having to slow your pace.

Hydration packs work differently than your average bottled beverage because the bladder is stored right inside the bag. You are able to drink from a tube which reaches your mouth and usually has a magnetic bite valve for easy control.


Made with your safety in mind, this bag features a handy safety light loop and additional loops to hold your helmet or other gear. Riding in low light can be a tricky and sometimes dangerous thing to do. But, if you just can’t help but peddle after dark then this pack is the perfect choice for you. Having the built-in safety light loop is a must if you’re headed out after sunset because it will help drivers and even other cyclists to see you despite the limited visibility.

You can easily attach all kinds of safety gear to this loop including reflective detailing, rear lights, or any other type of lighting you can think of. It also offers extra loops for hanging your helmet when it’s not in use which is a great feature for riders who want their hands free when they’re dismounted.

Hip Fins

Breathability is a big deal when you’re riding! It’s all too easy to end up overheating which is why it’s vital that your gear not make you any hotter than you already are. This innovative pack offers a unique design feature; breathable hip fins. The fins are an area made from mesh that makes it more comfortable to wear and helps to distribute the weight of the load. On top of the comforting properties, these fins create better airflow around your waist and hips which will help to lower your core temperature and keep you feeling refreshed while you ride.

Staying cool is vital if you want to avoid excessive perspiration which can be embarrassing and extremely uncomfortable. If you’ve ever been stuck riding in a sweat-soaked outfit for any length of time you know how unpleasant that can be. Not to mention, when you’re sweaty and the wind hits you it makes it that much easier to catch a cold! Luckily, you won’t have to worry about these issues while you’re wearing this Deuter design!


Materials can make or break any piece of gear which is why we love Deuter’s choice of high-density denier polyamide. This fabric is highly resistant to abrasions thanks to its tighter weave and is much more durable than other materials. The combination of two densities of nylon works perfectly and delivers a top-quality structure that is ideal for this type of strenuous physical activity.


One thing I often see with this type of gear is a real lack of colorways. Usually, it’s just browns or greens that are meant to offer a camouflage effect while you ride. But, this one comes in four cool looking hues which include Petrol-Artic, Black, Cranberry-Maron, and Navy Denim. These are a really great change from the average ones that are so common and help to make this pack as stylish as it is functional. If you enjoy looking good while you perform then this is a great choice to consider because it really does offer something more than the competition when it comes to aesthetics.


The downside to this option is that it only comes in one size. This 12 L capacity is fairly large and some people might prefer to have the choice of something smaller. This is especially true if you’re only planning on bringing a few items with you like a change of clothes and maybe a snack. If you’re wanting to bring a whole bunch of stuff then this is an excellent choice! Just be aware that it is fairly large, though it is a nice lightweight design so you won’t feel weighed down even though it’s bigger than some other options like the Salomon Trailblazer which comes in your choice of three different sizes.

Bottom Line

It can be tough finding the right kind of pack to wear while you’re biking. It takes a certain kind of design to help boost your overall performance, whereas the wrong style could actually impede it. This is why so many cyclists turn to the Deuter Race X 12 because it’s designed specifically to meet the needs of this intensive activity.

Every aspect of its design is ideal for helping you to feel your best while you ride. Whether it’s the comforting shoulder straps with their innovative Airstripes System or the added security that the sternum strap provides, there’s just something about this one that screams, “Ready to ride!”

You can wear this option year round thanks to its handy rain cover that shields it from both rain and mud spray which is a great feature to offer. There are tons of pockets that help to keep your belongings neatly organized and it even includes a special compartment for storing your sweaty gear once your ride is over.

The fact that the Deuter Race X 12 was designed to be compatible with hydration reservoirs is fantastic because staying well hydrated is crucial while you exercise. If you’re not sure which hydration pack to choose then have a look at the Platypus Big Zip Evo and Gregory 3D Hydro.

I really love the innovative hip fins that this one offers because they make a huge difference in overall temperatures while you ride. They’re made from a breathable mesh material that lets an incredible amount of air circulate around you keeping you nice and cool. These fins also make your pack feel more stable which is a must with kind of activity.

Overall, this is a solid choice for bikers that will help to boost your performance while offering every convenience you could need. Its added safety features and convenient storage compartments really show that there was thoughtfulness behind its design.