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Adidas has long been innovating sports gear. Their humble beginnings in Germany made way for them to blossom into a fan favorite shoe and accessory provider. Their apparel is no different than their footwear offerings; thanks to them, tracksuits and athleisure wear have become iconic in both pop culture and athletic circles.  Fantastic ventilation and a comfortable feel are sure to please on the Adidas Response short, despite its simplicity.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Super Soft Material
  • Sweat-Resistant Zip Pocket
  • Mesh Panels
  • Reflective Details
  • Drawcord Waistband
  • Produced Sustainably
  • One Small Pocket
  • Runs Large
  • Only Made in Black


Most athletic wear has some degree of adjustability. No one wants their pants falling down, during leisure or working out. Embarrassing moments are unpleasant whether you are at your local grocery store or at the gym, so athletic brands try to help you avoid them as often as possible. That is why these intensely soft, stretchy shorts from Adidas have a strong drawstring wrapped around the waistband. Their drawcord adjustable waist ensures that you can get this stretchy material wrapped tightly around you to stay in place without causing discomfort during your workout, or even your lounge session. Athletic wear is often worn as leisure wear for those who find it comfortable, and with the ability to loosen these up after a generous protein-packed after-workout meal, or fasten them tighter before your morning run, these have the versatility to outfit you any time of day, during any activity. The Response shorts really do respond to your body and how you wear them, giving you the perfect fit.


Adi Dassler was a visionary who was well before his time. His creation of shoes was always bred from a place of pure love. Adidas keeps that same energy with their current brand goals. Adidas is no stranger to awesome clothing. Since 1967, when they came out with their famous tracksuit, Adidas has been making strides in the fashion industry for both function and innovation. Though these shorts are very basic, they are a perfect example of the brand's roots in simple and accessible athletic wear. These shorts are easy to wear and require little work to coordinate. The style is one that you can’t get wrong, and Adidas can be relied upon to provide these intensely practical options. Clothes aren’t meant to restrict or cause discomfort, and many brands can forget that even the ones angled towards the active or athletic. Adidas has long been famous for super comfy athleisure and athletic wear and they don’t disappoint with these Response shorts.


While not everyone will be using these bottoms to work out, breathability is still key in truly wearable designs. The Response shorts have ventilation and breathable materials in spades, ensuring you won’t miss out on that cool, breezy feel. The panels on the side of these shorts are supremely breathable, with fantastic mesh to keep you incredibly cool while running, jogging, or playing basketball with friends. Climacool ventilation brings the airflow of these Response shorts to the next level. If you love athletic shorts but often find that they stick to your body, a soft option that doesn’t have such a tight, unforgiving weave will be the best option for you. If you are a sweater or easily overheat, the panels are a must for your next pair of bottoms. In addition to having great materials, the length itself is slightly shorter, which gives the heat less space to get trapped against the body. Never feel like you’re burning up in your athletic wear again!

Color Options

These may be designed specifically for men, but any gender at all can wear this stretchy style. The problem is, however, is that the style options are very limited. All available options are black, but there is some diversity in the side stripe. This comes with the choice of a blue, black, and red side stripe to keep you looking and feeling great. Black is not everyone’s favorite color, though, and many don’t want to buy a pair of plain black shorts when the majority of their workout gear is eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing. I personally feel that these are a nice, basic option that is really versatile due to their simplicity but can understand someone wanting something more. Reviewers were unimpressed by the look of the Response shorts, but they weren’t disappointed. These would make a good closet staple for when you just want to feel good in what you’re wearing with minimal effort.

Ease of Care

Workout gear can get kind of gross. Usually throwing extra-grimy clothes into a hot wash and dry is the go-to for smelly items. With this pair of shorts by Adidas, you need to take a more gentle approach. The care is super simple but requires a lot less manpower, so to speak. Just throw in a cold wash with like colors. Make sure to have it on gentle, and put in a strong detergent if you are concerned about odor, but the material shouldn’t allow any smells to stick around once washed. If instead of tumble-drying, you lay them out, they'll look like new. They can be pressed a bit with cool iron, but otherwise, these require very little care. Some people, however, do not like having to sort clothes and remove them before the dry cycle, nor do they like to do anything but how washes on their sweaty clothing. These shorts can’t be guaranteed to stay as soft as they are when you first buy them if you do not carefully follow the instructions for caring for them though. If this is a compromise you are unwilling to make in terms of effort, a less delicate material might be a better fit for you. The material dries quickly and won’t interfere with the speediness of turnover from washing and wearing, so this isn’t too inconvenient unless you’re vehemently against following any and all special care instructions.


These are slightly adjustable, which is fantastic, but the fit and size itself is another issue entirely. Reviewers felt this ran large and long, to the point where they could have probably sized down and still worn them comfortably. Due to their adjustable waist, you can just as easily buy them in your size if you don’t mind the bit of bulk. Though considered “regular fit”, they are actually cut in a way that is generous. The fit is really adaptable to different body types. Athletic shorts can be a pain for anyone with ample thighs or butt. It is almost like these athletic brands want you to skip leg day! With the Adidas Response shorts, there is plenty of room to not only wear them comfortably while resting but to make movement more comfortable no matter what you are doing or where you are doing it. The wearer is the most important feature of any great gear, and Adidas definitely makes room for them here. If you have a smaller frame, you may want to size down so these don’t glide of the leg during certain workouts, but otherwise, most will fit in these with ease.


Pants should always have pockets. It is one thing, people, regardless of background agree on. Women are generally robbed of pockets, which is why we are so emphatic to find that our dresses or leggings are equipped with them. It is relatively rare for a men’s pair of shorts to have limited to no pockets, but the Response only has one. The one pocket these do have is quite small, disappointingly so. Multiple reviewers remarked that they weren’t even able to fit their phone in this pocket. Though I am not sure if it would be optimal to keep something as heavy in a phone in such a light short, it should still be an option. The upside of this design is that the pocket that is on it has two features that make it secure. First, the pocket zips to ensure what you put in it stays inside. Second, the pocket is sweat resistant and water resistant to keep your valuables safe. This may not be that important to you if it can’t hold a phone, but it can hold your money or card if you’re going on your morning run. Reviewers said it wasn’t much larger than a pocket for earbuds, but small things such as those would be just as able to fit.

Safety Features

If you run at night or early in the morning, you know how important it is to stay alert, and alert motorists to your presence if you are on the road. If you’re a motorist, you have certainly experienced gratitude at catching the glimmer of reflective material on someone’s shorts. Thankfully, the Response shorts come equipped with some reflective material. On the sides of the leg, right behind where the stripe is, are three Adidas stripes that catch the light when running or walking in the dark. The reflectivity is angled slightly backward and to the side, so you can see it both when the wearer is facing you, and more importantly from behind, as riders, runners, and walkers are encouraged to go with the flow of traffic to reduce impact in the case of an accident. Coupled with a pair of reflective shoes or a light windbreaker, you would be more than ready for even the darkest night. These are great for a quick run at dawn or dusk, and the reflectivity is subtle enough to not be glaring in other situations, making this a versatile short option.


As just mentioned, these are a really low-key athletic short. Though they have reflective material and mesh panels, when looking at them, they look like a pretty straightforward black short. If you’re one who enjoys a really easy look to style, basic black is going to be a perfect option for you. As mentioned, they do have one single colored stripe down the side, but you can easily opt for the black-on-black option to eliminate the pop of color without any fuss. These are styled slightly shorter than basketball shorts, so you get a bit more movement and mobility where you need it, without looking baggy where you don’t. The reflective stripes are subtle but add some texture to the side of the short, which is more flattering than a flat black all the way around. Relaxed fit shorts are easily one of the most accessible styles to wear. These will look as great with a long sleeve tee as they would with a muscle tee.


Sustainability is an important factor in buying your favorite items, and brands have recognized the importance of creating sustainable items. If you are someone who values environmentally conscious retailers, Adidas Response shorts were made for you. Their materials are made from one hundred percent recycled polyester weave. That means every pair of these shorts creates fewer emissions in production due to not having to create the materials new with each batch. Saving resources is just one of the ways to create more sustainable clothing, but it is an effective measure to take when trying to be environmentally conscious in clothing production. So many companies recklessly contribute to the increase in emissions around the globe, so small steps towards decreasing such emissions is truly putting the world, and the people inhabiting it, first.

Bottom Line

If you want a pair of shorts that are as comfortable as they are versatile, the Response by Adidas is a lovely option. Keep in mind these run slightly large before buying, and you will not be disappointed with your purchase. The pockets leave a bit to be desired, but their soft and breathable material makes up for any issues they have with accessibility. If you want to add some variety into your weekend jog attire, or you want a great pair of lounge shorts that feel great, the Adidas Response will exceed your expectations.