Adidas Twinstrike ADV Review

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The Twinstrike ADV by Adidas is a far out and funky sneaker! It draws inspiration from the classic Adidas looks of the early ‘00s only with a modernized revamping that makes it so distinctive. If you’re all about fashion that makes a statement then this is the shoe for you! The Twinstrike has a bold attention-grabbing design with an ergonomic lacing system and skeleton grid details. This shoe is ready to take on practically any occasion and is the ideal choice to cap off your street-ready apparel. Made with an incredible amount of detailing, the Twinstrike comes to a luxe finish that’s the perfect update to the original Adidas heritage

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Full-Grain Leather
  • Lace-Up
  • Rubber Sole
  • EVA Midsole
  • Limited Athletic Benefits
  • Heavier


Adidas started in a washroom back in the early ‘1900s and has since conquered the world of athletic apparel. In the tiny German town of Bavaria, Adi Dassler began his vision of providing athletes with top of the line equipment. In 1949, he registered the Adidas brand name and it was only up from there. The infamous three stripes were born and with them came success that Adi could have only dreamed of. Throughout the decades Adidas have been worn by Olympians and others while they won countless medals and has become a household name synonymous with well-made athletic attire.


Who said your feet have to feel hot and sweaty while you exercise? These shoes have a textile and full-grain leather upper that is perfect for keeping you cool and comfortable no matter how much physical activity you’re engaged in. The leather is a breathable material that lets plenty of airflow around the skin which helps to prevent overheating while at the same time, wicks excess moisture away from the skin for a nice dry feeling. When moisture builds up inside of your shoes it makes the perfect breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria which is why having a breathable fabric is so important. The style factor with this shoe speaks for itself! It offers a cool and unique looking design that will have you at the top of your game no matter where you're headed. You can choose from tons of interesting colorways and its superior detailing makes this shoe truly one-of-a-kind.


The lace closure that the Twinstrike ADV offers is a great highlight! Laces are one of the most reliable types of fasteners available and they leave lots of room to add your own personalization to the mix. Laces come in so many lengths, widths, patterns, and colors, you’re able to select and choose different ones to pair with any shoe. This style is also very popular and looks great with athletic attire. This pair comes with a great set of laces that aren't too long which can be a pain when you're trying to tie them. Instead, they're the perfect length and look totally flat against the shoe.


Having a good grip is a must if you plan on engaging in any sort of physical activity especially if the weather outside is wet and rainy. Twinstrike has an outsole that’s made from rubber which is a flexible material that provides solid traction on any surface. It's also weather resistant and waterproof so your feet will stay dry and comfortable no matter what the conditions are like outside. Rubber is one of the best materials for an outsole because of its grippy texture and non-marking properties so you won't have to worry about scuffing the floors when you head inside.


An EVA midsole helps to make this shoe all the more comforting and provides better shock absorption which lessens the negative effects and reduces the strain of impact. EVA is a lightweight foam resin material that provides superior balance and a responsive kind of ride. Feeling connected with the ground beneath your feet is an important aspect for any athletic style of footwear and this material really allows you to stay grounded but at the same time provides added balance with every step you take. EVA retains its structure well and won't flatten out faster than your shoes which is a nice feature that will save you money in the long run.


The Twinstike is known for its colorful display and boasts an impressive selection of colorways. It features three multi-colored midsole pods and usually has contrasted detailing which sets it apart from the everyday designs that we’ve grown accustomed to. The nice thing about this pair is that it really looks different than your usual athletic apparel and it lets you stand out in your own unique way. The upper has a solid base color and then there are the contrasting tones that make up the detailing.


These sneakers are a comfortable option and are perfect for athletic or casual activities. They're designed to hug the contours of the foot to provide a glove-like feel that's ultra-enjoyable. Having a comfortable shoe is very important otherwise you'll be more likely to end up with tired and achy feet and will also be at a greater risk for sports-related injuries. A cushioned footbed and bouncy midsole ensure you can feel your best while you're on the move. The Twinstrike comes complete with a lace up closure system that puts you in control of how well your shoes fit thanks to its highly adjustable design.


Most wearers found the Twinstrike fit nice and comfortably. It comes in both half and full sizes which means it'll be easier to find the perfect fit. It's designed to hug the contours of your foot for I a glove-like feeling that offers superior support and an all-around enjoyable feel. Just because it hugs closely doesn't mean you'll feel restricted with the way you move because it's made from flexible and lightweight materials that won't slow you down or cause you any discomfort.


One of the downsides to the Twinstrike is its performance as an athletic sneaker. It lacks in many of the best features that Adidas has to offer which effects its overall design. While it's an aesthetically pleasing option it isn't necessarily the best for playing sports or engaging in other activities. If you're shopping for a pair based on looks alone then this is an excellent choice of footwear but if you're looking for a performance pair then you might consider opting for another model from the Adidas line.


Despite being made from lightweight materials this shoe seems to come off fairly heavy somehow. The chunky upper could have something to do with it. Most wearers were unimpressed with the overall heaviness that this shoe delivers and found it offputting when they were trying to play sports, especially if while trying to run. If you’re just headed out for a casual stroll or to hang out with friends then this is a good choice of shoes despite being fairly bulky in its weight.

Bottom Line

Overall, Twinstrike is a great pair of shoes! It looks as versatile as it wears and delivers a smooth kind of ride that athletes can’t get enough of. This pair was made to impress and it comes off as quite a statement piece! Adidas is notorious for its well-made athletic apparel and has been crafting designs since the early 1900s. This is one of their more interesting looks that really delivers on a far-out kind of style.

Made with a cool and comfortable upper the sneakers will ensure you don't overheat and will help to control excess moisture by wicking sweat away from the skin. A lace-up closure system puts you in control and allows you to adjust the fit so it's perfect for your foot. Twinstrike has a rubber sole that's ideal for wearing on both wet and dry surfaces and will ensure that you stay upright while you're on the move. It's EVA midsole is one of the more comforting available and features contrasted colored pods for even more distinction in its style. This is a very comforting choice of footwear that's designed to hug the contours of the foot and provide a glove-like feel.

Having comfortable shoes is very important and this one delivers seamlessly so you won't have to worry about tired or achy feet. It's available in both full and half sizes so you can choose the ones that are perfect for your structure and offers a flexible feel so you won't be restricted in any way while you move.