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Nike Flex Experience RN 6 Reviewed Review Facts

The new Nike Flex Experience RN 6 is a lightweight, neutral road running shoe with excellent cushioning and traction on both dry and wet surfaces. The outsole now features smoother hexagonal lugs for added stability and flex grooves between them for enhanced flexibility. The new single-piece mesh upper utilizes a denser knit for added durability while still retaining its breathability and the rounded heel provides a natural stride. The FLex Experience RN 6 comes in 25 different color schemes and has a sleek and stylish look that is excellent for both running and casual wear. Not to mention the affordable price tag, which is a crowd favourite.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight and breathable upper
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent traction and support
  • Flexible
  • Many color options
  • Very affordable
  • Wide selection of sizes
  • The upper is less durable
  • Narrow toe box
  • Not always true to size
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  • My feet feel amazing after running long distances. This shoe has great structure and very breathable.
  • My daughter was recommended these shoes for her job, she works 11.5 hour shifts as a nurse. She loves her new shoes, she’s relieved of so much pain.
  • I’m not a fan of athletic shoes, however these are just perfect. They’re comfortable and not bulky.
  • Great looking shoes. My son and I found our size and couldn’t love them more.
  • Perfect toe box and shoe for my very narrow feet. Typically I have trouble finding great fitting shoes, but these are perfect.
  • I wear these as my daily shoes and to run my 5k’s. These are really comfortable and I never have any issues.
  • Purchased these for gym and lifting. These are the ideal shoe, providing so much comfortable. They handle all the hard impact from my exercises. Should be provide so much comfort
  • Got these as a gift from my boyfriend and they’re amazing. They fit snug which is what I needed. Perfect gym shoe.
  • I love these shoes so much. Easy to change the shoelaces adding extra style. Super great for traveling and walking long distances in, my feet felt great.
  • I only have to replace these shoes a couple times. I run a ton a week and they hold up great. Super comfy.
  • I purchased these for Zumba and I love them. Great shoe.
  • Great for running on the treadmill, they’re super lightweight.
  • These shoes are super easy to clean and durable. I’m very happy with them.
  • The Nike Flex Experience RN 6 fit great for my narrow feet. They provide wonderful arch support and are super comfortable.
  • Very lightweight shoe, it’s almost like it’s not there at all.
  • These shoes fit perfect for my narrow feet. I have bunions and these shoes do not bother them at all.
  • I struggle with painful feet and these are the best shoes I have found that are lightweight and help with my pain.
  • Great price. I wear these all day, very stylish, perfect gym shoe.
  • I love that these look great, very lightweight and feel amazing. I wear these for everything.
  • I got these as a gift for my grandson, he loves them. He loves the look and says they are super comfortable.
  • Some customers needed to purchase a size up for more comfort.
  • Some customers who purchased shoe said they felt the shoe ran a little narrow.
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Nike kept the design of the new Flex Experience RN 6 pretty similar to the previous version but with a few improvements here and there. Namely, the Nike Flex Experience RN 6 features an IMEVA (Injected Molded EVA) foam midsole for enhanced cushioning and a bouncy ride. For additional durability, Nike included a carbon rubber material in the heel and forefoot areas of the shoe, where most of the abrasion occurs. Another feature of the new Flex Experience RN 6 is a smoother hexagonal lug pattern on the outsole, for better stability and excellent traction on both dry and wet surfaces equally. Flex grooves are placed between these lugs to provide additional flexibility and allow for a natural stride.


The midsole of the Flex Experience RN 6 is made of a one-piece injection-molded EVA foam that stretches along the entire length of the shoe. This provides the wearer with a smooth transition throughout the gait cycle, while absorbing the shock of impact from each step. Since it is a one piece EVA foam midsole, it might not be as flexible at first, but after the initial breaking in period, it should conform to your feet. For additional support, the Flex Experience RN 6 features a rounded heel that promotes natural ankle movement and has some arch support for those with medium to high arches. Runners were quite satisfied with the amount of cushioning and stability they got out of this running shoe and praised the springy running experience.


The new Flex Experience RN 6 features a minimalist upper. It is made of a very lightweight single-layer mesh material that covers most of the upper and tongue for a seamless, sock-like fit. Even though this mesh material is thicker and is more closely woven than in the previous model, it is still very breathable and will keep your feet dry and cool during use. Because of the knit’s density in the upper, it is highly durable as well and will keep your feet in place thanks to its standard lacing system, that locks the midfoot down and prevents slipping inside the shoe. One thing that differentiates the Flex Experience RN 6 from its predecessor is the lack of plush padding in the collar and tongue. However, they still have enough padding to keep the ankles comfortably in place and prevent injuries. The inside of the shoe features a plush lining for additional comfort and a foam insole for extra cushioning.


The Nike Flex Experience RN 6 weighs 9 ounces in the men’s model and 7 ounces in the women’s respectively. Nike achieved this lightweight by carefully choosing the materials that went into making this running shoe. Starting from the sole unit, both the outsole and midsole feature an IMEVA foam that is lighter than EVA and the outsole has rubber added only in the heel and forefoot regions of the shoe, making it lighter. The super breathable one-piece mesh upper is also very lightweight and the tongue and collar of the shoe feature less padding than the previous model, which helps reduce the weight of this shoe.


Even though the mesh on the Flex Experience RN 6 is denser than the previous models, it does not affect the overall breathability of this shoe. Since the upper is made of a single piece mesh material with minimal overlays, the air can circulate inside the shoe freely, leaving the feet dry and cool, while the thicker mesh protects against debris getting inside the shoe and causing discomfort.


The new Nike Flex Experience RN 6 is praised by many as a highly comfortable running shoe thanks to its materials. Namely, the sole unit is made largely of IMEVA foam, the heel and forefoot regions of the outsole being the only exceptions. This helped improve the cushioning this shoe provides for the runner during each landing. The IMEVA foam midsole also provides ample cushioning. The only downside some customers found was that the midsole felt a little stiff until broken in, which is understandable since its other purpose is to provide stability for the wearer. The upper is also made with comfort and support in mind, which is why Nike used a single piece mesh material that breathes well to help keep the feet dry and comfortable, while the soft inner lining and padded collar and tongue provide additional comfort. This shoe is an excellent choice as an everyday shoe as well.


Nike is famous for finding the perfect balance between great quality and style. Their shoes are usually very sleek and come in many different color options, to suit everybody’s taste. The new Flex Experience RN 6 comes in a whopping 25 different color schemes ranging from the base colors, such as black, grey and white, to more vibrant ones, like pink, orange or yellow, and many more. The logo and midsole also feature these colors for a more stylish look that runners and everyday users can equally appreciate.


Nike combined cushioning and durability well in the new Flex Experience RN 6. The IMEVA foam outsole features carbon rubber in the heel and forefoot portions of the sole, making the outsole both cushioning on landings and durable in those high wear and tear areas. The midsole, which is entirely made of IMEVA foam provides additional cushioning while being highly durable as well. The only cause for concern for some customers was the construction of the upper. Since it is made of a one-piece mesh material, it is susceptible to wear and tear. However, Nike included some synthetic overlays in the forefoot region and the lacing system for additional durability.


The Flex Experience RN 6 provides impressive levels of protection. The outsole has excellent traction to prevent slipping thanks to the carbon rubber added to the heel and forefoot regions of the sole. The thickness of the sole is excellent in preventing debris from causing discomfort or bruising. The IMEVA foam midsole, in addition to providing cushioning, also helps absorb shock from impact during landings and transitioning. The single-layer mesh upper helps combat overheating inside the shoe, as well as blisters. The padded collar and tongue of the shoe combined with the traditional lacing system and rounded heel provide a snug fit for the user that locks the foot down and prevents injuries from slipping. The reinforced toe box also offers protection for the toes during landings and toe-offs.


When it comes to responsiveness, the Flex Experience RN 6 delivers. Thanks to the carbon rubber infused heel and forefoot, the outsole provides excellent traction, while the IMEVA foam creates bounciness with each step, making for a smooth ride. The midsole’s IMEVA foam absorbs the energy from each footfall and gives it back to the runner for effortless transitions. The rounded heel and one-piece mesh upper allow the feet to move freely and naturally, while the medium drop helps propel the wearer forward with ease.


The IMEVA foam sole unit provides excellent support for the underfoot. However, the midsole only has a neutral level of support for the arch, while the heel is fairly supported. In order to make the shoe lighter, Nike used a single-piece mesh upper, that is lightweight and breathable, yet still supportive enough. Namely, the forefoot area features some synthetic overlays for extra support, as well as the lacing system. The collar and tongue of the Flex Experience RN 6 come with slightly less padding than the previous model, but still provide ample support for the ankles.


The Flex Experience RN 6 is a road running shoe, and as such, is suitable for roads, pavement, tracks, treadmills, gym and light trails as well. The hexagonal lugs in the outsole provide a decent level of traction and grip on both dry and wet surfaces. However, they are not designed for harsh weather conditions and rough trails.


The Flex Experience RN 6 has excellent traction thanks to the carbon rubber infused heel and forefoot and the hexagonal lugs that are spread out throughout the outsole. The carbon rubber creates excellent traction, being a hardy material, while these hexagonal lugs grip to the ground and prevent slipping even on wet surfaces. One thing to have in mind though is that these lugs are smoother than the previous model, so it will not provide sufficient grip and traction on rougher surfaces.


As the name indicates, the Flex Experience RN 6 is highly flexible. This is mainly due to the IMEVA foam in the outsole and midsole, which is quite flexible and stable at the same time. To further improve the flexibility of this shoe, Nike included flex grooves in between the hexagonal lugs. The upper is made of a single-piece mesh material that conforms to the shape of the feet for a more natural movement.


When it comes to stability, the Flex Experience RN 6 falls somewhere in between, it is not as stable as stability running shoes but it provides more stability than a minimalist running shoe. Thanks to the outsole, it has enough stability so that the wearer doesn’t slip and fall and the smoother hexagonal lugs create additional stability on wet or dry surfaces, as long as they are not rough. The midsole creates sufficient cushioning for the heel and arch, but not enough for those who suffer from overpronation. The upper offers some stability in the form of its lacing system, which helps keep the midfoot in place, and the padded collar and tongue, that lock the ankles down securely.


When it comes to the drop, the Flex Experience RN 6 sports a 7 mm drop, which is right smack in the middle of the standard 10 mm and the zero drop running shoes. The cushioning of this shoe is distributed more evenly than a standard drop running shoe, which makes it more comfortable, but chips away from the stability a bit. This shoe is an excellent choice for beginner runners or for those who would like to slowly transition into using minimalist running shoes, or even for everyday use.

Key Features

  • Soft, single-piece mesh upper with minimal overlays for enhanced breathability

  • IMEVA foam midsole cushioning

  • IMEVA foam and carbon rubber outsole for durability

  • Smoother hexagonal lugs for better traction

  • Flex grooves for enhanced flexibility

  • Rounded heel for a natural stride

  • Standard lacing system

  • 7 mm drop
  • Bottom Line

    To conclude, the Nike Flex Experience RN 6 is a lightweight and breathable neutral road running shoe, that provides excellent traction on dry and wet surfaces and thanks to its unique composition, allows for a flexible and smooth ride. It comes in a wide selection of color schemes and sizes, which made customers happy. However, some did report that the sizes run a bit narrow, especially in the toe box area and that the upper is more susceptible to wear and tear since it is a single-piece mesh with minimal overlays. In light of all of that, it is still a very good quality running shoe that comes at an affordable price and is appreciated by daily runners worldwide.