Nike Revolution 3

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Nike Revolution 3 Review Facts

The new Nike Revolution 3 is an excellent addition to the Revolution series. Even though it is a neutral running shoe, it provides excellent cushioning and responsiveness while still being extremely supportive.

Thanks to the rubber outsole, it is highly durable and with the addition of deep Flex Grooves, it delivers on flexibility like a pro. The Phylon foam midsole has just the right amount of cushioning while still being firm and responsive.

The upper also features some improvements with its mixed mesh material, which is very breathable yet quite durable and supportive as well.

Customers appreciated the new look as well, which is modern and minimalistic. The shoes look quite polished and stylish, making them not only suitable for running, but for everyday use as well.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Incredible durability
  • Roomy toe-box
  • Firm, but responsive, foot-feel
  • Highly flexible
  • Excellent traction
  • Affordable
  • Minimalistic design
  • Perfect for casual wear
  • Lacks arch support
  • The insole cannot be removed


The Nike Revolution 3 has an outsole made out of a durable rubber material and features deep Flex Grooves which make the outsole incredibly flexible while providing excellent grip and traction to the user. Whether it be on dry surfaces or wet, this shoe performs well under different weather conditions and is excellent for longer runs as well as casual use. Many customers praised the Revolution 3 as being one of the most durable and responsive running shoes they have ever tried.


The midsole of the Revolution 3 is made out of Phylon foam, which provides excellent comfort while still retaining its stability and responsiveness. It is also very flexible, so the user will enjoy a very effortless and springy ride in this shoe. Nike also added a molded foam insole to the midsole unit to further enhance the level of comfort and responsiveness the Revolution 3 provides for the user. This insole cannot be removed, which might be an issue for users who have custom orthotics they like to insert in their running shoes. Another thing to have in mind, though, is that the Revolution 3 is a neutral running shoe, so it doesn’t have the best arch support, which can be bad news for people with overpronation problems. However, if you’re looking for a neutral running shoe with average arch support, the Revolution 3 is for you.


The new Revolution 3 sports a mesh upper with synthetic overlays that combine breathability with comfort in a very unique way. Perhaps the most innovative part of the upper is the toe box that features mesh panels, which allow the air to circulate freely and helps regulate the temperature inside the shoe, letting the feet breathe and stay dry throughout use. A thicker, yet lightweight material has been added to the forefoot and heel portions of the shoe to enhance durability and support, which many customers were satisfied with since the shoe lasted them a long time without any signs of wear and tear. The tongue and collar of the Revolution 3 feature extra padding for added cushioning and stability.


The Nike Revolution 3 really sticks out from the wide array of standard running shoes with its weight. The men’s model comes in at 8.8 ounces while the women’s is 7.3 ounces. This light weight is explained by the minimized midsole cushioning, which many customers were happy about.


The Revolution 3 is an extremely lightweight and breathable running shoe owing to the mixed mesh material it is made of. The upper consists of mesh panels, which help the air circulation in the shoe, as well as temperature regulation, while the forefoot and heel portions are reinforced for extra durability and support.


The Revolution 3 is praised by many users as one of the most comfortable shoes they own and it’s no wonder. The upper of the Revolution 3 is extremely breathable and smooth. The tongue and collar feature extra padding, which helps keep the ankles stable and doesn’t cause blisters.
People with wider feet will be pleased with the Revolution 3 as well since it features a wider toe box that accommodates users with regular foot sizes as well. The molded foam insole provides additional cushioning for a bouncy feeling, while also giving ample support to the user and thanks to the Flex Grooves in the outsole, this shoe is very flexible and moves naturally with the feet.

The Revolution 3 is a great running shoe for shorter and longer distances but casual users will be satisfied as well with the level of comfort and support this shoe delivers.


With the new Revolution 3, Nike decided to go with a simple, minimalist running shoes design for a sleek and stylish finish. The Revolution 3 comes in a variety of color schemes for men and women alike, so there is bound to be something for everyone in this collection. The great thing about the Revolution 3 is that it is a very versatile shoe that can be worn for running or just everyday use, since it is very easy to style thanks to its simple yet modern look.


The Revolution 3 is an extremely durable running/everyday shoe thanks to the materials used and its clever design. Namely, the rubber outsole is very resistant to abrasions and ages well according to users. The midsole, while being quite firm, also provides excellent cushioning and responsiveness and keeps its bounciness for a long time, which many users enjoyed. Mesh uppers tend to have a bad rep, since this type of material is prone to tearing, however, Nike found a clever way to combat this with the addition of synthetic overlays strategically placed that allow the shoe to retain its breathability while adding to its support and durability.


When it comes to protection, the Revolution 3 is not lacking. The sturdy, rubber outsole is extremely durable and will not wear away even after extensive use. In addition, the deep Flex Grooves provide excellent flexibility, while the rubber material equips the wearer with superb traction and grip on wet and dry surfaces alike.

The midsole is an excellent shock absorber thanks to its firm but cushioning nature and helps relieve the high impact areas from stress, such as the ankles and the knees, thus preventing injuries. Even the upper is designed to last with its mixed mesh material, that is super breathable yet very sturdy and supportive of the top areas of the feet. The padded collar and tongue of the Revolution 3 helps to keep the ankles fixed in place without causing blisters and irritation.


The new Nike Revolution 3’s responsiveness comes from its midsole design. Nike decided to combine two seemingly opposing features, flexibility and firmness in its Revolution 3 model. The midsole of this shoe provides the user with excellent cushioning and support at the same time, which is something many running shoes fail to do. This means that the Revolution 3 provides enough flexibility so that the runner will feel connected to the ground while the cushioning keeps the movement light and springy.


The Revolution 3 is praised by many as an excellent supportive running shoe, thanks to its Phylon foam midsole, which not only provides firm cushioning but is a terrific shock absorber as well. In addition, the mixed mesh upper hugs the feet and gives a snug feeling to the user. The reinforced collar and tongue of the shoe help keep the ankles nice and secure throughout use, which many customers appreciated. However, it is not the best option for people who need proper arch support.


The new Revolution 3 running shoe will perform well on any standard running surface, such as pavement, asphalt or tracks, but it is advised to abstain from using then on trails. The sole unit provides excellent traction and grip on standard surfaces and the upper will keep the feet secure and snug. However, if taken on trail running, debris and pebbles can cause problems.


Most customers agree that the Nike Revolution 3 is reasonably priced, considering what you’re getting for your money. The Revolution 3 is an extremely durable, lightweight shoe that has a very simple and modern look, which both runners and casual wearers were pleased with.


Thanks to the Revolution 3’s rubber outsole, this running shoe provides great traction and grip on any standard running surface. Many customers praised its performance on dry as well as wet surfaces, saying that they felt secure in them at all times.


Flexibility is not an issue with the Revolution 3 running shoes. The rubber outsole features deep Flex Grooves that enhance the flexibility of the shoes. Combined with the Phylon foam midsole and super breathable mixed mesh upper that wraps around the feet and molds to their natural curves, the Revolution 3 provides a very natural ride.


Being a neutral running shoe, the Revolution 3 still provides adequate stability for most users. Despite having a somewhat wider toe box, the upper fits quite snug on the rest of the feet, providing excellent stability by minimizing the side to side movement of the feet inside the shoe. Overall, users were very satisfied with the amount of stability the Revolution 3 provided them with.


With its standard drop of 10 mm, the Revolution 3 is an excellent choice for a running shoe, a well as for everyday use, like walking around in.

Key Features

  • Mixed mesh upper with mesh panels

  • Extra breathability and temperature regulation

  • Reinforced upper in areas of high wear

  • Molded foam insole for extra cushioning and support

  • Phylon foam midsole

  • Standard lacing

  • Durable rubber outsole

  • Deep Flex Grooves for enhanced flexibility
  • Bottom Line

    The Nike Revolution 3 neutral running shoes received a lot of positive feedback thanks to the amazing characteristics they have. Starting from the highly durable rubber outsole and its Flex grooves, this shoe grips to the ground firmly and is very flexible. The midsole is made out of Phylon foam, a cushioned yet firm material that gives proper support to the wearer without feeling too tough.

    Nike added an insole made of molded foam for additional cushioning. Many runners were satisfied with the performance of this shoe both on shorter and longer runs. The upper is made of a mixed mesh material with synthetic overlays that are both extremely breathable and supportive. For additional ankle support and stability, the tongue and collar feature extra padding. Runners and casual wearers alike agree that the Revolution 3 is an all-around excellent shoe that provided them with great stability and responsiveness.

    Thanks to its simple yet stylish design, the Revolution 3 is very easy to dress up or down and the price tag is quite appealing to most customers. The only downside to this shoe is the lack of arch support, so if you are someone who requires additional arch support, you might want to look for another pair. Other than that, the Nike Revolution 3 is a great neutral running shoe that both runners and casual wearers can enjoy.