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Though Adidas is often trending for their athleisure offerings, there is definitely no shortage of practical styles in the brand’s catalog. Adidas slides are a summer and gym staple all over the world and the Cloudfoam One is a reimagined take on that classic slip-on. The Cloudfoam One is a simple thong sandal that is perfect for anyone on the go. A cushioning foam footbed will have you walking on a cloud every time you step into the Cloudfoam One.  Perfectly tailored to the needs of those on the hunt for a no-nonsense flip-flop.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Quick-Drying Padding

Foam Footbed

Lined Straps

Durable Outsole

Flexible Build


Not That Stylish

May Run Small


Adidas has an incredibly long history, but that isn’t what makes them such an iconic brand. Their tireless efforts to provide athletic wear and offer shoes and gear that can help you achieve peak performance is apparent. From Adi Dassler’s crude construction of an athletic shoe in his home’s washroom to this Cloudfoam One slide, Adidas has always achieved greatness with their designs. Comfort has taken on a whole new meaning for the Adidas brand. Cloudfoam turns up in so many of their products, and they have taken perfecting foam insoles to a whole new level. Those of us who own Adidas know that they never disappoint even the most critical of shoe lovers. Commitment to their customers and the craft of shoemaking ensures every product that Adidas shows the world will be ready to become your new favorite option. For work-outs and play, Adidas strikes that ideal balance in both categories that will make you not want to take their shoes off.


Every thong sandal needs to come in black. It is a basic color that matches with absolutely everything and can be thrown on last minute without having to think much about the rest of your outfit. Of course, the Cloudfoam One slides by Adidas comes in basic black but it is their other colors that really have reviewers swooning. A personal favorite is the soft pink and grey combination. While this is a really unexpected palette for a casual sandal, it works really well in creating a soft look. This flip flop is obviously really sporty, so when you can see it easily pull off such a delicate color scheme it really amps up the appeal. Another surprising color choice by the Adidas team is the coral version of the Cloudfoam One. It is truly bright without being garish. This option, in particular, reminds me of orange sherbert. Sweet and rich, with a pop of delightful color that will delight the senses. For those who aren’t looking for plain black but also aren’t wild about the pink hues, there is a very light blue and black option that is subtle that might be more up your alley.


Adidas really does specialize in comfort. If you’ve ever worn an Adidas sneaker, you know you can expect top-of-the-line materials and incredible cushioning all throughout the shoe. This Adidas Cloudfoam One slide obviously has a disadvantage in that sense, beings as the top of the shoe are really non-existent. The thong upper is very minimal, and the brand hopes that their insole is enough for this option to shine. Most reviewers felt it definitely was. This quickly became an everyday shoe for a multitude of people. Partly, I’m sure, that is due to how easy these are to get on and off. This is the perfect option to keep by the door to slip on when you’re on your way out. Reviewers who often have issues with their ball of the foot found that the Adidas Cloudfoam One slides really helped with their overall comfort throughout the day. For people who live in sandals and flip-flops but find themselves having a lot of aches and pains from wearing them long-term, it is definitely worth considering a pair of these Adidas.


Flip-flops are not generally viewed as a long term shoe. Most people buy a pair and don’t even think twice to replace them once or twice throughout the warmer seasons. While this shouldn’t be the reality, for so many people it absolutely is. This Adidas Cloudfoam One may have foam padding, but the outsole is made from very strong rubber. A durable outsole can totally change the experience you have with sandals in the summer. The upper materials are incredible quality and the stitching is strong and reinforced. You can see on the piece that goes between the toes that it is well constructed. Rather than just a thin piece of plastic, there is actual material stitched together to ensure the upper stays put on the base of the shoe. The upper is only two straps, but where it meets the inner-toe piece there is an overlay. The side straps wrap all the way around the insole’s foam to fully connect with the outsole of the shoe. This also helps to not restrict or chafe the top of your foot while wearing. This is a total winner when it comes to a sandal that can be worn long term. If you’re the type to rock sandals year-round, Adidas is a great way to save some money in the long run, thanks to the brand’s longevity.


Due to the thick foam padding, you may think that this Adidas Cloudfoam One is lacking in flexibility. Luckily, it is far from lacking. The pliable rubber and intensely-soft foam work together to create a really flexible shoe, despite all of its cushioning. This shoe is fantastic for hitting the boardwalk or shops and will feel fantastic even after a full day of walking. Stiff sandals can rub and pinch in uncomfortable ways. The longer you are on your feet in them, the more your feet will swell, which can make for a seriously unpleasant sandal experience. The Adidas Cloudfoam One slides give you and your feet plenty of room to spread out and relax. Their ability to stay with your foot on every step makes them less of a risk for tripping you. This will also ensure a long life for the shoe because fewer mishaps will mean less strain and pulling on the upper from the outsole! Very soft straps are icing on the cake for this flip-flops flexibility.


On sandals such as this one, it is very rare for there to be a solid and well-constructed outsole. Many materials used in making flip-flops aim to be low-priced more than functional. While this is great for a cheap beach fix or poolside option, it leaves a lot to be desired for those who value a comfortable and durable warm-weather option. The Adidas Cloudfoam One slides forgoes the usual foam bottoms and instead protects their foam padding with sturdy rubber. Not only does this offer a nice ground feel when walking, but it makes the shoe much longer lasting. Foam bottoms degrade very quickly, especially when they frequently get wet. This pick having the added reinforcement of rubber really levels up its outsole’s performance. If you’re looking for a sandal that will outlast the ones you’ve had in the past, this is definitely going to fit the bill. Try the Adidas Cloudfoam One for yourself and the change in quality will be apparent.


Personally, I think this Adidas comes at a fantastic price, however, I am not a frequent sandal wearer. Many reviewers are regular customers of the Adidas brand, and because they knew what to expect, had nothing bad to say about the pricing. Some people, however, don’t like spending over a certain amount for flip-flops. In all fairness, this Adidas Cloudfoam One is on par with other name brands casual sandal offerings. When you consider the quality you are getting, these are most definitely worth the price. If you are not a seasoned sandal wearer and are looking for a more temporary pick, then it may not be worth investing in the Cloudfoam One slide. Otherwise, this shoe is a great option for those on the go who want to be cool and comfortable. Comparably, it exceeds similarly popular brands in performance but matches their price. With this Adidas, you aren’t simply paying for a name, you’re paying for a real quality slip-on option.


Buyers beware! Adidas isn’t usually a brand that runs small. If you are an Adidas wearer, be mindful of the size you are ordering with the Cloudfoam One slides. While some reviewers felt the fit was right on point, there were also reviewers who made it a priority to let others know that this might run small. If your feet are naturally narrow and hard to fit, this may end up being to your benefit, but for most of us, we need a shoe to actually be the size we are ordering. It seemed that regular wearers of Adidas were more satisfied with the sandal’s sizing than first-time buyers. This inconsistency could mean many things. It may even mean that some people simply get their size wrong when ordering online. Be wary and prepared to adjust your purchase size if need be, otherwise, I would go with your normal size and exchange if it doesn’t work. It feels a safer bet than sizing up straight out of the gate.


There are generally two types of people: those who love flip-flops and those who could really do without them. For people that dislike thong sandals, this obviously isn’t going to be an attractive option for them. Even more so, this Cloudfoam One slide is incredibly sporty looking. For those who like a more delicate look, this isn’t clunky but it definitely doesn’t look delicate and soft either. This is a sandal that doesn’t really favor fashion trends or tastes. It focuses on function and comfort. While for practicality it is amazing, the bland appearance won’t really wow you. One plus side is that it does have a couple of color options that can give it a bit of an update, but I think the sporty design is going to always look pretty sporty, no matter what colors it comes in. The thicker padding makes it less sleek too. A slim upper of two sole straps with the thicker foam pad and solid rubber outsole kind of create an odd profile. It is neither attention-getting or barely there, the Cloudfoam One slides sit somewhere in between the two. In all seriousness, I don’t think this shoe intends to attract people by its appearance. For a comfortable and easy-to-wear flip-flop, it is an amazing choice. Also, it isn’t like the appearance is this shoe’s selling point and for good reason. It shines in comfort much less than it dazzles as couture.


There are pros and cons to the support capabilities of the Adidas Cloudfoam One. It is more supportive than so many summer sandals, but it doesn’t have orthopedic levels of support. Foam padding in the arch and ball of the foot will feel great, however, it isn’t enough to correct or support feet with preexisting issues long term. If you need an all-day sandal and frequently have problems with your arch or heel, in particular, I would recommend a shoe that is more aimed at preventing injury. This Cloudfoam One slide doesn’t have much to it. It is really just a couple of straps connected to a base. The top of your foot is really on its own here, as well as your ankles and heel. There is no heel cup, but rather the whole footbed is raised with foam, which could greater effect how the shoe supports you. There are safer shoe options for those who need a shoe that really holds them up and in a proper position. This isn’t a corrective sandal, just an ultra-comfy one.

Bottom Line

For a casual sandal that you can wear without those pinching aches and pains, the Adidas Cloudfoam One should be one of your first choices. Though it isn’t cutting-edge in terms of fashion design, it doesn’t need to be. Simple and supportive are two phrases that immediately come to mind when thinking of this Cloudfoam One. Flip-flop lovers have been waiting for a shoe that will hold up to being well-loved in those hot summer months, and the Adidas Cloudfoam One is surely in that category.