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The Yung-1 by Adidas is a retro-inspired sneaker that gives off a feel-good vibe. Its appearances boarder on the trends seen in the early ‘00s and it makes for a refreshing nod to those long lost days. The Yung-1 will keep your feet feeling nice and cool while you’re on the go thanks to its breathable mesh upper so you can check your sweaty feet at the door. If you like to stand out from the crowd then this is the sneaker for you! It comes in a ton of vibrant colorways and boasts three contrast hues on every pair. Whether you’re planning to hit the court or go strolling down the fashion strip these kicks will have you looking sharp wherever you roam.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Synthetic Overlays
  • Tons of Cool Colorways
  • Lace-Up
  • Vintage Design
  • Rubber Sole
  • Pricey
  • Heavy For Adidas 


With heavy influences taken from the Y2K fashion trends, the Yung 1 is a bold and brilliant shoe. It's broad and somewhat chunky shape adds to its distinctively old-school chic for a classic throwback flare that totally rocks!. An airy mesh upper with cool looking synthetic overlays and embroidered details on the tongue give this pair something uniquely its own and help deliver a modernized take on the fashion scenes of the past. This running shoe is both enjoyable to look at and comfortable to wear thanks to its lightweight well-cushioned midsole and overall great fit that make the Yung 1 a must-have for athletic millennials on the move.


People with wider feet won't have to worry about feeling cramped. They're designed to fit nice and wide so you have lots of room to wiggle about. Most shoes are made with a more narrow toe but this model has a nice rounded and wide fitting tell box so you'll have lots of room no matter how wide your structure. If you have narrow feet you might consider opting for a half size smaller then your normal size to be sure that they don't feel too roomy. The Yung 1 runs a little large and most people find that it isn't true to size. Though it does come in both half and full sizes which makes it easier to find the perfect fit for you.


The Yung-1 sneaker offers quite an impressive upper unit. Made from a breathable combination of mesh and synthetic suede, this design will keep you feeling cool and comfortable. Mesh is one of the best materials for letting air circulate because of its open-weave structure. Having proper ventilation is a must if you want to be comfortable for hours on end. I mean who wants to walk around with hot sweaty feet, am I right?! If you often find yourself with sweaty feet it’s probably because your shoes are made from the wrong kind of fabric. Of course, sweaty feet are the culprit behind basically ever smelly of pair of shoes too. That’s because odor-causing bacteria thrive in moist environments which is why controlling moisture inside of your shoes is so important.


The Yung 1 was designed with an open and airy mesh upper unit for improved breathability. It's important that your shoes allow for lots of air flow otherwise your feet will get hot and sweaty. Once your feet start to sweat it quickly leads to the growth of odor-causing bacteria and can ruin your shoes faster than anything. An ultralightweight EVA midsole helps to make these runners one of the more comforting pairs. EVA is a man-made foam resin that’s superior to most other foams, especially when it comes to retention of its shape and the overall bounce it brings to every step.

Of course, no pair of Adidas would be complete without a rubber outsole that's perfect for walking in any weather conditions. Rubber is one of the longer-lasting and more durable outsole materials so your shoes won't wear out faster than they should. Rubber is also water resistant which helps to keep you dry even when the weather outside is dark and raining.


One of the best aspects of this shoe is it’s ultra-lightweight EVA midsole. EVA is a man-made foam resin material that makes for a bouncy and responsive ride. It’s also able to retain it’s cushioning better than other types of foam often used which means your shoes will last for much longer. Usually, the midsole is one of the first areas to lose its comfortability and no one wants to wear an uncomfortable pair of shoes. This means that you have to replace your shoes before they’ve actually worn out and can end up costing you quite a bit of extra money. But, with EVA you won’t have this problem because your midsole will last as long as the rest of the shoe.


This pair has a rubber outsole that offers great traction on nearly any terrain. Rubber is an incredibly durable and long-lasting choice of material that is ideal for athletic styles of footwear. The texture is easily molded and holds incredibly well on both wet and dry surfaces. The Yung 1 has contrasted colors along the bottom and sides of its outsole which help to it a little more personality and set it apart from the everyday competition. This is a great feature for fashion-conscious shoppers who enjoy standing out from the crowd with bright statement apparel.


The lace closure that the Yung 1 offers is a great feature! Laces are one of the most secure types of fasteners available and they leave lots of room to add your own personalization to the mix. Laces come in so many lengths, widths, patterns, and colors, you’re able to pick and choose different ones to pair with any shoe. This style is also very fashionable and looks great with athletic apparel. This pair comes with a good set of laces that aren't too long which can be a pain when you're trying to tie them. Instead, they're the perfect length and look totally smooth against the shoe.


This sneaker comes in a variety of colors which make it a great choice for anyone who likes to switch up this style regularly. The plethora of color combinations available make this shoe a diverse and trendy choice that lets you pick and choose the ones that best suit your sense of style. You can pick from options like Legend IV/High-Res Yellow/Active Purple, High-Res Orange/High-Res Orange/Shock Yellow, Crystal White/Orange/Royal, and even pairs with three different shades of white. With so many options to choose from you won't have any trouble matching these kicks with all of your favorite outfits which makes getting ready an effortless task.


Some might say that this pair is a little overpriced, especially considering some of Adidas other, more affordable designs. Despite its uniquely retro appearance and super comfortable ride, this shoe just doesn’t seem like it’s worth paying as much for. There are plenty of similar models by Adidas that offer a few more impressive features and cost quite a bit less. Of course, if you take some time to shop around there are some pretty good deals that help to make them more affordable and make it seem like a worthwhile purchase after all.


Even though the Yung 1 was designed to appeal to athletes, its a little on the heavy side for most. If you’re shopping for a pair to wear while you train you might consider shopping some of the more lightweight Adidas shoes available. Though, if you’re out for a more stylish looking pair than this is a great option to consider. It’s chunky structure, as fashionable as it may be, tends to make this one of the heavier from the Adidas label and makes athletes think twice before picking up a pair.

Bottom Line

Overall this sneaker is a stylish choice with a feel-good vibe. Its appearance gives a throwback to the early ‘00s, which is a refreshing change from the modern designs. This shoe is a great choice for anyone who enjoys looking stylish and comes in a variety of colorways to suit any wardrobe. Every pair boasts three contrasting shades and features funky looking overlays that add to its uniqueness. The Yung 1 is best for people with wider feet because it tends to fit larger than most and has quite a wide toe box. If you do have narrow feet try opting for a half size to a full size down from what you normally wear to help make up for the wide fit.

The Yung 1’s front laces put you in control of how your sneakers fit and let you just your shoes so they feel perfect on your feet. Laces are another way to add your own flair to any shoe because you can choose ones with different patterns and colors, as well as different lengths and widths. The mesh upper is quite impressive, in part because of its airy structure that keeps you nice and cool all day long. Temperature control inside of your shoes is very important because if your feet are too hot they'll start to sweat excessively which can make your sneakers smelly quicker than anything.

This pairs lightweight EVA midsole offers a bouncy ride and excellent underfoot cushioning. Its rubber sole is perfect for maneuvering in any weather conditions and will keep you steady on your feet even if it's wet and rainy. One of the downsides to this pair is it's a bit pricey considering the limited design features when compared to other Adidas models. Though if you take time to shop around you can find pretty good deals that make this shoe all the more attractive. It's also a little bit bulky compared to some of the athletic Adidas shoes but if you're shopping for a stylish pair over performance-geared ones this would be the ideal choice for you.