Adidas Ultraboost 3.0 Reviewed & Tested for Performance

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Adidas Ultraboost 3.0 Reviewed & Tested for Performance Review Facts

The Adidas UltraBoost 3.0 features several technologies which enhance the shoe’s overall ride and aesthetic appeal. The shoe having been released in December of 2015 is Adidas attempt at creating the ultimate road shoe.  Adidas Ultra boost includes Adidas’ most sought-after boost material that runs the length of the sole of the shoe. Alongside the boost sole that is featured on the shoe, Adidas decided to fit the shoe with a prime knit upper that, like the boost material has become very popular among adidas’ line of shoes.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable shoe
  • Fits true to size
  • Comfortable midsole
  • Achieves a great grip
  • Sole wears relatively quickly


The outsole on the Adidas Ultraboost features a hardened rubber material; this material is the result of the Adidas’ partnership with adidas in an attempt to create a more durable traction gaining material for their soles. The continental rubber that makes up the sole of the Adidas Ultraboost is fashioned into a waffle like pattern which greatly enhances the grip that the shoe is able to achieve. Aside from the pattern with which the shoe was patterned into, the sole is also very minimal in that it adds very little weight to the overall shoe.


The midsole on the Adidas Ultraboost, as was stated earlier in this review, is made entirely from Adidas Boost material. The boost material is a polyurethane infused EVA foam that enhances the shoes’ overall comfortability and ride. This is because of the materials’ ability to handle the weight that is on it while also absorbing the shocks that are taken into the overall shoe and sending them back out. While the boost material lines the entire base of the shoe, Adidas has decided to make it thickest in the back of the shoe to provide a bit more in the way of support for the overall shoe.


The upper on the Adidas Ultraboost is designed out of their prime mesh material. This material allows the shoe to both conform to the shape of the users’ foot and allow the foot to breath. The upper of the shoe also features a decent amount of padding which, for this comfortable shoe, only enhances the overall value provided. On top of this, the Adidas Ultraboost features a cage on the shoe which provides a decent amount of protection for the foot and adds some aesthetic appeal. Overall, the upper of the shoe is designed in such a way as to improve aesthetics and to provide a comfortable overall ride.


The Adidas Ultraboost being made with majority lightweight materials is unsurprisingly lightweight. The upper of the shoe is made from their Prime knit mesh upper which, due to it being mesh and the porous nature of mesh, is very lightweight. The fact that the upper holds a cage on either side of the shoe doesn’t take away from this lightweight factor either; the material isn’t intrusive enough to really make a difference on the shoe overall. The boost material that makes u the sole of the shoe doesn’t weigh very much overall either; assize 7 of this shoe weighs only 9 oz, which isn’t the best but it’s far off from being the worst, especially when compared to other shoes of its class.


In terms of breathability, this shoe doesn’t let anyone down. The use of mesh material in the design of the upper on this shoe implies that there will be decent enough air circulation to combat the effects of constant motion, something that people who purchase shoes of this style must consider. The thinness of the overall upper also enhances the breathability of the overall shoe, allowing it to better serve the users’ needs by providing more air flow.


In terms of comfort, the shoe is designed with the users’ feet in mind. The shoe is equipped with a boost midsole, which is known for the amazing rebound and comfort. The boost does this by conforming to the users’ foot and, as mentioned earlier absorbing the shocks that are present when used on more rural terrains. The mesh upper on the shoe provides a sock like fit due to its conforming nature; the shoe features a bootie-like construction on the upper, which aids the shoe in providing that sock-like fit that it’s known for.


The style of the shoe, much like several other adidas lifestyle/running shoes is very aesthetically pleasing. The cut is slim enough to be worn with a variety of todays clothing, making the shoe versatile in the pairing respect. The boost on the midsole adds a sort of minimalist appeal that blends in with the styling of clothing nowadays. On top of that, the mesh upper that the shoe sports, alongside the bootie of the shoe adds to the minimalist effect. The one thing that can be said about the shoes’ construction is that the cage that runs the alongside the sides of the shoe isn’t very pleasing to the eye; it seems to take away from the aesthetic appeal of the overall shoe.


The shoe itself is very durable as Adidas is known for making high quality shoes. The boost is dense enough to last for a relatively long time without needing replacement, and the rubber on the outsole is the same way. The latticed rubber that runs the outsole was cut a bit too thin on this shoe, after a couple hundred miles it starts to break down to the point where the wearer is running on the boost midsole rather than on the outsole itself. The upper of the shoe was well-crafted and should be able to stay in great shape for the duration of the shoes’ life; this is partly due to the addition of the cage that is placed on the sides of the shoe itself.


Adidas has placed several protective technologies throughout the shoe which benefit the wearer throughout the shoes life. The big protective feature of the shoe would be the cage that is placed on the sides of the shoe. This cage protects the sides of the users’ shoe from being damaged by any materials that could be present on less developed paths. In addition to the cage of the shoe, the sole of the shoe is relatively thick which means that it can prevent the intrusion of any unwanted materials as well.


Adidas definitely made a shoe that was responsive by all definitions of the word. The sole of the shoe, being made of boost material is inherently responsive, mainly because that is what boost material was designed for. The boost material both absorbs the shocks that are present and sends them back out, while this aids the shoe in providing comfort it also aids the shoe in delivering a snappy ride. The extra boost that can be found in the sole of the shoe also allows the shoe to provide a better transition, also enhancing the overall ride of the shoe.


The shoe has a decent amount of support throughout. The boost material that makes the sole of the shoe provides the wearer with a decent amount of arch support, mainly because of the conforming nature of the material. Overall, the shoe is designed with the neutral runner in mind; this means that the overall design of the shoe and the padding within is placed in such a way as to protect those areas that the neutral runner would need the most protection in.


The grip that this shoe attains is amazing. The continental rubber that was used in the outsole is amazing at achieving decent amount of traction on a variety of surfaces, partly because of the pattern with which the sole of the shoe is designed; the sole of the shoe is given a waffle pattern, which is known for its ability to aid the shoe in achieving above par grip. Overall, Adidas did a decent job in designing a shoe with above average gripping abilities on a variety of surfaces.


The shoe also doesn’t fail the user in the area of flexibility. The mesh upper of the shoe flexes with the users’ foot and due to the porous nature of the material itself conforms to the users’ foot well enough to do so in an effortless manner. The one thing that takes away form the flexibility of the shoes’ upper is the cage that is present on the side of the shoe; the cage in a way restricts the movement of the shoes upper due to the rigidness of the plastic material itself. This isn’t the worst thing in the word due to the fit of the shoe, but it should definitely be kept in mind. The boost material that makes up the midsole of the shoe is known for its responsive and conforming nature which implies that it will be able to move with the users’ foot with little to no effort at all.


The shoe doesn’t do a bad job at providing stability for the wearer. The upper of the shoe is designed out of mesh which, by itself wouldn’t really provide enough stability for the wearer to do anything with fast paced in it. But, the addition of the cage on the shoe restricts the movement of the material enough to prevent the users foot from moving into any positions that may compromise the users footing at all. The softness of the midsole on the on the other hand doesn’t give the shoe enough structure to provide a decent landing area for the foot overall.


The Adidas Ultraboost sports a relatively high drop for a running shoe. The drop on this shoe is about 10mm; the drop is the heel-to-toe ratio. The heel-to-toe ratio on this shoe is relatively high which allows the shoe to have smoother overall transitions. Overall, even though the drop is relatively high on this shoe, it shouldn’t be too much of a pain when in actual use.

Key features

• Boost midsole
• Cage on side of shoe
• Latticed rubber outsole
• Mesh upper
• Bootie construction


Overall, Adidas did a fairly nice job with the construction of this shoe. The mesh upper despite it being mesh holds up relatively well over time, meaning that the user wouldn’t have to worry about it breaking down after a few uses. The boost midsole and the mesh combined allows the shoe to be overall relatively comfortable, another plus for the shoe. The shoe is a bit pricey considering that the sole wears out kind of fast, but the addition of the various technologies that are present more than makes up for that. Overall, the shoe is very nice, especially considering the benefits that it provides, but it must be noted that there are various other shoes out that do a much better job of providing a nice overall ride that are much less expensive.