Adidas AlphaBounce Reviewed & Tested for Performance

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Adidas AlphaBounce Reviewed & Tested for Performance Review Facts

The Adidas AlphaBounce was initially designed to be used as running shoes. But, the multitude of technologies that were placed inside of it and the design of the overall shoe make it great for various other activities. On top of this, the shoe can be worn just for the sake of being worn, mainly because of the aesthetics of the overall shoe. These shoes feature things such as a thick, textured sole, a mesh upper, and a stylish, lightweight overall design.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Breathable upper

Versatile shoe

Comfortable when worn

Provides decent support


Doesn’t provide much in the way of ankle support


The outsole on the Adidas AlphaBounce is a sight for sore eyes. Adidas decided to use their Adiwear technology in the making of the sole, which is one of the reasons why the shoe is sole versatile. The Adiwear material that was used for the sole is made of a hardened rubber that aids the shoe in the grip that is achieved while the shoe is in use and delays the normal breakdown of the material. On top of this, Adidas has designed their Adiwear material in such a way as to promote water resistance which, coincidentally, also makes the shoe a bit more versatile. The sole is fashioned in a tread pattern which aids the shoe in gaining traction, another plus.


The midsole, like the outsole, is another thing of beauty mainly because of the bounce technology that was incorporated within. The bounce technology is much like it’s boost relative except that the boost is a bit more advanced in certain areas; the bounce is a bit on the firmer side than the boost, which is why the shoe is so great in certain activities and for the shorter distances. The firmness of the bounce takes away from the cushioning provided, not in a major way but just enough to be noticeable.


This shoe, like a lot of shoes of its class features a mesh upper. The upper on the Adidas AlphaBounce differs from the majority of other uppers that are on the market nowadays though. Aside from the mesh, the upper on the Adidas AlphaBounce has pieces of rubber thrown around to add a bit of stability to certain areas, such as the eyelets. Let’s not forget to mention the pull tab that the shoe features, that allows for ease of entry and exit when in use. There is also a decent amount of padding on the inside of the shoe which, obviously allows the shoe to be comfortable when worn.


The Adidas AlphaBounce is made of materials that promote speed and versatility, but it isn’t the lightest shoe in the world. A size 11 of the shoe weighs a surprising 10.5 oz; the look of the shoe makes it appear otherwise. The weight can be attributed to the material that make up the sole and the cushioning that can be found throughout the shoe. The sole is relatively thick and is made of a dense bounce material which adds a fair amount of weight to the overall shoe. The weight of the Adidas AlphaBounce doesn’t necessarily hurt the shoe, but it is definitely felt while the shoe is on foot. Not the worst thing in the world considering that it doesn’t affect the overall ride, but it should be considered.


The shoe doesn’t leave anything to be desired in the area of breathability. Being made out of mesh, the upper of the Adidas AlphaBounce does it’s best to combat sweat build up inside of the shoe. The mesh upper also has above average perforations located throughout which allow the shoe to have above average air circulation; this is necessary because of the extra padding that can be found on the inside of the shoe itself. Overall, Adidas did a decent job with combatting sweaty feet with this shoe.


The Adidas AlphaBounce also promotes comfort, mainly because of the material that was used in the making of the sole of the shoe. The Bounce material that the sole of the shoe is made of, much like its cousin, is a very comfortable material. The material has superior padding capabilities that aid the user while engaging in activities and also absorbs the shock that said activity places on the foot, adding a bit of extra comfort. The mesh upper of the shoe is also comfortable, because of the main quality of mesh which is that it is good at conforming to the user’s size and shape of their foot promoting comfortability.


The Adidas AlphaBounce is a pretty stylish shoe. The slim cut and the wide base of the shoe allows for it to be worn with a variety of styles of clothing that, if the shoe were cut any other was would simply not look right. The versatility which it provides the wearer with further enhances the shoes value. The shoe was also given a minimalist effect; the lack of material on the upper, besides the material that makes up the eyelet covering, means there is very little in the way of covering on the upper of this shoe.


This shoe is definitely on the more durable side, Adidas can thank their bounce material for that. The bounce material, like their boost material is designed in such a way as to be able to handle a variety of environments. This, by default means that the material is dense enough to give the user a longer period of enjoyment while the shoe is in use. The upper is also durable enough to last along with the sole, meaning that overall the user should have a shoe that gives them ample uses.


In terms of protection, the shoe could’ve provided a bit more. The upper is made of mesh, with very little in terms of toe guards and heel guards; the upper is a bit flimsy due to this lack of covering. The sole on the other hand does give the user a decent amount of protection mainly because of the sheer thickness of the thing. The sole, being made of bounce material is a dense material that is thick enough to avoid penetration regardless of the surface that is being run over. This doesn’t mean that the shoe should be used on the more rural surfaces because of the lack of overall coverage, but it does mean that the user wouldn’t have to worry about damaging the bottom of their feet.


The bounce material that is the sole of this shoe is nothing if not responsive. Much like the boost material that Adidas is famous for creating, the bounce material is made in such a way as to promote the overall rebound of the shoe itself. As mentioned earlier in this article, the material absorbs the shocks that the user would otherwise take in and sends it back out adding a bit of a bounce to the overall ride of the shoe. The relatively high heel-to-toe ratio also allow for a smooth transition that boosts the overall ride quality of the shoe.


The Adidas AlphaBounce definitely provides a decent amount of support for the user. The thick sole of the shoe, that holds most f the cushioning in the hind-part provides a decent amount of heel support; this doesn’t aid the shoe in long-distance runs but it does allow the wearer to the ability to handle a vast amount of activity without feeling much strain. The lack of covering on the upper of the shoe does take away from the ankle support that’s provided by the shoe, meaning that there really isn’t any. Not the worst thing in the world considering that the shoe isn’t to be used for a period that is long enough to feel the possible strain, but just keep that in mind.


The Bounce material is decent enough to allow the user to handle the various terrains. The denseness with which the material was designed allows the shoe to be able to maneuver through a variety of areas with very little issues. The texturing of the material also helps the material to last for a decent length of time while the shoe is used on the variety of terrains. This versatility is another one of the things that gives the shoe such value.


This shoe is actually not as expensive as one might think. The technologies that are used within this model suggest that it should be on the higher end of the spectrum. The adidas bounce material is the main thing, it’s ability to handle a variety of terrains and overall durability make it seem a bit pricey. The shoe was also designed with nice craftsmanship, which, as has been stated several times adds to the value of the shoe overall. In total, compared to the shoes that this model runs up against, this model is definitely worth every dollar that is spent on it.


The main thing that has been stressed with this shoe is that it is versatile by all meanings of the word. This also applies to the traction that is provided by the shoe. The bounce material by itself does a decent job in providing grip to the wearer while the shoe is on foot. The texturing of the sole also plays a decent sized part in providing grip to the wearer. The sole is textured in a tread pattern which allows the shoe to grab ahold of any surface that it is used on and prevents the user from hurting themselves in their activity. The sole is also fashioned from continental rubber which promotes the shoes overall amazing level of traction as well.


The upper of the Adidas AlphaBounce allows it to be quite flexible in all areas. The mesh material that it is made from conforms to the shape of the users’ foot and allows it to also move with the movements with the users’ foot as well; this means that it bends and flexes when the user does. The sole, being as responsive as it is, moves with the users’ foot as well meaning that the wearer doesn’t necessarily have to worry about the material being extraordinarily stiff. One thing that must be mentioned is that, since the material is a bit on the denser side, it does take a bit more to get it to flex.


In terms of stability, the Adidas AlphaBounce leaves a bit to be desired by the wearer. The upper of the shoe has a bit of firmness to it, mainly because of the mesh’s ability to conform to the users’ foot. The mesh upper does lack a bit of the components that general provide shoes with a bit more in the way of stability. The width of the sole does provide the shoe with ample landing space which is generally a good thing because the user wouldn’t have to worry about footing all of time.


The Adidas AlphaBounce has a relatively high drop, 10mm to be exact. Not the worst thing in he world because of the transition that it gives to the wearer. This high heel-to-toe ratio does take away a bit of the shoe’s functionality as a cross-trainer, but it enables it function better as an overall running shoe.

Notable features

• Bounce midsole
• Provides great support
• Mesh upper
• Outsole made of Adiwear material


Overall, Adidas did a great job with the Adidas AlphaBounce. It is a versatile shoe that allows the user to perform various activities while worn. The grip of the outsole allows the shoe to perform well on various surfaces with very little discomfort. The shoe is also aesthetically pleasing and is versatile in the types of clothing that it can be worn with. One thing that could’ve been bettered was the stability that it provides; there aren’t many coverings, which makes this shoe a bit flimsy for the wearer. Other than that, Adidas did a very nice job with this shoe.