Nike Air Zoom All Out Flyknit Reviewed and Tested

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Nike Air Zoom All Out Flyknit Reviewed and Tested Review Facts

By simply looking at the Nike Air Zoom all-out Fly knit, one can tell that Nike was aiming to provide the users with a comfortable semi-supportive shoe, with the exception of its lightweight flyknit upper. The Nike Air Zoom All-Out Fly knit was given its name because of the minor weight and the flexibility that the she provides. These things are primarily due to the added technologies that can be found inside of both the sole and the upper of the shoe, such as the fly wire lacing and the extended upper that has become a part of various Nike models.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Snug-fitting
  • Gets a nice amount of traction
  • Air pods in midsole
  • Very supportive shoe
  • Midfoot is a bit narrow
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  • Great looking shoes!
  • This is a great shoe for the gym.
  • I recommend wearing these for playing ball rather than running.
  • Good looking shoe for weight training.
  • Having hypermobility in the ankles, my son loves these shoes and he has worn them for a solid year. He plays sports in them with no problems.
  • After reading other reviews, I may be the only person with no issues with this shoe. I run and walk perfectly with these shoes.
  • Great for casual wear and walking.
  • Great for crossfit.
  • They take some getting used to but when you do they are great as a running shoe.
  • I work on my feet for 12 hours a day and these feel and look great. I get a lot of compliments
  • I like the knit material and the sock attachment. I’ve ran a couple of times in these and they feel good.
  • I own 4 pairs of these and hoping that Nike continues to make them.
  • I run track in these and I feel like I am running on clouds. I have a bounce in my step and they are stylish too.
  • Keeps my feel cool. The soles absorbs impact nicely and the fit is snug.
  • At first I was concerned that I would twist my ankle while walking or playing basketball but it never happened. Love the look.
  • Great for sprints and interval training. Super responsive.
  • These shoes are eye catching and very comfortable.
  • Lightweight and great air flow.
  • Great for performance and casual use.
  • Price has come down since they first hit the market.
  • I really love this shoes but it’s just too scary to run in for long periods of time.
  • Ankle doesn’t feel supported making them dangerous to run in.
  • The air leaks if you step on something sharp.
  • Unstable
  • Unfortunately I realized after buying this shoe that’s it’s not stable to run in.
  • Not for serious runners in my opinion
  • My arches get tired after wearing these.
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The outsole on the Nike Air zoom was made in such a way as to promote durability and traction. On the Nike Air Zoom All Out, Nike has decided to fit the sole of the shoe with a quality rubber that they’ve nicknamed BRS 1000. This rubber allows the sole of the shoe to attain a higher level of grip while remaining flexible enough to not be uncomfortable. Another thing to note about this sole was that Nike decided to make the back of it translucent, which in a way adds to the shoes aesthetic qualities. Under the forefoot of the shoe are multiple lugs which is another part of the shoe that allows the user to attain a grip.


The midsole of Nike Air Zoom All Out is fashioned in such a way as to blend in with the upper of the shoe. This in a way takes away from the fact that the shoe holds, within the sole, multiple air pockets that help the shoe deliver the amazing ride that it does. The air pods, as they’re often called, respond to the pressure that is placed on them and flexes it back outward, giving the user an extra bounce in their step while the shoe is in use. Other than this, the midsole is also fashioned out of a foam material that benefits the shoe because of the minimal weight that it holds.


The Nike Air Zoom All Out’s upper is definitely something to take note of. The first thing to be mentioned is the elongated upper on the shoe that acts as a support device and stabilizes the otherwise “loose” shoe. The upper is designed from Nike’s Flyknit material, which coincidentally is known for amazing breathability. The Flyknit gives the shoe the ability to conform to the user’s foot, also aiding in the overall comfort level that is achieved. The Fly wire gives the shoe added support and aids the shoe in providing a nice fit for the wearer. Overall, the upper on this shoe was well-designed and features various technologies that improve the overall experience.


Despite the lightweight material that was used in the creation of the Nike Air Zoom All Out, it is a bit on the heavier side. Nike decided to add a bit more cushioning on the inside of the shoe, which added a few oz’s to the overall weight. On top of this, the air pods and other technology that can be found inside of the shoe’s sole contain a decent amount of weight that wouldn’t be there otherwise. Despite popular belief, the added weight doesn’t do much to hinder the ride of the shoe. This is because the weight comes in the form of technologies that benefit the users’ foot during wear time.


The Nike Air Zoom All Out features a mesh upper which is a bit perforated to enhance the shoe’s overall breathability. Before the shoe is placed on the foot, one can see that the forefoot of the shoe is stitched in such a way as to promote the shoe’s inherently decent air circulation. This means that while the shoe is in use the wearer doesn’t feel discomfort that is caused by excess amounts of sweat accumulating in the tighter area of the shoe; a big plus because of the activities that the shoe is designed to be used for. Although the mesh material is thoroughly cushioned, it is surprisingly lightweight which also benefits the shoe in the area of air-flow.


Nike made sure that they gave this shoe all of the components of a comfort-giving shoe. The Nike Air Zoom All Out features several technologies that enhance the shoe’s fit, ride, and allow the shoe to give a decent level of support in use. The shoe features things such as the fly-wire lacing, and the mesh upper, which both allow the shoe to conform to the shape of the users’ foot; this also means that the shoe is able to provide a snug fit that the majority of shoes nowadays simply can’t. On top of this, Nike has fitted this shoe with a decent amount of technology in the sole of the shoe that gives it the amazing ride that the shoe is known for. The air pods that are fitted within the sole of the shoe flex with the users’ foot while also sending that energy back out.


The Nike Air Zoom All Out is unsurprisingly a stylish shoe. Nike has designed this shoe to be on the slimmer side, which blends in with the style of other shoes nowadays and gives the shoe a versatile appearance; it can be worn with a variety of clothing apart from just running gear. The look of the shoe is aesthetically pleasing, which is to say that Nike has done a great job in piecing together different materials that complement one another; even considering the flashy translucent material that is on the back side of the heel and how it compliments the darker colors that make up the rest of the shoe.


Nike has made sure to make the shoe out of materials that guarantee more than just a couple hundred miles of use. The sole on the Nike Air Zoom All Out is relatively thick and textured in such a way as to be able to withstand extended periods of use. This, coupled with the thick, layered midsole, allow the sole to be usable for much more than a majority of shoes of it’s caliber. The upper is the one weak area on the shoe, seeing as it is relatively thin, despite all of the cushioning; it does begin to wear down after a rather short period of time.


The Nike Air Zoom All Out doesn’t have as many protective features as it’s competition. The upper on the shoe is rather firm, but the material that was used simply lacks the stability to be of any real use. The sole is rather thick, which does help the wearer in that area; meaning that materials that would harm he users foot, simply can’t make it through that area. A major portion of the sole that offers protection is the back section which is the Zoom air unit; it is made from a denser material which does it’s best to block the material that could otherwise penetrate it.


Nike has fitted the Nike Air Zoom All Out with both the Zoom air unit and the Air pods that are within the midsole of the shoe. The Zoom air unit, like the air pods, take the pressure that is taken in from contact and absorbs it relieving the users foot from the pressure felt by the ground. The shoe’s air pods act in a similar way by flexing to meet the needs of the users’ foot while also absorbing some of the shock from the ground.


The shoe is fitted with a plethora of supportive features such as the cushioning that can be found in the shoes’ upper and the width of the sole. The sole is rather wide which provides the shoe with a decent amount of arch support. There is also a decent amount of cushioning in the back end of the sole which serves the same purpose, to provide arch support for the wearer. The shoe is also fitted with a sock like extension on the neck of the shoe which, despite it’s thinness, does give the user a decent amount of ankle support.


The Nike Air Zoom All Out can handle a plethora of terrains. This is due primarily to the type of material that was used to make the sole of the shoe. The sole is designed from a hardened rubber material that is able to withstand the more strenuous surfaces; this is the nature of hardened rubber on the majority of shoes. The patterning of the material also adds to this effect, because it aids the shoe in being able to withstand and function on the multitude of surfaces. The Nike Air Zoom unit also aids the shoe in being able to maneuver on the various surfaces that it can be used on, primarily because of it's toughness and patterning as well.


One thing that can definitely be said about this shoe is that it is fairly expensive. The Nike Air Zoom All Out is priced in such a way as to help Nike explain all the benefits that the wearer will be able to partake in. The shoe contains various technologies such as the flywire lacing and the Nike Air Zoom unit that help justify the price of the shoe. On top of these features the shoe has a decent amount of grip and the provides enough stability and support which make up for the cost of the shoe.


The mesh make of the shoe allows the Nike Air Zoom All Out to be flexible. The shoe’s upper is made from a perforated mesh material that is able to conform to the will of the user’s foot in all aspects. The material that makes up the base of the shoe is also rather flexible, mainly because of the air pods and the cushlon foam that it is made of. The cushlon foam, much like the other cushioning materials is made so that it is able to bounce back from the pressure that is placed on it during everyday use; this also implies that it is able to move with the movements of the upper in an outstanding fashion.


The upper of the Nike Air Zoom All Out provides a decent amount of stability for the wearer. The extended neck of the shoe plays its part in doing this mainly because of the additional support that it provides to the user of the shoe. The wide heel of the shoe also plays its part in providing stability for the wearer by providing a larger base for the wearer of the shoe to land on. On top of these things, the addition of the flywire gives the shoe a firmer feel, one that would otherwise have been missing.


The Nike Air Zoom All Out has a relatively low drop. The heel-to-toe ratio on this shoe is about 5mm which allows it to provide a relatively nice transition for the wearer of the shoe. This is mainly due to the higher rise in the back of the shoe which is caused by the Nike Air Zoom unit. Overall, nice job with the drop on the shoe.

Key features

• Extended neck on the shoe
• Mesh upper
• Flywire lacing
• Nike air zoom unit in heel
• Air pods in midsole


Overall, Nike did a decent job in the creation of this shoe. The sole is relatively thick, which in turn implies that it’s somewhat durable. The mesh upper aids the shoe in its efforts to be durable; the addition of the flywire lacing and elongated neck on the shoe allow the shoe to provide a bit more in the way of stability to wearers without taking away from the shoes functionality. The sole features a Nike Air Zoom unit that benefits the shoe’s overall ride and, coupled with the cushlon foam and the hardened rubber material that makes up the sole does its job very well.