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Nike Air More Uptempo Review Facts

The end of 2017 ushered in the release of the coveted Nike Air More Uptempo basketball shoes , which is essentially a modernized version of the original shoe released in the 1990s. It functions mainly as a basketball shoe, but can definitely be worn for more casual activities like just walking around town. They’re pretty awesome looking because they are available in really fashionable color schemes. Apart from how aesthetically pleasing the presentation of these shoes is, they are durable, breathable, and really comfortable. There are a lot of wonderful things to say about the Air More Uptempo, so let’s delve into the reasons why this was one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Breaks in quickly and easily
  • Unique design; different looking than the typical running shoe
  • Super comfortable and has nice traction
  • Doesn’t crease at all
  • Comfortable, has great ankle support
  • Made with good quality materials
  • Feels pretty heavy and bulky
  • Pretty expensive
  • Difficult to acquire online (this may be a temporary problem because of high demand)
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  • Nike Air More Uptempo is really a good looking shoe. It is really comfortable too. They look like they would be bulky but they are not heavy.
  • I get so many compliments when I wear these shoes but what's most important for me is that they are really comfortable probably the most comfortable shoes I own.
  • I am so glad these shoes came out because I got them for my boyfriend as a gift and he loves them. These shoes are exactly what I ordered.
  • Nike Air More Uptempos are perfect shoes and they are at a perfect price just as advertised.
  • These sneakers are definitely made of premium quality and you can't beat the price.
  • My boyfriend is in love with these shoes. I got these for a birthday gift.
  • I love everything about these uptempos. They are beautiful sneaker. I love the way they look on my feet. And they feel good too. I'm glad I finally purchased them.
  • I would definitely buy these shoes again. This is truly a great product. I receive a lot of compliments when I wear these shoes. I just love them.
  • The Nike Air More Uptempo is high quality and an excellent product.
  • This is very cute on my boyfriend's feet. They appear to be strong and durable and they fit true to size.
  • What can I say except for my husband loves these shoes.
  • The Nike Air More Uptempo is a throwback classic. I love them.
  • Everything was just right about this purchase.
  • At first, I was skeptical about buying a shoe for this price but when I got them I was so impressed and so glad that I did buy them. I love them. They are definitely authentic.
  • I get so many good comments about these shoes when I wear them they are so comfortable too.
  • I hesitated to buy these shoes because at first, I thought they were going to be too heavy and bulky on my feet and the color is so bright too. But they feel comfortable and not bulky or heavy. They're true to size. I hope they keep making this shoe.
  • When I wear my Nike Air More Uptempos I get a lot of questions and a lot of compliments. Very comfortable.
  • This shoe is very stylish and I feel worth the money. They do run a little big if your foot isn't wide, I would say buy a half size smaller.
  • Like most other comments, I feel these shoes run true to size for me. Amazing quality and they look amazing too.
  • In my opinion, this shoe is more comfortable than any shoe that Nikes has made.
  • Runs big
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Midsole and Outsole

Most notably, the midsole is responsible for adding some pep in your step which is interesting since many consumers don’t even consider the makeup of the midsole when shoe shopping. The midsole on this product is equipped with an air bubble unit which is part of what makes the shoes such a joy to walk in. Several critics have described this portion of the footwear as gummy, which is atypical for Nike shoes.

Of course, we cannot talk about the midsole without discussing the outsole, which features a stunning tricolor design and the signature “AIR” written on each side of the shoe. It is composed of rubber for sturdiness and flexibility. Nike chose to do this rather than a typical waffle style outsole because this is the ideal design for running up and down the basketball court.

Weight & Size

One of the biggest challenges running shoes designers face is finding an acceptable balance between sturdiness and comfort when it comes to weight. If the shoes are too light, they may rip, tear, or simply fall apart in a short amount of time. Conversely, if they are too heavy, people won’t want to wear them for fear of being weighed down. The Air More Uptempo is probably on the heavier side because it isn’t built with long distance running in mind, but because of this it is a more durable shoe. We would probably recommend this model to the more casual athlete or for someone who just wants a nice pair of streetwear shoes.


Perhaps the biggest drawback to these shoes is their inability to function seamlessly on different types of terrain. Since they are a basketball shoe, they are obviously meant for indoor, flat surfaces, and therefore probably shouldn’t be worn on hikes or in harsher outdoor environments. At the same time, though, no one is really buying the Air More Uptempo as an outdoor shoe, but rather as a luxury streetwear kind of shoe. This isn’t a huge letdown, but just know that they are not meant for wearing in rougher territory.


The Air More Uptempo is currently being sold between $150 and $200 from various online vendors, which would put it on the higher end of the price bell curve. This bigger price tag is the case because the shoe is more unique and marketed as more of a style shoe than a functional one. The demographic that this model is marketed towards would probably be willing to pay a large premium for these so price isn’t really an issue. Additionally, it is also a very recent release and newer products generally fall into this range.

Style & Aesthetics

One of the most unique parts of this shoe that sets it apart from others is its funky fresh design. The creators of these shoes were inspired by the previous models which were released in 1996, 2005, 2006, 2010, and 2012, respectively. The main frame of the original design hasn’t changed much, but the Air More Uptempo features bold new colors that are sleek and appealing and incorporates updated Nike technology into the shoe as well. Moreover, it has the words “AIR” written on multiple panels of the shoe which is cool because most of Nike’s shoes are a lot plainer looking. It can definitely double as a streetwear shoe as opposed to just a basketball shoe. Old school shoe lovers will appreciate this shoe and how it pays homage to a classic.

Comfort & Cushioning

Comfort is key in making any person happy in life, and the same principle applies to best basketball shoes! Athletes want something that will keep them comfortable but still get the job done when they’re out on the court. The bubble cushioning as well as soft interior and exterior provide a pleasurable fit that doesn’t slow your body down. It adapts to different foot shapes very well, and never feels like it’s going to fall off which is probably the main concern for players who wear them during games as opposed to just practice alone. Overall, there is not much to complain about when it comes to how comfy the Air More Uptempo is.

Breathability & Airflow

Without breathability, there is essentially no way comfort can exist within a shoe, especially for basketball players. The full length air cushioning delivers great comfortability because it assists in better ventilating the air throughout the shoes. As a result, your feet will not get sweaty or slide around at all which is pretty much the ultimate end goal. Additionally, the way the Nike designers constructed these kicks also prevents blistering, rashes, or any other kind of discomfort from affecting the wearer’s feet. Of course, this is only the case when socks are worn with the shoes because without them, your feet are very much susceptible to damage or pain. We mention this because you can get away with going barefoot in other Nike shoes and not have to worry about these issues.

Key Features

• Design inspired by basketball shoes rather than the usual running shoe
• Super cool color scheme
• Features stunning updates on a classic and beloved shoe
• Often worn by celebrities and other trendy figures
• Unrivaled elastic construction
• Full-length air sole unit


The reason people were so clamorous and excited about the release of the most recent Nike Air More Uptempo shoe was because it brought them back to the glory days of Jordan in the 1990s. Nike’s goal wasn’t merely to reproduce or copy the exact same shoe that had once been so popular, but to improve upon the foundation of it. This is exactly what they managed to do with this update, and customers have had nothing but great things to say about the shoes so far. Its design is really fresh and awesome to look at which it makes it a great addition to any outfit. At the same time, it is comfortable enough to wear for a long period of time and doesn’t break down or tear easily. Lastly, it is built with excellent materials so you know that you’re getting what you pay for. These shoes should be a staple in any basketball player or streetwear fanatic’s wardrobe.