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Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 4 Reviewed & Tested Review Facts

With each new release of a Nike shoe, the sneaker community often wonders how such minimal changes to an updated version of a shoe could possibly outdo the last rendition of it. Nike has again not let us down with the Terra Kiger 4 Running shoe, which features solid additions to an already well-renowned model of shoe. It isn’t very expensive in comparison to the latest editions of other running shoes and offers a lot of value which is exemplified by the detailed and sturdy construction of the shoes. There are several beautiful color options that appeal to men and women of all ages, and each and every pair of shoes is super durable and reliable. You can wear these pretty pairs of kicks in the gym, in rocky areas, or just about anywhere you can think of. Overall, the Terra Kiger 4 is a great update on a tried and true shoe.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Accommodating, much more spacious toe box
  • Solid traction on multiple types of surfaces
  • Durable, not as prone to ripping as other Nike shoes
  • Stylish update on a tried and true classic
  • Softer and highly delicate midsole
  • Runs roughly half a size smaller than marked size
  • Lace loops susceptible to blowing out/breakage
  • Nothing revolutionary about it in comparison to its predecessors
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  • I wear these everyday on and off the trails. I’ve been running for years and always in a Nike.
  • These are my go to shoes for running the trails.
  • I run cross country in my Nike Air with no issues They are lightweight and comfortable.
  • I used to be a Solomon Speed-cross fan until I tried these shoes, which are the most comfortable trail and running shoe that I’ve worn to date.
  • To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of Nike until I wore the Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 4. These shoes are phenomenal.
  • These shoes have held up in all types of weather and 20 plus miles.
  • I prefer these over hiking boots when I go hiking. They are great when a clunky and heavy boot isn’t necessary.
  • I’ll start with mentioning that I’ve already put 200 miles on these shoes so far in all types of running conditions. I appreciate the wide toe box too.
  • Keeps my feet cool and very stylish.
  • These seem to run true to size or slightly wider which I love. The grip is solid on the trails.
  • This shoe is best on a technical trail and long distance running. They do require some breaking in as the midsole is a bit harder but they will take you over any surface.
  • I don’t wear these for trail running. Instead, I use my shoes for everyday walking, standing etc. They provide awesome overall support.
  • I brought these as a Christmas gift to myself. I’ve already put 300+ miles on the trails. I am also considering these to wear everyday.
  • My Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 4 are used to walk around town and for hiking. They’re great shoes and very comfortable.
  • Love the comfort and how cushiony these shoes are.
  • My review is a little different because I wear these frequently as my clean shoes because they are gorgeous and comfortable.
  • I am a fan of the Terra Kiger series. These are my first pick for the trails because of their awesome grips and comfort.
  • Nike out did themselves this time. Awesome colors to choose from and great for everyday wear.
  • The traction on this shoe is great and I’ve wore these on rainy days with no slipping. They are lightweight and comfortable.
  • Runs Small
  • My shoes started peeling on the bottom after only 10 miles.
  • Not the most durable.
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Similarly to its predecessor, the Terra Kiger 4 utilizes Flywire mesh technology on its upper. It is thin, properly aerated, and lightweight which provides maximum comfort and breathability. Nike also built this model with a Dynamic Fit system which assists in giving the wearer mid-foot support and a superior lockdown. The Flywire cables are definitely still visible, but there are significantly less of them on the upper in order to offer a pleasurable fit. Additionally, the tongue is stitched to a different part of the shoe rather than its usual location which delivers an overall more enjoyable fit.

Midsole & Outsole

Full length Phylon foam is the key to this shoe’s comfort in the midsole, and is a staple feature of the vast majority of Nike’s running shoes. This gives the shoes excellent cushioning far beyond what the standard shoe would give you. Again, we see the usage of pressurized air pockets in the midsole which are expertly placed throughout to give the user more responsive cushioning. Finally, the midsole is just as attractive and comfortable as both the upper and outsole are.

The outsole of the Terra Kiger 4 features Nike’s classic Dual Density construction. This is a huge plus because it gives you more adequate protection in areas of the shoe that are more susceptible to wear and tear. Though it is often seen as kind of an afterthought, the outsole is actually quite vital in offering comfort and strengthening the foundation of the shoe as a whole. Moreover, it has a waffle pattern that provides multi-surface traction and improved durability. The waffling also aids in giving the shoe more natural movement.


Currently, the Terra Kiger 4 is going between around seventy and one-hundred-twenty USD on online stores, and Nike's retail website which is about what you’d expect for a shoe of this caliber. This is a lot less expensive than some of Nike’s higher-end shoes but is still by no means a cheap shoe. At the same time though, you might be better off purchasing the Terra Kiger 3 for less since it is nearly identical to this model. It is definitely worth the price because of how durable and stylish it is, and there is no doubt that it is crafted with high-quality materials because of the strong brand recognition behind it.


As the years have gone by, it has become quite clear that style is an increasingly important element when prospective customers are looking to buy a pair of running shoes. Though they are a bit stiffer and bulkier looking than some of Nike’s other shoes, the Terra Kiger 4 is still attractive looking and comfortable at the same time. Some of the colors it is sold in include combinations of black, white, blue, volt gray, and several others as well. It can be worn with non-athletic wear, but most customers have stuck to wearing them exclusively when working out so as to lengthen the lifespan of the shoes. They are appealing looking and the vast majority of shoppers would enjoy the look of this model.


Any intelligent and consumer-friendly company would prioritize comfort over most aspects of a running shoe, and Nike did just that with this product. The Flymesh upper and inner-sleeve construction work in unison to add breathability and support as well as give the wearer a more sock-like and close fit. This aids in preventing your foot from sliding around when walking. Additionally, the full length Phylon foam provides awesome enhanced cushioning that makes you feel like you’re walking on clouds. It is soft without feeling like it is slowing you down, and stiff enough to give you that added boost on the go.


At the end of the day, durability is potentially the most important aspect of a running shoe because a shoe that has no structural integrity is virtually useless. Many have lauded the Terra Kiger 4 because of how well it has stood up against the test of time, and it has even become their go-to, every day running shoe. It is able to adapt to numerous kinds of terrain both indoors and outdoors, and there have been no reports of the shoes breaking down or tearing at all. The integration of the air pods in the midsole along with the Flywire cables and overall sturdy build makes this product highly durable.


Breathability is a really vital asset to a running shoe because it can make or break the perception of it. Thankfully, the superior build of the Terra Kiger 4 allows for great airflow in the shoe, so your feet feel dry, comfortable, and stable. This also helps with preventing rashes, blistering, and other painful afflictions to your feet.

Key Features

• Successful integration of all of Nike’s patented technological developments
• Buttery soft and spacious toe bumper
• Gusseted tongue design that holds your foot in place without fail
• Updated lace loops that are sleeker than ever before
• Waffle outsole that tackles any terrain with ease
• Attractive color options for both men and women

Bottom Line

As a whole, the Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 4 is an artfully crafted shoe that is sure to impress both sneakerheads and casual wearers alike. The upper, midsole, and outsole are extremely well constructed, and you can definitely tell that Nike put a lot of time and effort into producing such an amazing product. The shoes are super breathable, comfortable, and durable because of unique technological designs like Flywire cabling and the Dynamic fit system. It’s these little touches that truly complete the shoe. Furthermore, it is optimal for wearing indoors, but can easily tackle rougher terrain if need be. The consensus for the Terra Kiger 4 is an overwhelmingly positive one, and customers have praised them en masse.