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Nike Air Zoom Structure 18 Reviewed & Tested Review Facts

Nike is one of the most popular brands across the globe today. Nike is best known for creating products that are both durable and affordable. And true to their word, Nike has once again reaffirmed its position as a top-selling brand with the new Nike Air Zoom Structure 18. The Zoom Structure 18 comes with new modifications making it even better compared to previous models. This classic running shoe offers greater comfort and is a lot more stable than past models particularly because of the stiff EVA traveling from the heel to the mid-foot. With the Nike Air Zoom Structure 18, runners can now experience great cushioning and improved stability.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Great value for the cost
  • Comfortable is an understatement
  • Improved stability and support
  • Well cushioned
  • The toe box is somewhat narrow
  • prone to wear and tear
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  • We have a teenager who runs cross-country and these are his 8th pair of Nike Air Zoom Structure 18. We have to get him a new pair every season. Great quality.
  • A good pair of running shoes is imperative for a runner and these are those shoes for me. I started with the 17 model and the 18s are much better. They provide good stability.
  • My husband purchased these as a work shoe. He does 12 hour shifts at the hospital. He loves them so much he bought another pair.
  • I’ve own the Structure 17 which I thought fit perfectly and so does the 18. But, I feel that the 18 is much more comfortable and much more supportive than the 17.
  • With my pronation issue, these shoes are great. My feet feel comfortable.
  • As a woman who purchases the men version I am happy to say that the size 9 fits great. I love the spacious toe box. My feet can breathe also and the support is adequate.
  • I’ve been wearing Nike shoes for 20 years. The Structure is my favorite running shoe.
  • My knees don’t hurt when I walk in these. Great for heavier people who walk or run.
  • My husband won’t wear any other shoes when he runs. He puts a beating on these and replaces them often.
  • With everyday running in these shoes, they’ve lasted about 6 months. Very comfortable.
  • I love my Structures because of the great ankle support. I do have to buy a full size larger but I don’t mind.
  • My son’s podiatrist recommended this shoe to help with the many problems that my son has with his feet. These shoes have more support and structure according to the podiatrist. My son’s feet no longer hurt him.
  • After washing them they still look and feel good.
  • My 16 year old loves these shoes because they are flashy. I love them because these shoes provide support and are comfortable for school use daily.
  • Great improvement over the previous model.
  • I prefer more cushioning but the ride is stable and the arch is great.
  • Running long distances isn’t a problem with these shoes. My feet aren’t sore and the fit is nice.
  • Recommend for pronators like me. I ran a half marathon in these without any pain afterwards.
  • I have only run in these a few times but so far I am happy with them.
  • Excellent support for heavier runners.
  • Noticeable wear and tear after only a few uses
  • Soles detached only after a few months
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Upper & Protection

This time, Nike has introduced a newly engineered mesh that can be credited for the durability of the Nike Air Zoom Structure 18. In this model, Nike took their time and focused on removing the overlays. The Air Zoom Structure 18 now has a combination of a flyknit design and the mesh that offers just the right amount of support. The inside toe bumper provides protection by creating the very minimal forefoot.

The collar, on the other hand, is not thick in size thus ensuring stability. The Air Zoom Structure 18 also has an internal heel stiffener thus providing the best support when running. This Air Zoom model has flywire cables that are connected to the midsole and the laces meant to hold the foot securely. What makes the Nike Air Zoom Structure 18 perfect for long-distance runs is that the upper is lightweight but at the same time very durable. Another addition that was not present in past models is the plush of insole meant for cushioning.

Midsole & Outsole

The Nike Air Zoom Structure 18 has a waffle-like outsole that is meant to provide long-lasting protection from wear and tear effects. The design of the shoe incorporates the tough flywire technology hence allowing the shoe to form around your foot in what some people would refer as ‘fit like a glove’.

After the previous different versions, the new Nike Air Zoom Structure 18 now comes with three different materials used to create density foam. First is the softer material on the eternal side followed by a medium density form also referred to as the tri-density foam. This foam ideally covers the whole length of the shoe. Lastly, the shoe has a cage-like structure wrapping the shoe with impressively-looking high density foam. The heel and the forefoot is where the Air Zoom bags are located.

The outsole comprises of two rubber compounds and has great coverage. The forefoot is covered by soft blown rubber while hard recycled rubber is used to cover the larger part of the shoe. The outsole also comprises of hexagonal lugs and deep flexes grooves at the forefoot. This is something that the Nike brand is popular for when it comes to the designing of running shoes. The added features at the outsole are meant to increase traction and flexibility for the runner. At the midfoot, the Nike Air Zoom Structure 18 has a long rubber design that is also referred by some people as crash rails for smother transition.


The Structure 18 comes in different stylish colors for those who prefer attractive and appealing designs. When you come across the Structure 18, the first thing that catches your eye is the signature Nike’s logo on the side. The signature check always has a vibrant color in contrast with the primary color of the shoe on top of the Flymesh material. This design also comes with two layers of multi-colored fabric. In fact, the material used in Structure 18 resembles knitted fabric put together. This makes the Nike Air Zoom Structure 18 perfect for both long distance runs and short jogs.

Perhaps what attracts most runners to the Structure 18 is the magnificent mono-color fabric. The Air Zoom Structure 18 is very similar to the Flyknit Lunar 2 only that the former does not have a stretch. With regards to the color schemes, runners and especially female runners have a wide variety of colors to choose from.

The men designs too are very vibrant in color.


The Nike Structure 18 is perfect on any terrain. Runners experience a smooth transition while running or jogging on any surface condition thanks to the revised rubber layout that this shoe has. Regardless of whether the conditions on the surface are dry or wet, the Structure 18 remains one of the best running shoes. There have been previous mentions that the surface texture from the lugs of the Zoom Structure 18 tends to fade away after a few runs compared to the Zoom Structure 17. Despite this, Zoom 18 still retains a durable heel and midfoot area.


The Zoom Structure 18 is considered as lightweight running shoes as it weighs 10.4 oz for men and 8.7 oz for women. Despite their lightweight nature, they still have the ideal weight for running shoes. If you are looking for minimalist running shoes that combines stability, comfort and ultra-responsiveness, then the Zoom Structure 18 is the perfect choice for you.

Few runners prefer running shoes that are bulky. There is a general feeling among runners that heavy running shoes are bulky and sometimes this bulkiness can get in your way. A feeling of bulkiness can affects the runner’s performance.


So what are some of the factors that cause runners to create preferences when it comes to running shoes? Well, on top of the list should be breathability accompanied by durability and comfort. There is also a host of other attributes that runners consider when selecting running shoes. The best feature that the Nike Air Zoom Structure 18 has is the Flymesh upper that ensures that the runner’s feet are cool and dry at all times.

There was a reason why Nike chose the Flymesh material for Zoom Structure 18. First, the material is well ventilated. There are other runners who prefer the Flymesh material because of its texture. A lot of runners have often mentioned the close similarity between the Flymesh material and Lunarglide since both materials have perforations and are closely weaved creating a textile masterpiece.


The Nike Air Zoom Structure 18 is somehow similar to the previous Air Zoom Structure models that Nike has developed in the past. However, the removal of the overlays present in previous models makes Structure 18 much more forging. This particular model runs true to its size. The forefoot has an extra room that makes this shoe a lot roomier. The size of Structure 18 ranges from narrow to extra wide. However, the midfoot and heel remain unchanged making the shoe very comfortable.


Some runners have raised concerns in the past that the surface texture from the lugs of Air Zoom Structure 18 tends to fade away after some time compared to the previous version,(Structure 17) which is considered better. There have also been mentions of the shoe having a small toe box while it’s breathability in comparison with the previous model has also been put to question.


The official price of the Nike Air Zoom Structure 18 on the official Nike website is just above one-hundred-ten US dollars. However, the price is relatively lower on other online stores with the price typically being under one-hundred US dollars. The price range is not too expensive for a running shoe that combines comfort, durability and maximum protection. Durability is one of the key factors that runners consider when buying a running shoe. For this model, the price might seem a little pricey but there are runners willing to spend adequately on a durable running shoe while others go for what they can afford. Whatever the consideration is, there is no doubt that investing in a durable running shoe can prove to be worth it in the long run.


If you are a runner looking for a shoe that offers you great performance, stability, comfort and durability for both short and intense workouts, then the Nike Air Zoom 18 should be the shoe of choice. As a runner, your choice of shoe greatly affects your performance. You need to select a shoe that gives you maximum comfort and at the same time enables a smooth transition regardless of the surface condition. Nike Air Zoom 18 has all these.

The triple density foam for maximum comfort should ultimately place this model at the top of your buying list. In addition, the Flymesh technology helps keep your feet cool and dry with its impressive ventilation. Under any condition, there is no doubt that the Zoom Structure 18 is perfect.

When you buy this amazing model, you can be sure that you will get maximum comfort, ultra-responsiveness, enhanced stability and a smooth transition on different surfaces. There are those who love vibrant colors. The different color models allow you to express yourself and your personality with the sleek designs made in a fun and simple way. It is also worth noticing that the price is reasonable for such an amazing shoe.