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Nike Zoom Fly 2 Reviewed & Tested for Performance Review Facts

The Nike Zoom Fly 2 is the much anticipated follow up to its well-known predecessor.  The original runner struck a great balance between speed, responsiveness and cushioning.  Many Zoom Fly lovers will be hoping for more of the same but somehow better, as is the case with sequel shoes.  Runners who enjoyed the excellent transition and stability featured in the original shoe will enjoy the same in the Zoom Fly 2’s.  A notable upgrade is the carbon rubber outsole which provides a marked improvement in traction and dependability.  The sequel takes a step-up in overall ventilation and comfort too, via updates to the upper mesh, and durability is excellent for a lightweight shoe.  Runners who like a nimble, flexible shoe that provides reliable stability for their everyday on-road training are bound to get good use out of these.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Robust carbon rubber outsole with excellent traction that’s built to last.
  • Light and flexible without compromising on stability.
  • Seamless upper makes for a soft, pleasant feel.
  • Upper mesh is breathable and flexible while still feeling secure.
  • An attractive design and overall good-looking shoe.
  • Super affordable given its features.
  • Suitable for both road running and cross-training.
  • Not ideal for the wider footed athlete, especially through the heel and mid-section
  • Lack of support is the trade-off for responsiveness which can lead to blistering and pain under the foot with heavy use.
  • Only available in 4 color options.
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  • I love my Nike Air Zoom Fly 2s. They are so comfortable that it is like I am not wearing anything on my feet but yet I still get the necessary cushion and support.
  • I run about 5 miles in these almost every day and I have no pain or soreness in my muscles or joints. These shoes are so comfortable and they are now my favorite running shoe.
  • These shoes are really well made and they are comfortable and they look good too so I would recommend them for sure.
  • These trainers are nice and supportive. Very good shoes.
  • The Nike Air Zoom Fly 2s are now my preferred running shoes because they are so comfortable. I can run miles a day in these without sore joints.
  • I really didn't want to like the Air Zoom Fly 2 but after trying them on in the store and testing them on a treadmill I can honestly say I really like these shoes. My first run in these was 18 miles and I totally love them.
  • I wouldn't be your typical user of this type of shoe as I am 68 years old and I run marathons. I suffer from chronic Achilles tendonitis and I love these shoes. I feel like they make me run faster and my tendonitis is much improved. Who would have figured that Nike Air Zoom Fly 2 shoe would be the one that would do it for me?
  • I have no complaints about these shoes. Some people have complained about the carbon plate that they can feel and that it's uncomfortable but not for me. These shoes are very comfortable. As it pertains to running, that's really up to the person. It's a fast shoe in my opinion and has made me run faster because it encourages a faster tempo.
  • For me, these shoes are revolutionary. They may not make you faster but they definitely don't slow you down. These shoes are very comfortable and cushiony.
  • As a trainer, these shoes work for me. They are comfortable I simply enjoy running in them.
  • This shoe is legit. In fact, I believe it's a game-changer shoe and other companies will copy it to create their next racing flat.
  • The Nike Air Zoom Fly 2 may not be for everyone but I love this shoe.
  • After trying several shoes these Nikes are most likely going to be my Marathon shoes. I don't mind the Comfort at all and they make me want to go faster. I feel that my stride is more efficient.
  • I haven't worn Nikes in years and I got these on sale. These shoes are stiff but they are also fast.
  • These shoes are definitely worth a try. I love the large toe box and how the heel locks. They have perfect cushion and to think I wasn't going to buy these because of the hype.
  • I have no problem with these shoes whatsoever, in fact, I love the zoom fly 2. I did a marathon in these without needing to break them in at all. I've already bought 3 pairs to be my go-to shoes for my next marathon.
  • I really like the fly 2 now that I've dialed in on my perfect size. I had to go way up to get a perfect fit. These help me during my tempo run and I love how adorable they are.
  • These shoes are the best for me in terms of cushioning and protection. I can't speak to running because I'm not a runner. But I suffer from knee pain and this shoe is my solution.
  • I bought these shoes on a whim about a month ago and as soon as I ran in them for the very first time I fell in love. I gave up my zoom streak 6 for these shoes. They're the best shoes I've run with in years.
  • I was so excited to get my feet in these shoes. They are game changers for me. I've already set personal records in my 10K and a half-marathon in these shoes.
  • Not for many users as they complain about the stiff plate and the intensive responsiveness not being comfortable.
  • Too stiff for some users
  • Run Small
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Constructed using carbon rubber, the outsole has a series of separate pads with furrows and ridges that provide excellent, durable traction. A series of larger horizontal grooves are in place every half inch or so upward from the mid-foot. This provides for superior flexibility where it’s needed most. Towards the outer edge and under the toes, the pattern is slightly raised to maximize traction for changes in direction. The heel benefits from fuller rubber coverage assisting with cushioning there and up to the middle. Grip is excellent and suitable for a range of hard surfaces. Fast runners that get across a number of surfaces will appreciate the dependable traction of this outsole, particularly those that test the agility of their shoes.


The midsole of the Nike Zoom Fly 2 takes advantage of Nike’s Zoom Air cushioning technology. This midsole system is labelled “the technology of fast” by Nike for good reason. Ultra-thin, strategically placed air pockets create a low-profile cushioning that facilitates excellent responsiveness.
The midsole also incorporates resilient compression moulded Phylon for durable stability, and Cushlon foams to further enhance the comfort factor of the shoe. As diverse as this midsole system is, somehow it remains lightweight but hard-wearing. It’s a delicately balanced midsole overall with a bias toward a speedy, responsive running style. Comfort isn’t an afterthought though; this shoe is just tailored to ensure responsiveness is front and center.


The shoes upper has had a noticeable upgrade from its predecessor to a more lightweight no-seam mesh with bonded overlays. Albeit an improvement, Nike’s highest quality fly-knit material for the upper is noticeably absent. With such a high-quality outsole and midsole, Nike can be forgiven for leaving fly-knit on the shelf when it comes to the Zoom Fly 2’s upper. If fly-knit didn’t exist, there wouldn’t be any complaints because this is still a solid performing upper that’s flexible and breathable. The bonded overlays could deter some buyers because they are usually a tell-tale sign that the shoe won’t be breathable. Nike has done a great job of leveraging the stability that the bonded overlays provide while making sure the design enables a decent amount of ventilation.


The Zoom Fly 2 weighs a skinny 8.5 ounces (241grams). Those use to Nike Free’s might feel like these are little hefty, but against the average running shoe, they’re definitely considered lightweight. For the stability, comfort, and durability provided in the outsole and midsole of the shoe, keeping the weight under 10 ounces is quite the achievement. This shoe oozes smart design and doesn’t give up too much of anything to achieve its lightweight status.


Breathability gets a tick in the Nike Zoom Fly 2’s for a solid performance. The materials used in the upper are of a decent quality and ventilation is still a strong positive for this shoe. But there is a difference between breathability being solid versus excellent. If fly knit had been used, it would have taken the breathability of these shoes to the next level. Without nitpicking, overall breathability is excellent. Air circulates nicely through the shoe, particularly in the front top, heel and lower sides.


Those with wide feet, especially in the heel and midfoot, haven’t had the best of feedback on this shoe’s fit for comfort. This issue is potentially avoided by going up a half-size. However, those that enjoy a snug feel around the forefoot may not be any more impressed if they take this route.
Cushioning is another facet that runners factor into their opinion of a shoe’s overall comfort. The Nike Zoom Fly 2 is a highly responsive shoe and has to trade-off a bit of that cushy-feel for road-feel underfoot. Seamless mesh in the upper has a nice feel that won’t cause irritation, and laces allow for easy adjustment. The Zoom Air cushioning system and the Cushlon foam in the midsole combine to give the runner excellent weight dispersion across the foot and a peppy spring-back response. The comfort factor overall in these shoes is excellent, and it is difficult to find a shoe this light and responsive that is also this comfortable.


Nike is the epitome of style, not only for shoes but across their entire range of apparel. It’s always a hard feat to fault them on their aesthetic design choices, and they’ve delivered again with a good-looking shoe in the Nike Zoom Fly 2. These shoes aren’t characteristic of the loud and bright style worn by much of the younger generation at present, but they have a bold, refined attractiveness to them. With only four color options available, most people aren’t likely to be buying these for their casual collections. Nonetheless, the wearer exudes an understated trend and style in these runners. For casual use, users won’t be stopping traffic in these, but for many, that’s a positive thing. It all comes down to your personal style preference.


For those that actually use their running shoes until they wear out, you’ll get a good 300 or so miles out of the Nike Zoom Fly 2. This is about average for a running shoe. In many shoes, the outsole wears so much quicker than the shoes other components. When this is the case, it doesn’t matter how durable the rest of the shoe is because they become unusable. This won’t happen in the Nike Zoom Fly 2 thanks to an ultra-durable carbon rubber outsole with a resilient waffle patterned tread. The balance of flexibility and stability in the shoe’s midsole reflects the mid-range mileage result. However, the infusion of the Zoom Air tech would have helped this result somewhat. In the upper, the combination of the mesh reinforced by the bonded overlay adds to the overall durability result of the shoe. The more lightweight and flexible a shoe’s materials, the less durable they tend to be. If the Zoom Fly 2 were compared to other shoes of similar weight and flexibility, it would likely surpass most in durability. Nike deserves a pat on the back for their design efforts to get average mileage out of a light, flexible shoe.


Protection is another area that tends to be traded off in a lightweight shoe. The Zoom Fly 2 has managed to produce a secure, stable, protective fit, in spite of its lightweight status. The bonded overlays in the shoes upper play the most significant role in helping the top of the foot to feel protected and steady. This protection, though secure, is soft and comfortable. The seamless mesh guards the foot against any irritations that could lead to uncomfortable abrasions and blisters. The heel area in shoes tends to wear very quickly if users spend a lot of time in their shoes between runs (mainly sitting). Nike has countered this wear by designing the sole to extend up onto and around the bottom edge of the heel, acting as a protective buffer. In smart design, it’s the little things that matter, and Nike has paid attention to these small details


The Nike Zoom Fly 2 is nothing if not responsive. It is clear from the outset that responsiveness is a key focus of this shoe. Each of the components used in the Zoom Fly 2 reflects an effort to strike a good balance of all other things without compromising at all on responsiveness. This is a job well done by Nike, and it seems like they have achieved this without any significant concessions. Speed and responsiveness go hand and hand, and Nike has made it clear that where speed is a priority, Nike Zoom Air Technology is their weapon of choice. Much of the responsive feel in this shoe can be attributed to the Zoom Air tech. It reacts confidently to pressure, doing an excellent job of both dispersing weight and springing back quickly to give the runner a dynamic response. Overall, a runner who has a focus on pace and superior road feel will not be disappointed with the incredible responsive qualities of this shoe.


Stability and support can sometimes be confused when assessing a shoe. The Zoom Fly 2 is definitely a stable shoe; the full-length Phylon midsole is the biggest contributor to this. When it comes to support though, this is likely the most significant concession made to achieve the shoes responsive feel. Some heavier users, or users that run higher mileage, have complained about the support not being up to standard. This lack of support has resulted in runners feeling tender underfoot and even getting blisters after longer runs. Support is certainly not horrible in these shoes but might be an issue for high mileage runners or larger, heavier body types.


Although these shoes will run well on a number of varied surfaces, the Zoom Fly 2 was built for use on the road or footpath, and it's not recommended to veer too far from these types of surfaces. The Zoom Fly 2 isn’t suitable for other terrain requiring more specialized shoes such as gravel, dirt paths and mountain trails. That said, there is enough stability and security in the upper foot area and traction for the runner to feel confident on uneven road surfaces or paths.


To say these running shoes are affordable for the features included is an understatement. If all its great features didn’t already set it apart from other shoes targeting the same customers, then the price definitely will. So, the upper isn’t fly knit, and some runners might not quite feel the support is up to scratch, the price more than compensates for these minor shortfalls and will be a pleasant surprise for runners looking to upgrade their everyday trainer now.


Traction is another standout quality of the Nike Zoom Fly 2. The Carbon rubber is a breath of fresh air for nervous runners who need to feel sure-footed on the road. The deliberate textured patterning of the outsole rubber on the edges around the toes allow the runner to use the entire breadth of the foot to control forceful changes in direction and manage unexpected surfaces on-road.


Flexibility is sound in the Zoom Fly 2’s but not a standout feature. Overfoot the mesh upper provides plenty of flexibility but doesn’t offer any edge over its competitors that offer the same or similar materials with slightly above average flexibility. Underfoot flexibility is very good. The long horizontal grooves in the outsole help facilitate this along with the Air Zoom technology used.


For users who have foot issues that require a heavy focus on stability, the Nike Zoom Fly 2 isn’t going to be your best option. As far as stability goes for the average user, it performs very well. Runners can expect enough firmness in the heel-to-toe running motion to feel stable, but not so much rigidity that it's uncomfortable. As this is a neutral shoe, those with anything more than a slight tendency to pronate should consider using orthotic inserts.


With a heel drop of 8mm, this shoe is lower-profile than most. With it being reasonably close to the average running shoe drop, only runners coming from a very low-profile or a very-high profile shoe may find the transition uncomfortable.

Key Features

  • Air Zoom technology combined with dual layers of Phylon and Cushlon foam

  • Carbon rubber outsole with outstanding grip and durability

  • No-seam upper mesh that combines breathability and secure fit without feeling rigid.

Bottom Line

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better value-for-money offering than the Zoom Fly 2. Fast-paced agile runners that enjoy superior responsiveness and sure-footed traction above all will enjoy this shoe most. Comfort and stability are both positive aspects of this shoe, and the stylish design allows for everyday casual use. Runners with a foot wide in the heel/mid-foot area or larger/heavier runners may not get the comfort and support they need out of this shoe. Overall a high-quality shoe that proves Nike’s attention to small design decisions and choice of materials is superb.