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LeBron James needs no particular introduction. Almost everybody on this planet knows who LeBron James is.  He’s regarded as one of the best basketball players, often coming a close second on the list. Just after Michael Jordan. A two times Olympic gold medalist, three times NBA champion and a three times MVP player of the NBA season.

LeBron started off his career playing as a power forward, but since has moved on plenty of other positions on the court. However, of the court he’s is admired and respected by millions of fans all around the world. Since starting his NBA career LeBron transitioned his endeavors into acting, music, and designing.

His line of sneakers especially for Nike is considered one of the best, but for now, let’s focus on the latest offering form that sportswear line. The Nike LeBron 16. A follow-up to the beloved Nike Lebron 15, the latest shoe in the line is a true hit among the fans. And it’s hasn’t been a month since this shoe came out. We’ll look into the good and bad of the Nike Lebron 16, and why it’s worth buying it. Hope you’ll like it.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Extra lace feeds in upper

Articulated rubber outsole

Modified herringbone traction pattern

Padded collar

internal Achilles support



Runs a size bigger


Nike and LeBron really stepped things up a notch in designing the outsole. Any regular outsole would just be made with the good old rubber and call it a day. But not LeBron. Oh no. The Sweet 16’s outsole is actually made articulated rubber with modified herringbone traction pattern.

The herringbone pattern blades on the outsole are deep with is great for the traction properties of the sneaker, but the entire outsole is divided into three separate parts. The heel has a separate outsole, the arch area has a separate island outsole if you will, and the front of the sneaker has a separate outsole as well. Every single one of those three outsole parts is harder and sturdier than on the predecessor’s outsole. The thickness and sturdiness make this sneaker appropriate to wear inside and on the outside, and it will easily push the dirt from your sneakers.

The look and practicality merge in this outsole, and that also means that not only you’ll be left with cleaner sneakers, but you’ll also be enjoying a game of basketball on your local neighborhood court, and in your local enclosed gymnasium. Yes, it’s established that the outsole is a real beauty, but just you wait until you see the midsole.


Say hello to one of the most beautiful and fun outsoles ever made. Let’s start with the cushioning, as it’s the most visible part of the midsole. Just like in the previous model, the cushioning is quite high and very noticeable. The cushioning measures 25 mm in the forefront area of the sneaker and an incredible 30 mm in the heal area. Several of the customers that have already bought the Nike Lebron 16 sneaker has praised the futuristic look of the airbags in the midsole, and the fact that they’re stiffer to the air bags of the previous 15 model, but springy nonetheless.

They also pointed out that the airbags gave the shoes their bouncy springy feel, which is perfect in a game of basketball. And you know that’s responsible for all that bouncy feel? The combined efforts of Max Air and Zoom Air cushioning system. Both of the systems help absorb the impact of hard landings often found in the game of basketball. After the landing the cushioning then bounces back with explosive energy return, leaving your foot rested and full of energy. Some of them have even compared the feeling of wearing the sneakers to jumping on a trampoline. The responsiveness is done right, and the airbags apparently played a huge role in the maintaining of balance.


LeBron 16 uses a mix of nubuck and Battleknit 2.0 for the construction of the upper. What is Battleknit 2.0 you might ask? First introduced in the previous LeBron 15 model, the Battleknit 2.0 Is an improved version of the notorious scalloped knit. The structure of the scalloped knit increases the tensile strength, and let’s not forget that it has an elegant finish that makes the upper to look even more beautiful on just about anyone’s foot. Nike and LeBron used special knit machines that basically add another layer in the upper. That extra layer strengthens the structure of the upper in a good way. With the same time makes the entire structure of the shoe more durable and less perceptible to dirt and damage.

If you take a closer look at the tongue of the shoe, you’ll notice that it’s made out of leather allowing for seamless entry into the shoe, which only amps up the comfort and the easy access to the shoe. The lacing system is improved also. The Nike LeBron 16 has an extra lace feeds in upper that let you customize the lacing to your specifications and desires. The extra lace feeds in the upper allow the shoe to have a better and more secure fit, and they look amazing as well. The signature graphic on the tongue is spread across both shoes, and both the collar and the tongue have extra padding for a better fit. The tongue of the LeBron 16 models is a new and improved version of the tongue in the previous model. It has a built-in gusset that widens the entry and then collapses beneath the laces when you lock the sneaker in tightly.

The special design allows you to pop the tongue and use the extra lace feeds on the sides of the tongue allows you to customize your fit better.
One last thing that helps with the easement of the putting on the shoes the textile loop on the back of the shoe, that helps you grab the shoe better and put in on your feet. You’ll love that little loop on the sneaker. Many of the customers have, as it’s been said that it makes the shoes less complicated to put on and to take them off once you’re done wearing them.


Plenty of features contribute to the comfort of the LeBron 16 model, and it’s one of the best things about this sneaker. Much like in the game of basketball, there is no I in a team, and the comfort is a team effort. Many players are responsible for it. Players like the nubuck and Battleknit 2.0 heavily featured in the upper of the shoe. It’s been said to give the sneakers plenty of room in the shoe, but for some of the customers that left complaints on the official website, it’s way too much.

Yes, the leg moves freely, and it adds to the overall comfort, but having a way to much space can be disastrous for comfort and stability. When your foot runs amuck in the shoe, disaster could strike, as the foot doesn’t have the necessary structure and balance that it needs. Injuries can easily occur, so leaving too much space in the upper was a good idea that was given a bad final result. It’s always good to leave space, but having too much space is never a good idea for a shoe, especially for a sports style of a shoe.


As previously mentioned, the support is lacking a bit, but thankfully other areas compensate and really try to improve the first impression of these sneakers. The combined efforts of Max Air and Zoom Air cushioning system that are both featured in the midsole really amps up the support in almost every way. When your foot is supported form the midsole, every single piece of the shoe falls in comparison.

Yes, it’s great to have an upper that’s structured and flexible. It’s great to have a thick, sturdy and durable outsole. They all help with support. But when your feet aren’t supported from within it all goes to waste. The sneaker’s outsole is the one that first touches the ground, but the midsole is the first to receive the hitting form that ground. And every hit to the midsole is also a hit to your foot. So, it’s better to have a responsive and springy midsole, that could cushion the blow to the foot, and leave you pain-free.


There is nothing like a good mix of nubuck and the textile Battleknit 2.0 scalloped knit. And luckily this version has all of them, nicely positioned on key areas on the upper. The Battleknit 2.0 is really to one that’s responsible for the shoes high flexibility and the fact that the outsole is divided into three separate areas really ads volumes to the flexibility aspect of the sneaker. And what kind of a basketball sneaker it would be if it wasn’t flexible enough to withstand the constant movement, jumping and running.


You can thank the textile Battleknit 2.0 scalloped knit in the upper for the amount of airflow that these sneakers have. And that’s plenty of airflows just so you know. The constant aeration, ventilation and the knit’s moisture-wicking properties make these sneakers appropriate for wearing out on the open and in closed environments.


The Nike LeBron 16’s retail price can go all the way up to 600 dollars, but generally, the sneakers can be purchased with the price of 185 dollars. Yes, that is also pricey, but that’s all due to the fact that these shoes were made with high-quality materials, and of course, because they come from a celebrity’s line of shoe. LeBron James is a celebrity, and as an athlete who helped with the design of the sneakers, it’s understandable that they’re so expensive.


Nike is revered for the innovative approach to the shoemaking, and the teaming up with LeBron James really brought out the best of both worlds. Technological innovation and the athletic superiority that the NBA star posses for decades now. Who else would know to design a basketball shoe, then the current king of basketball? The Lebron 16 is truly an improved version of the previous model, and what began as a partnership between James and Nike has transitioned into a love affair that is sure to stand the test of time.


The Nike LeBron 16 is the successor of the Nike LeBron 15, and by all accounts is a new and improved version of the classic sports style sneaker. The cushioning is a lot lower but at the same time sturdier, so the midsole doesn’t damage and break after a short period of time. It has the Battleknit 2.0 scalloped knit, which is an evolved version of the original Battleknit, and a mix of Max Air and Zoom Air cushioning system in the midsole. Both of the cushioning systems are synonymous for Nike, and now in the Nike LeBron 16 are used wisely in order to give the best feel of comfort and stability. The sneaker is lightweight, supportive in the places you need it to be, and with the padding, on the tongue, and on the opening, it helps you to achieve a better fit.

Bottom line

Yes, the LeBron 16 model is a great shoe. Just like other Nike sneakers, it doesn’t come without flaws, but here the compliments outweigh the flaws. Yes, it’s a very expensive model, but at the same time, it’s best to keep in mind that you’ll get a high-quality shoe made by one of the best shoemaking companies in the world, and designed by probably the best player in the world.

The impact cushioning and instant responsive feel that you’ll get with the sneaker are paramount to the overall comfort and stability. The shoes will become your best ally in a game of neighborhood basketball, or for a casual wearing if you’re nurturing a more sport style in your everyday outfits