Nike Zoom Hypercross TR 2 Reviewed & Tested

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Nike Zoom Hypercross TR 2 Reviewed & Tested Review Facts

Nike made waves in 2015 with the release of the Hypercross TR 2, a training shoe that is designed specifically for people who partake in activities involving a lot of side-to-side movement; this includes boxing, aerobics, weight-training, and similar activities. It is an updated and revolutionized version of the original Hypercross, but with subtle and uncomplicated updates. It has an extremely appealing look that comes in a variety of shades and is built with quality materials like Flywire cabling and perforated mesh. The outsole features a delta pattern of waffling that is ideal for tackling terrain. They are secure, breathable, and just a solid pair of cross-training shoes that anyone can enjoy. With such a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from, there is a choice for any man, woman, or child.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lowkey yet responsive cushioning
  • Not as pricey as other Nike shoes
  • Sleek selection of colors
  • Natural flexibility due to structure of foam and mesh
  • Great for a wide range of activities apart from running
  • Highly breathable mesh
  • Purchasers have complained of it feeling odd to adjust to at first
  • Uncomfortably narrow toe box
  • Tends to run small
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  • Overall, I highly recommend the Nike Zoom Hypercross TR 2. Very comfortable and has a nice sleek look and design. They do real well on the court and in the gym on the treadmill. I don't think I would do long distance running in these. Nice wide toe box, which makes them even more comfortable because the toes have room to spread.
  • I am in the market for a new pair of sneakers and I am considering these again. I really liked these, I got my first pair last summer.
  • I am a woman wearing these and I think they are great. I think the fit is perfect.
  • I was a little unsure at first that these shoes were more for trails. But I find these can double as a cross trainer as well. The tread is a little awkward at first but you adjust over tme. The grip isn't the best for slippery or water surfaces.
  • The Nike zoom Hypercross TR 2s fit great and feel great.
  • These trainers are a great shoe at an affordable price. They look cool and they fit great. These are my new favorite Nikes for working out.
  • It's usually difficult to find shoes for my teenage son that are comfortable and sturdy. He likes these shoes a lot.
  • Every thing is just right about this trainer shoe. The cushion, weight and traction are just right. I hope Nike continues to make these shoes available.
  • I will definitley order another pair of these shoes. They are comfortable and light.
  • Applauds, well done. These fit well and Iove them.
  • I have two words for these shoes, simply awesome.
  • I like the Nike zoom Hypercross TR 2s over the Nike Frees for high intensity and boot camp type workouts.
  • These fit as expected and are very comfortable. Great price too.
  • Although the Hypercross TR 2 is comfortable and is a great shoe, they do run small so I recommend ordering a larger size. I am on my fourth pair.
  • These shoes look good and feel comfortable.
  • Like others have already said these feel great and they look good.
  • I am in love with the Hypercross. I didn't have to break them in and I was ready to hit the gym as soon as I put them on.
  • Once I got my right size, they run small, these shoes were very comfortable and fit perfectly.
  • I hope they never change these shoes. I own five pairs. The cushion is awesome. I use these for short run and crossfit. Love the support they offer and the insert is great.
  • Love that these shoes have a lot of support, and they fit well. Great shoes all around.
  • Size do run small per customer's reviews
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The upper of a running shoe has two jobs: to be aesthetically pleasing, and to provide comfort to the front of the feet. Luckily, the TR2 offers both. Nike built this product with an updated upper that adapts and molds perfectly to the feet. This is all possible because of the soft, pliable, and cozy foam placed beneath the top layer of luxurious mesh. This portion of the shoes is nice to look at and resembles the typical Nike design.

Midsole & Outsole

An amazing part about the midsole of this shoe is the use of Dynamic Flywire technology which is critical in providing a perfect fit. Flywire structuring helps improve lateral movement which is really important for people who partake in basketball, soccer, or other sports that involve side stepping. Again, this design is made to mirror the original TR 2 shoe which is part of what makes this much needed update so great.

The outsole has a really unique design in that it has a hexagonal pattern that makes it ideal for handling different terrains. This pattern gives you some extra pep in your step because of how the outsole absorbs energy. It is sturdy and rubbery, and provides both comfort and durability all at once. The TR 2 was modeled closely after its predecessor in this regard, much to its benefit.

The amazing flexibility of the TR 2 is a combination of the upper, outsole, and midsole working in unison to provide lots of plasticity. In addition to this, the shoe is also built with extra support in the form of Nike Zoom Airpods. This allows for multi-directional flexibility, which is an absolute must-have for any training shoe since you will most likely be engaging in side to side movement frequently. These airpods allow for greater arch support in addition to plasticity.


According to the majority of Nike-loving runners, the weight of these shoes is just right because they are weighty enough that they feel comfortable and high quality, but are lightweight enough that they mimic other light Nike shoes. This is paramount in ensuring that the runner feels like they are walking on air and able to move side to side quickly and easily. At the same time, this is by no means the lightest shoe on the market, but it is designed more specifically for training rather than long distance running.


No one likes a running shoe that is easily torn up in outdoor environments, and this product delivers particularly well in this category. Although the TR 2 handles different types of terrain well, it is designed more specifically for indoor training like hardwood floors or gym floors. Going from a wet or muddy climate to the indoors could result in a really slippery feeling. However, you can still run and workout in the outdoors in places like hiking trails, grass, or mountainous regions. The ability to handle various kinds of ground with relative ease is a huge perk of the Hypercross TR 2.


Breathability is key to any comfortable shoe, and the TR 2 is no exception. Thanks to the engineered mesh upper, which is covered in delicate perforation that aide in aerating the shoes. Additionally, they are wider than most typical Nike shoes which is great because it gives you a little extra breathing room to work with. The vast majority of customers have lauded this model because of its breathability and comfort. You’ll never have to worry about getting blisters, soreness, or sweatiness in these shoes.


Is there such a thing as a popular and well-loved running shoe that isn’t extremely comfortable? Absolutely not. The Hypercross TR 2 is well-equipped with the latest and greatest in comfort technology. There is a synthetic leather overlay that gives structure and support in the heel, and the strategically placed Zoom air pods are also an awesome addition because they make the shoe more breathable and comfortable. Overall, this shoe has a very luxurious and fantastic feel that provides the wearer with optimum comfort.


Currently, some websites are selling the Hypercross TR 2 for as low as $50, though Amazon is selling them starting at roughly $70. Older models of running shoes are typically sold for a more greatly discounted price than current shoes as they are of course outdated, but it’s smart to invest in older pairs because of how much cheaper they tend to be. In spite of the low price of these shoes, they do not skimp on quality in any department.


With the growing amount of sneakerheads out there in the world today, it is no wonder that shoe companies strive to achieve an appealing, bold, and attractive style all in one. The TR 2 features a stylish synthetic leather overlay on the heel and a full length phylon midsole. Moreover, it is made of mesh, Flywire cables, and foam that are pretty snazzy looking. Lastly, it comes in a pretty wide array of colors which is sure to please even the pickiest of buyers. They are a very stylish pair of shoes, especially for cross-trainers which are often bulky.

Key Features

• Engineered mesh upper
• Delta node pattern which provides traction
• Flywire technology for enhanced fit
• Responsive yet not overbearing cushioning
• Zoom units for greater shock absorption
• Built exclusively with cross-training in mind


Though the Hypercross TR 2 is a bit outdated in terms of a cross training shoes now, it is by no means a throwaway shoe. The designers of the shoe made sure that it would have great structural integrity that would be able to withstand numerous types of terrain. It comes in a variety of vibrant hues that stand out amongst the crowd, and the upper, midsole, and outsole all offer great support and comfort. Moreover, they are all aesthetically pleasing. The Flywire and Zoom air pod technologies respectively contribute to the comfortability and overall airflow within the shoes. We would recommend this shoe more strongly to people who participate in boxing, weight lifting, or other similar sports because of the fact it is made for cross-training. However, if you are a runner, don’t be dissuaded from purchasing this nice pair of kicks.