Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33

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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 Review Facts

If your training is consistent and you track a ton of miles regularly the Air Zoom Pegasus may be the right shoe for you. The underfoot cushioning just hits the mark, although they are not the lightest runner Nike has released. Actually, they are on the heavy side at around ten ounces. You may be aware that the typical fan favorite lightweight Nike running shoe contains their Flyknit upper but the Pegasus 33 does not. The upper is made of a synthetic mesh that, although is not as lightweight as Flyknit, is durable while still providing ample airflow. To solidify a perfect fit, Flywire cables work in line with the shoe strings and the whole structure of the upper to provide as supportive of a fit as possible. You're presented with a well-rounded shoe that can be used in general activities as well. The Pegasus 33 is a versatile well rounded running shoe, but it does have some cons. Check out our full review below.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Great supportive fit
  • Cushioned EVA midsole
  • Zoom technology in heel and forefoot
  • Great for general activities, not just running
  • Multiple width options for normal, wide and narrow feet
  • Super durable and long lasting
  • Fair price tag
  • They are not the lightest shoe Nike offers, and not close
  • Some don't like the fit
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  • Light weight and Comfortable
  • I have a high arch and these fit great
  • I read other reviews about the shoes wearing down after two months but I've worn my for several months with no issues
  • Run for miles with no problem
  • The Great Price allows me to buy two pair to alternate
  • I've been a fan since the beginning and will continue to buy Nike Pegasus shoes
  • You can walk, run or do anything in these shoes
  • Consider this shoe if you have Plantar fascitis. Walking in these are amazingly comfortable
  • I'm a teacher and stand most of the day and these shoes are comfortable and my feet doesn't hurt
  • Runs True to Size or Slightly Smaller So Go a half Size Up
  • Provides Great Support
  • My son loves these shoes and they have good support and are very light weight
  • Was an Asics fan for years but these shoes give what Asics offers but with a better price
  • Love the Color Options
  • I find that these shoes are perfect for hiking and or walking in the city
  • I receive many compliments when I wear my Pegasus 33s
  • These shoes have much more cushioning than the pervious model
  • I appreciate the No Frills concept. It does want it promises
  • They wash well and air drying is best
  • Snug fit with good arch support
  • I have had these shoes for about a year and they have held up well.
  • I recommend these shoes, these are my third pair
  • An Incredible running shoe
  • Purchased a pair for my husband and a pair for my son and they both love their Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33
  • Very light and very comfortable
  • If you work on your feet for long hours these are the shoes to buy
  • Purchased last year's model and love them. This year's model seems to be narrower and doesn't seem to adjust even with wear
  • big issue with sizing with these shoes
  • Not as I expected as I am a big fan of the Pegasus 32 and 31 models
  • Try them on before purchasing otherwise you might get a weird uneven fit
  • Didn't even get two months running time in them before I started to see wear and tear
  • eet are wider and these size run narrower than expected
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The ability to regulate temperatures inside the shoe is dependent on the airflow that is allowed. The upper engineered mesh does a great job of allowing the shoe to breathe adequately. They are certainly not one of Nike's most breathable models, but they get the job done effectively. This means less overheating, less sweating, less moisture build-up and no bacteria. This overall leads to a much better smelling shoe at the end of a long marathon. If you want the best shoe for the days that are scorching hot, check out some of Nikes Flyknit shoes.


The comfort is one of the Pegasus 33's most notable and favored aspects. It's all tied into the overall fit of the shoe, but in part is also due to the underfoot cushioning system. Just like in most other quality running shoes the midsole is comprised of EVA foam rubber that acts as a cushion. This is not the only feature presented with the midsole. Nike also incorporates their signature Zoom cushion to keep every step comforting and easy from the start to the finish of your marathon.


Nike is widely known for their fashion sense and lets it blend into their athletic wear to an extent as seen with Jordan basketball shoes. With that being said, performance is emphasized with any Nike running shoe or sports shoe for that matter but they tend to have an aesthetic appeal that is worn casually as well as for their intended purpose. The Pegasus 33 is no exception. although most prefer it as a running shoe and go with something more fit for the occasion for their everyday wear.


If you want long-lasting, you are looking at the right running shoe. The engineered mesh upper is not only durable but can withstand a high amount of pressure such as not so favorable weather conditions. It is not waterproof but they do stand up well to instances such as a sudden rainfall or stepping through puddles. The EVA sole material is compressed molded for all the benefits of this foam-like material with a more durable structure. For more strength and fighting power, the outsole is made out of a durable carbon rubber material.


Although they aren't the most protective running shoe, they do fair very well if used, not abused. They aren't going to protect against heavy mud, technical, or backwood terrain. Just don't go deep into trails and avoid wet areas and you should be good. The upper is durable and will hold up to scrapes but is easily penetrated if jabbed with a pointy surface like branches. We recommend staying on flat ground such as sidewalks and pavement while running with these. Should you find yourself on unexpected terrain, don't worry, the Pegasus 33 is made to get you out, and is much more ideal for sticky situations than a lightweight Flyknit model would be.


There is nothing really special in regards responsiveness going on on this shoe but it is noteworthy to mention the EVA foam in the midsole. This material is both generally used in athletic shoes and has inherent responsive properties that make it's energy return capabilities efficient on the track, road or sidewalk.


With a supportive fit and perfectly contoured upper, it's hard to make an issue of the fact that the midsole is a bit thin, as is with most running shoes of the similar type or for similar use. This doesn't give it the most supportive platform, but then again, the design of the Pegasus 33 or other similar Nike running shoes wasn't made to mimic that of a Hoka running shoe. They are relatively low-top as to allow more freedom and flexibility at the ankle, so there is a lack of support there as well. The cushioned midsole more than makes up for the support, given you wear the shoe out on a fair day or for your typical marathon. Push its limits more than that and you may find yourself and your shoes lacking.

Terrain Type

Everything about the Air Zoom Pegasus 33 screams road running. That's exactly what we recommend, staying on the road. That's what their design does best on. Although some have suggested that light trail running is okay with these, it's not the best idea. They are made with a durable mesh upper, but it isn't super protective as with other materials such as leather. The open mesh design aslo isn't protective against debris or moisture, all of which is present on any respectable trail. If it's a well-maintained trail, you can get away with it, but why not go with a dedicated trail running shoe or even a multi-terrain runner as seen with many brands such as Hoka, Salomon, La Sportiva, Merrell, Adidas Outdoor Terrex, and many more. The outsole tread pattern on the Pegasus 33 is designed for firm ground, and that's where they do best.

Overall Weight

As mentioned before, this isn't the lightest running shoe, and certainly not the lightest road running shoe for that matter but it does boast some benefits to the added weight. It's very durable for a roadrunner, which is why it's understandable that some runners have been known to hit the trail with it. It's also more cushioned and has a plush feel that marathon runners will love. Coming in at around ten ounces, its a lightweight shoe unless you compare it to the lightest in weight, some of which can be seen by hovering over to Nike's Flyknit models.


The overall fit is probably the second most prominent feature on the Pegasus 33. Some runners find the toe box to not be wide enough to their liking, but most will agree that the fit is just perfect. It may not all fall on the fact that Nike has created and incorporated what's known as Flywire cables to give a more supportive structure to the upper, but that certainly plays a part. The design and contour of the full upper is accurate and hugs the foot well, giving not only a comfortable fit, but a supportive one as well.


With an average drop of ten millimeters, this running shoe is made for the average runner that doesn't want any of the exaggerated designs that we see nowadays on the market (2017). This is the typical heel to toe drop height seen in running shoes, and some swear by this as being adequate for most runners. It's as normal of a midsole offset as you will get. If you need something special, check out our reviewed zero drop shoes or minimalist running shoes.


Where flexibility is needed is exactly where it's at in the model. The flexible EVA foam rubber of the midsole in part with the flex grooves in the outsole allow for the flexibility needed for a runner logging constant milage. You get just enough flex without too much give to provide that pep to every step, and the best part about it is you won't lose flexibility over time or end up with a flimsy sole after one or two marathons. These are made to last.

Notable Features

• Flywire technology for a precise fit and structural integrity

• Zoom Air midsole cushioning for long-distance running

• Engineered mesh upper for ample breathability and durability

• Compression molded Ethylene-vinyl acetate midsole composition

• Strong carbon rubber outsole


As an outdated model (see the Air Zoom Pegasus 34), these really do hold their place on the feet of runners, still. The term outdated doesn't mean much when they still perform perfectly for the task at hand, being it running a marathon or a long day of training. They excel in cushioning and long-lasting comfort, with a perfect fit but do carry a little bit of extra weight to accomplish their durable and comforting design. The toe box is too narrow for some, so that may present an issue for those with large toe areas but the majority fit right in. There are width options to choose to further customize your fit to be perfect for you. We would have loved to see this model with a more pronounced tread pattern, but as is is perfect for dry, firm terrain. The breathability is decent and gets the job done. Overall we really like the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33, but there is a new model out, so stay tuned for our next review so we can find out what upgrades have been made to this already effective design.