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Nike Air Vapormax Review Facts

The Nike Air Vapormax is one of Nike’s latest 2017 releases and one of its sharpest and slickest looking pairs of shoes. It has a muted yet striking color palette, and is wearable as both a running shoe and as a casual pair of shoes. Apart from its high tech and beautiful design, this product has great arch support and feels so luxurious to wear for just about anyone. It comes at a price of $190, but there is really no better shoe on the market than this one. Experienced runners have raved about this shoe because of its comfort, durability, and protection, and have described working out in them as “running on air”. Lastly, they are lightweight and flexible, and we would highly recommend them to any runner out there.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Made with quality materials by a top-notch, trusted brand
  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable
  • Brand new product means the most up-to-date features
  • Stylish and has lots of customization options
  • Great for more hardcore or serious runners
  • Not gimmicky, timeless
  • Very expensive
  • May not be worth buying for someone who already owns a pair of Nike’s shoes
  • Some users have complained of inflexibility
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  • It does take a few wears to break these in but they feel amazing after. Purchased my first pair last year and my 2nd pair at the beginning of this year and now this is a third pair. Love the technology of Vapormax.
  • Nike Air Vapormax are the most comfortable shoes that I've ever worn. True to size. I have two pairs.
  • These are used for the gym and around town for me. Undoubtedly the most comfortable shoe ever worn. I am a big guy and these shoes fit like a glove.
  • Although these are pricey for me, they are great shoes. They do take a bit to break in too. Overall I do love these.
  • I don't usually make a fuss about a shoe but these I will make an exception for. Great shoes!
  • Love, love, love the style and comfort of these shoes. Only used them so far on the treadmill 3 times a week. The downside is that I've only had them 2 months and they are tearing and that's not cool.
  • I gave these 4 stars because although i do love these shoes, mesh on top is already ripping and for the price I expect more. Other than that, these are super stylish and awesome while running. I would purchase another pair if I could be sure they would be more durable.
  • If you are on the fence about getting these, let's push you and say Just do it! Not sure what the bad reviews are all about, send any defects back. These are definitely a 5 star.
  • I didn't think these shoes would fit a big guy like me but they do! These shoes are better looking in person and they are a head turner. I need to get another pair as soon as possible.
  • These are my go to shoes. I love the amazing quality and design. They really stand out.
  • First timer to Vapormax and I honestly love them. The arch support is great and doesn't feel like I'm walking on rocks. They feel really breathable and flexible because of the mesh upper. Got a half size smaller in these and love them.
  • The sales rep suggested that I give these a few runs before I decide if I like them. That wasn't necessary because I liked them on the first run. A little stiff at first once I got into the run these felt great. Surprisely, for Nike, these don't run small. I ordered my actual size. Love the look and hopeful that these will become a favorite.
  • Initially I didn't care for these when I first tried then on. But after wearing them a few day my opinion changed. I am over 200 pounds and 6'2" and these support me nicely. They are very comfortable. If these hold up they would be worth the price.
  • I have three pairs of these shoes. They are the only shoes that don't make my back, feet and legs hurt. I am a nurse and I can easily get approximately 15,000 steps in daily. I recommend these shoes at a half size bigger. These shoes perform and they last.
  • The vapormax puts a spring in my step. I love the look and how light these shoes are. With that said, I did have to break them in and it took about a week. Very comfortable after the break in period. Even though they are tight at first I would still say they are true to size for me.
  • The picture online I didn't like this shoe, In person they looked better but on my feet and with joggers they look awesome. Best shoe for comfort that I've worn. Now I love, love, love it.
  • I can't say that another shoe that I've tried is more comfortable. Most shoes cause my bad knees to hurt but not these. There is no pain. I had to purchase more than one pair. These sell out quickly and wish I could find more colors.
  • I got these for my husband, nephew and me. I love how they look and wow they are comfortable. Had to go up an entire size in these but still love them. Will buy again.
  • This shoe do give so don't give up on them. When I first purchased them, I had my eye on them for a while, they were tight. At first I thought I would need to return them but II am glad that I wore them and after the 3rd or 4th time they gave in and now they feel like socks. These shoes are highly recommended.
  • Since college, until these, I haven't found a more comfortable shoe. These are very light too. Love the color options. I wish these were around back when I was younger.
  • Some customers complained about the quality and durability of this shoe breaking down or showing wear after only 4 months.
  • Comfort and fit was an issue for some buyers. They stated the shoe was uncomfortable.
  • Several customers complained that the tongue almost came completely off when pulled.
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At first, it is a little concerning to see the added bubble pods on the bottom of the outsole because Nike is well known for removing any unnecessary material from their shoes. Surprisingly, this actually increased the durability of it in the long run. Unfortunately, some users have complained that the outsole isn’t the best for wearing in particularly wet or rainy areas because the water tends to soak through it.


The midsole of a pair of shoes is known best for adding bounce to them. In perhaps one of the most revolutionary moves Nike has ever made, they actually decided to remove the midsole and instead have the shoe resting directly on air bags. This greatly contributes to the extreme comfort level of the shoes.


The upper of the Air Vapormax is wonderfully adaptive and conforms comfortably to the shape and size of any foot. It is crafted with the coveted flyknit material which is lovely both in texture and in appearance. Moreover, this part of the shoe is really thin and lightweight; there is pretty much no downside to the structure of the Vapormax.


Nike as a whole prides itself on producing lightweight yet durable shoes, and the Vapormax is no exception. It weighs in at a measly 7 ounces, which is about as light as you can get in a running shoe. This lightness creates an extremely comfortable fit for runners, and many have described running in them as similar to running on clouds or air. Nike was able to achieve such a phenomenal feature because of the breathability of the shoe, air cushioning, and superior design in general.


There is truly nothing more frustrating and uncomfortable than a running shoe with poor breathability, as this creates potential for blisters and excessive sweat. Luckily, this shoe is built in such a way that the sole is filled with “as much air as possible” according to the designers. The combination of the flyknit fabric and exposed cushioning makes for a lovely fit and feel that keeps your foot dry and comfortable no matter how hard you’ve been running.


We just touched on how the breathability makes this shoe a joy to put on, but what other factors contribute to the comfort of the Air Vapormax? For one, the plush feeling of the flyknit material in combination with the bubble pods on the bottom of the shoe make for great arch support and softness. Some have described it as walking on air or feeling like their foot is wrapped in temper-pedic material. It’s soft and adapts to any foot shape.


Though this style is very fashion-forward and futuristic than past Nike designs, the design of this shoe can be very hit or miss for a lot of people because of the exposed cushioning. However, the Vapormax is appealing because it looks attractive both when running or when worn with more leisurely outfits. Its color options are definitely a lot more understated and muted than some of Nike’s other running shoes, but this is because they are meant to look more luxurious and expensive. The style is certainly not the most important part of this product, but it is a huge plus.


One of the biggest worries runners and athletes have about such lightweight running shoes is whether or not they will stand up to the test of time and the daily wear-and-tear that accumulates over the lifetime of a pair of shoes. Well worry not, because the Air Vapormax is a highly durable product that is well worth the cost. As a result, they are great for wearing whilst working out at the gym or in more rough outdoor locations like mountain trails.


Having a protective shoe is of vital importance for runners who prefer running outdoors in areas that have rougher terrain suchs hiking trails. Thankfully, the exposed cushioning on this shoe is built with integrated rubber pods on high impact areas which help to catch rubber and generally increase the durability of the shoes. It is extremely resilient, and thick enough to preserve the shoe without being so thick that it is heavy and overbearing.


Foot support is one of the biggest concerns kept in mind when purchasing a pair of shoes as thousands of people have great discomfort in shoes with bad arch support. Some have complained that the upper is not as supportive as other Nike models, particularly on sudden turns or stops. However, the fact that the Air Vapormax is so comfortable and has such a luxurious feel speaks to the level of support that this product has.


A key buying point for any prospective customer is how well a running shoe responds to different types of terrain. The Air Vapormax is adaptive to any kind of terrain, whether it be sand, turf, concrete, or rocky mountains. The rubber pods on the bottom of the shoes are durable enough to not be popped by much harsher terrain like mountains ground and are paramount in maintaining comfort.


Sure, the Air Vapormax may cost quite the pretty penny (upwards of $190), but this is actually average for the state-of-the art running footwear that is currently on the market whether consumers like it or not. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend this shoe to the casual athlete or first-time buyer of Nike’s shoes, as there are much cheaper options available. However, this model is absolutely worth the price for customers who run daily and are much more serious athletes.


The designers of the Air Vapormax were focused in part on creating a really flexible shoe that mimics the feeling of air. Not only is it as flexible as a running shoe can be, but you can actually feel individualized pressure points and zones on your feet when walking or running in them. They claim that the combination of the bubbled bottom and flyknit upper makes the Vapormax Nike’s most flexible shoe ever.

Key Features

• Toe and heel overlays for increased stability
• Exposed cushioning in the form of rubber pods
• Muted and sophisticated color palette
• Snug and sock-like fit that allows for both durability and comfort
• Appealing and goes with multiple types of clothing
• High-tech, functional, and current

Bottom Line

The Nike Air Vapormax is the pinnacle of achievement in shoe design because of its blend of comfort, style, and durability. Though it is perhaps better suited for more serious or hardcore runners, we have no problem with recommending this to those who just want a brand new running shoe. The upper and outsole are well crafted using flyknit material and are a true pleasure to touch and wear. These kicks will last you a long time and are the closest to the feeling of running barefoot that there is. Breathability and solid arch support are two key aspects of these shoes and are beloved by runners everywhere.