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If you take a good look at the Adidas Originals Women's Qt Racer Running Shoes’ page on Amazon you’ll notice that over 75% of the customer reviews have left a 5-star rating. That’s probably the biggest sign of quality, but it doesn't hurt that they’re so damn beautiful too.

Furthermore, the official Adidas page states that fantastic 97% of the customers recommend the Adidas Originals Women's Qt Racer Running Shoes and that’s another proof that these are one of the most beautiful and comfortable sneakers that Adidas has presented so far.

Plenty of the customer reviews have praised the variety of colors, the comfort that The Adidas Originals Women's Qt Racer Running Shoes have to offer and their effortless chic that blends with any type of sportswear. They’ll be your best friend in the gym and on your morning jog.

You’d be surprised from the lightweight feel that they have to the feet, but why don’t you let us explain the details of this wonderful sneaker?

Editor's Pros & Cons


Fit to size

Variety in colors

Cloudfoam Memory sockliner


Narrow in the toe area


The white and light rubber is as classic as it goes. It’s almost too familiar with the Adidas merchandise, but hey. If it works just fine, why change it? No, the good old rubber fits perfectly with the rest of the shoe structure and it complements the very simple elegance of the shoe. Just like with the design of the upper, the outsole is done with a clear, simple design that brings out the beauty and simplicity of the shoes. The white outsole might get dirty more easily than the outsole that has much darker shades of rubber, but white is always a neutral color an goes with just about everything. On the back of the outsole you’ll find the word Cloudfoam written all over it, and it’s just a reminder that the outsole is too made with the well-known Cloudfoam technology. The outsole is molded to appear more feminine and ladylike and it will be love at first sing for every lady that likes to stay active. The soft pillow-y outsole will literally make you feel like you’re walking on clouds.


Adidas is definitely not skimping on a good technology here. Just when you thought that there’s good stuff in the outsole Adidas Originals Women's Qt Racer Running Shoes have that combined Cloudfoam in the midsole too. The Cloudfoam memory sockliner in the midsole molds to the foot, and leaves an imprint that will last for as long as you have the shoes on you. The smart memory midsole remembers the impression that your feet left on the sockliner and adapted to the ay that your feet are shaped, to give you the best comfort any shoe can give. The shaped ankle collar is there to give the additional support to the feet but this time in the ankle areas and combined they make for one hell of a supportive feature.


Let’s take a moment to enjoy that beautiful upper. Seriously. What’s more beautiful in the Adidas Originals Women's Qt Racer Running Shoes? Is it the simplistic design in which the shoes were made or the knit woven upper that’s also very lightweight and simplistic. It’s made with a mix of textile and synthetic and you can find that very recognizable Adidas branding on the tongue and on the heel of the shoe. The three black stripes on the sides of the sneakers give away timeless elegance and fashionable touch to already chic and very elegant shoe. They’re with the just the right sizes so they don’t overpower the rest of the sneaker. The shaft of the Adidas Originals Women's Qt Racer Running Shoe measures approximately low top from the arch, and the classic touch can be found in the lace fastening at the front of the shoes. The laces are designed to match the color of the upper, adding to the style and beauty of this lightweight and fantastic shoe.


Comfort is the key demand for every sneaker, but for the Adidas Originals Women's Qt Racer Running Shoes is a priority. Most of the customer’s reviews both on the Amazon’s page and the Adidas Originals Women's Qt Racer Running Shoes’s page on Adidas itself praised the comfort of these shoes. That’s mostly due to the Cloudfoam memory technology that’s used in both the midsole and outsole, but the mix of textile and synthetic in the upper attributes greatly to the comfort of the sneakers. The molded outsole will make you feel like you’re floating, while the shaped ankle collar will be the ultimate support at the back of the shoe.


The Cloudfoam technology put in good use in the outsole and the sockliner of the midsole provides the main support in the Adidas Originals Women's Qt Racer Running Shoes. It’s very rare that you find a sneaker that has the very same technology used twice in two different parts of the show, and it’s really down to Adidas’ selfless nature to take care of your feet. You really should thank Adidas for that. But the support goes hand in hand with comfort. One can’t exist without the other, and it’s really the Cloudfoam technology that does most of the work in both fields. You’ll fall in love with this fantastic technology and you’ll be constantly searching for a pair of sneakers that have it in some part of the shoe structure. Not that many do, so you just might have to look harder, because when most of the recommendations say that you’ll be walking on clouds while wearing the Adidas Originals Women's Qt Racer Running Shoes, you’d better believe it.


Because the Adidas Originals Women's Qt Racer Running Shoes are made primarily from a mixed knit of woven textile and synthetic, durability isn’t one of the shoe’s strongest features. The mix of materials used in the upper will tear and damage more quickly than the material like leather or suede, so durability is needed way more in these sneakers.


Maybe the Adidas Originals Women's Qt Racer Running Shoes are not durable, but they’re one of the most flexible shoes in Adidas’s vault that’s for sure. The Cloudfoam technology used in the outsole and the midsole makes the extra flexible, and the woven textile and synthetic upper ads to the flexibility portion of the shoes. They’ll manage your workout cardio day at the gym and pretty much every yoga pose at your weekly yoga class. Because these are running shoes, and specifically designed for running, the flexibility is higher than average, so there’s no need for concerns.


The biggest source of stability in the Adidas Originals Women's Qt Racer Running Shoes is the Cloudfoam technology. The sockliner in the midsole and the rubber outsole are reinforced with this great technology for maximum stability and comfort. The Cloudfoam sockliner memories the shape of your foot and adjust the inner part of the sneaker to shape of your foot. Instead, being other way around like with the majority of sneakers. No, the adjustment of the smart Cloudforam technology is crucial for providing stability in every step that you take.


Say goodbye to the sweaty, stinky feet that you know all too well. No, Because of the material and synthetic material used in a good looking woven pattern, the upper of the Adidas Originals Women's Qt Racer Running Shoes takes for the airflow and ventilation of the shoe. The materials have their natural wicking properties, and there’s no need for additional mesh for additional ventilation. The entire upper does with ease and comfort to the feet at any time and any physical exercise.


The Adidas Originals Women's Qt Racer Running Shoes are running shoes, and Adidas wants you to run with them anywhere and at any time. And running anywhere means that you’ll be running out on the open and inside on your favorite treadmill. So, Adidas Originals Women's Qt Racer Running Shoes got you covered in both scenarios. The sneakers are well equipped to handle any type of terrain and any type of weather that you encounter during your ruining. Rain, asphalt, and everything in between. The Adidas Originals Women's Qt Racer Running Shoes will be there for you.


The outsole of the Adidas Originals Women's Qt Racer Running Shoes is made with the Cloudforam rubber, but that rubber is modeled to handle the traction in a clever and understated way. The write rubbery outsole has little ridges that help with the traction and prevent running-related injuries to happen along the way. Why? Because when you’re running, there’s no way of knowing what type of terrain might come at your way and you need to be prepared for everything. That includes, slippery surfaces, wet surfaces and unstable chalky surfaces.


Remember those customer reviews from earlier? Well, most of them were directly focused on the comfort of the Adidas Originals Women's Qt Racer Running Shoes, but the unanimous consensus states that they’re just so beautiful. Yes, comfort is great to have, but how great is to have a sneaker that you can wear with everything? And you can wear everywhere, not just to the gym? It’s amazing, and Adidas knows it. The slim, stylish and very ladylike. The crisp white rubber pairs wonderfully with the clean uniformed style of the upper, and together they form a beautiful structure that just happens to be very comfortable and practical. In regards to the style, it’s so simple and elegant that it doesn't need anything else to make it better. No additional colors, no embellishments or crazy patterns on the outsole. No, sometimes less is way more, and it couldn't be truer of a statement that with the design and style of the Adidas Originals Women's Qt Racer Running Shoes.

Bottom line

Is there anything sexier than a crisp, elegant, ladylike shoe with clear edges and attention to details? No, no there isn’t. And add to that the fact that it’s made with a fantastic Cloudfoam technology that will make you feel like you’re literally walking on clouds. Hey, it’s not called Cloudfoam for noting, and it’s found on both the outsole and midsole of the Adidas Originals Women's Qt Racer Running Shoes. Just to be sure that you’re getting the best of what the Adidas Company can offer. But the Adidas Originals Women's Qt Racer Running Shoes has been one of the best reviewed in the long history of the company and their best-sellers too. Ladies who love a good run just adore the Adidas Originals Women's Qt Racer Running Shoes and for good reason.

They’re extremely light on the feet, comfortable, they provide maximum support and they’re beautiful too. The white outsole ads a classic note to the shoe, and it provides a great stylish contrast to the sleek elegant upper. The Adidas Originals Women's Qt Racer Running Shoes will become your constant companion in every morning jog, in every trip to the gym and you won’t even feel that they’re on your feet when you’re running for your first 5K event. Running will become effortless and so easy, and you’ll definitely include the sneakers in your every day’s activities too. They may be made for running, but they’ll become your go-to shoe for pretty much everything.

However, this is a nice moment to reflect and to take notice of the double using of the Cloudfoam. It’s been used in both the sockliner and the midsole, and although it’s nice to feel double the security, it would have been nice if the upper was a little sturdier too. Yes, the patches on the upper add a dose of stability, but the material itself needs to be thicker and superior.