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Adidas is throwing it back to the ’80s by dropping a re-release of their original Continental 80 classic sneakers. As the name implies, these shoes were originally released in the ’80s. And keeping true to the retro counterpart, Adidas did not add any upgrades, enhance the shoe with modern footwear advancements, or change anything other than colorways with the new release of the Continental sneakers. While buyers loved the commitment to the throwback sneakers, most would have appreciated some modifications to improve the quality and comfort of these shoes. They are available in a wide variety of monochrome colorways, that give these shoes a muted and neutral look, allowing them to be worn with just about anything. And each colorway has the same simple navy blue and red piping detail that gives them just a hint of extra character that customers loved. Just like the originals, the Continentals are not meant to be anything more than a pair of practical everyday shoes

And customers agree that, like other low profile power phase sneakers, these are great for daily casual wear but offered a better price point. They are constructed out of panels of leather that are stitched together to withstand daily use. The leather is soft and gives well to the movement of your feet. Cut out holes throughout the shoe's upper provide much-needed ventilation to help maintain a cool climate for your feet. The lining is crafted from terry cloth, which feels nice and soft on the feet. The ortholite insole is a basic piece of removable foam that adds a little extra comfort and the midsole consists of a simple EVA wedge encased in dual rubber cupsoles for flexible support. And the trainer inspired look gives them a dope vintage appeal that is growing in popularity. As a whole, the Adidas Continental 80's are a good choice for a pair of casual sneakers with an old school vibe that offers style and comfort perfect for light daily activity. 

Editor's Pros & Cons

Attractive Retro Vibe

Great For Wide Feet

Variety of Colorways

Durable Construction

Easy To Style


Lack of Support

Runs Large


Many reviewers believe that the Adidas Continental 80 would make a great shoe to wear for the summer season thanks to their effective breathability. They are made with lightweight leather that features perforated holes on the top of the toe box and both the medial and lateral side walls. This provides for excellent airflow to keep the inside of the shoe feeling fresh and cool. The lining is crafted out of terry cloth, which is well known for being an exceptional fabric to absorb moisture. As the terry cloth wicks away moisture, the ventilated leather panels allow that moisture to freely move out. Together, the liner and the perforation work together to achieve the desired result of a cool dry atmosphere inside to help your feet stay feeling as fresh as they look.


Although Adidas didn't change any structural elements to their Continental 80 sneakers, they used some fly new colorways to make them more relevant for today's fashion sneaker culture. They were originally released in the basic black, white, and cream, but have since been released in a wide variety of other solid colors. The sneaker's design pairs a monochrome look with a few very uncommon colors that make them truly one of a kind, especially the ash blue, frozen yellow, and clear pink options. Customers attested that those are so unique, you will be hard pressed to find any other shoe out there like it. But even with the unique colors, the muted effect still allows them to be a great choice to wear as an everyday essential with eye-catching vintage appeal. The perfect blend of basic and bold aesthetic to add to your shoe collection.


Many reviewers revealed that the Adidas Continental 80's are comfortable sneakers for casual wear. They are great shoes to wear when you'll be doing a lot of walking or kicking around town, like traveling or running errands. Buyers specifically gave mention to the soft leather that gives well, making them a really comfortable choice for people with wider feet. The leather stretches to provide ample room in the already spacious midsection and forefoot. The leather not only affords these shoes comfortability for average widths, but the out of the box pliability of the leather make these a great choice for people with wider feet. The flexible nature of the shoes make them move well with your feet thanks to the EVA midsole being incased with a cupsole on the heel and the forefoot, allowing the front and back of the shoe to move slightly more independently. But although they were generally reported to have a comfortable fit, many testers discovered that these have a particularly flat feel and hard midsole, which resulted in mediocre support and cushioning for the arches of your feet. The midsole features an EVA wedge in the middle section that is encased by dual cup soles on the heel and forefoot to provide flexibility that enhances the comfort with every step. The continental 80s include an ortholite insole that offers some extra stepping comfort that reviewers appreciated, but that could have been a thicker or more substantial layer of cushion. Although the insoles are pretty basic, they are also removable. So not only can they be washed as needed, they can be replaced with customized orthotic inserts to improve their comfort level. And considering how roomy these shoes are on the inside, even the thickest orthotics would fit well in these shoes.


These sneakers are well made out of quality leather that is naturally a tough material for daily wear and tear. The panels of leather are all carefully stitched together enhancing their durability. Adidas even used double reinforced stitching throughout the toe box of the shoe to increase the overall strength of the shoes. Although designed to be casual sneakers that look super dope, these are also built to be durable enough to hold up with constant use. The leather also makes it super easy to keep these shoes clean. Simply wet a cloth and wipe them down often to extend the cosmetic longevity of these kicks as well. Keeping them looking nice on the outside and wearing them for moderate casual wear will help them last well after purchasing them.


More than a handful of buyers found that these sneakers do not fit true to size. They commonly ran large with their sizing, from a half size to a sometimes a whole size and a half larger. People with narrow feet also found the width of the shoe to be too loose, even when the sizing was right. And while the flat laces can be tightened to give them a tighter fit, reviewers expressed how tightening the shoes actually made them look awkward and unattractive on foot. Therefore, while these shoes might not be great for narrow feet, they would be a great everyday sneaker choice for those with wider feet. And finally, because the midsole lacks significant arch support or cushioning, these shoes have a flat base which make them a great shoe for people who prefer zero drop shoes or a barefoot style shoe.


The leather that comprises the upper section of the Adidas Continental 80 sneakers received high praise for its quality look and incredible softness. Buyers admired the feel of the soft textured leather and the nostalgic layering of leather panels indicative of old school trainers.
Sneaker lovers particularly appreciated the simple and thin navy blue and red stripe running along the shoe's side panels. It is an original vintage detail crafted out of woven fabric that gives the shoe a subtle but playful pop of character. Reviewers also really dug the branding on the shoe's upper. The window panel shows off a subtle Adidas name and tri-foil logo that was found to be a nice change of branding from the three big stripes commonly found on modern Adidas shoes. And the embossed heel tab logos with the fabric tongue logo added just the right amount of Adidas culture without being over the top. And as far as use of color is concerned, Adidas knocked it out the park by choosing to use one solid muted color for the entire shoe on every colorway.


Just like the original, the new release of the Adidas Continental features the same terry cloth lining that sparks feelings of 80s nostalgia for reviewers. Sneaker heads are really digging the look and feel of the retro interior and how it is a direct throwback to that era. It was found to be a favorite component of this sneaker by most reviewers. The fabric is so soft, it feels like your feet are walking around in plushy slippers instead of sneakers. The terry cloth is also incredibly kind to your feet, even when wearing them sock free. It adds an important layer of protection for your feet with a lining of soft cushioning, while also working to combat odor or sweat invading your shoes. Because terry cloth is such a great material for wicking away sweat, it does a great job of absorbing moisture to ensure a drier and fresher atmosphere for your feet.


The casual Adidas Continental 80 makes for an interesting low-top sneaker to mix, match, and style with. Just like the original Continental shoes, these have that simple retro look that pair so well with everything. Commenters found these to look especially good worn with skinny jeans and basic t-shirts to create that vintage throwback look that you can wear any day. But other consumers enjoyed pairing them with more bold outfits like bomber jackets and track pants. If vintage-inspired outfits are your thing, you'll definitely want to cop a pair of these to compliment your looks. The more unusual colorways stand out on their own, but can easily be played up even more by wearing them with coordinating colorful attire.


Because Adidas strictly kept to the original design of these sneakers, they feature the same shoe technology of the 80s. The basic EVA midsole is wedged between two hard cup soles and doesn't have any additional cushioning or foam. IT was very common for consumers to describe them as having a hard footbed that lacked any boost or bounce in their step. Despite not having a softer or more advanced level of responsiveness, they were still considered to be an overall comfortable pair of casual every day kicks.


These sneakers were noted for being exceptionally good for wide feet. Buyers noticed how the medial side panel of leather was prominently rounded out creating extra space inside the shoe. That excess space, paired with the already flexible nature of the leather, resulted in a really loose fit that did not feel snug on the feet for customers with narrow feet. Reviewers cautioned that unless your feet have the width to fill that space, these shoes cause the feet to move around too much and therefore do not offer a secure feeling or fit. And although the leather upper provides ample space for wide feet, the footbed and midsole are not as wide. This resulted in the arches of the wider feet spilling over the inner midsection of the EVA midsole, but buyers reported that this didn't cause discomfort for their feet.

Bottom Line

Adidas definitely made a mark in the throwback sneaker market with the drop of their Continental 80 sneakers. These heritage sneakers are a total blast from their past, simply rebranded without any modifications, and re-released to give sneaker heads everywhere an affordable option for casual retro kicks. Adidas complimented that original tennis inspired 1980s vibe with unique monochrome colorways to make wearers stand out in today's modern crowd. And while the old school nostalgic look is definitely its primary appeal, many reviewers gave the Continental 80s high praise for their overall comfortability and well-made fabrication of soft quality materials that feel great on the feet. They did fall short in support from a lack of cushioning, but buyers still considered them to be a good option for moderate casual wear. Grab a pair to add to your vintage inspired footwear collection, and turn heads hitting the streets with nostalgic style.