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Running in the city means having to be extra quick on your feet! With added obstacles every step of the way, it can a tough place for runners to maneuver. Luckily, the Adidas Purebounce+ was designed for quick switches so you can adapt to the uncertainty that comes with running. This pair was made with a lightweight mesh upper that conforms perfectly to the contours of your foot and fits like a glove. Its wide forefoot allows for greater connection with the ground beneath you and helps to keep you more stable.

The Purebounce+ offers innovative technologies that help to enhance your overall performance and boost running speeds. They’re designed for better flexibility and quicker response times which is necessary if you’re planning to run on the crowded city streets. A bouncy midsole made with Bounce+ energized cushioning makes this a responsive ride that lets you connect better with the ground beneath you. This Adidas running shoe is a good fit for runners with a neutral gait and normal arch. Its carefully crafted padding provides optimal support for these kinds of feet and ensures the least amount of discomfort. Anyone with narrow feet might find these are a little too wide for them and should consider another option that isn’t as broad in the forefoot.

Besides their limited colorways, the Purebounce+ is an attractive looking shoe that can be worn for both casual and athletic occasions.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Bounce+ Cushioning
  • Primeknit Upper
  • Glove-Like Fit
  • Neutral Support
  • Limited Colorways
  • Wide Fitting


These running shoes offer a neutral level of support. This means that they’re designed with only a little bit of cushioning which is the best choice for people who have a neutral gait. Some people’s feet tend to roll excessively inwards or outwards when they walk which is called over and underpronation(outwards). But, for most, their foot sits in a more central position. The level of cushioning inside of a runner directly relates to the type of gait you have because it can help to correct this issue or make it worse. For those centered individuals, the Purebounce+ is the perfect choice that offers exactly the level of cushioning to keep you as comfortable as can be.


This shoe offers an 8mm drop which is fairly standard with this kind of footwear. The drop refers to the difference from the heel to toe and is an area of debate among runners. In recent years, it’s become more popular to opt for a minimal drop, with some shoes offering zero heel-to-toe-drop. Though there’s still little scientific evidence to back up this theory, many athletes feel it’s healthier to train in footwear that mirrors our natural gait. When you run barefoot, the heel is in-line with the toes which is why some feel a minimalistic running shoe is a better choice. An 8mm drop isn’t too high but might still be an area of concern for some.


This pair is relatively lightweight which is good for runners who don’t want to be slowed down by heavy shoes. The Purebounce+ weighs just 10.6 ounces (size 7) which makes it a good choice for athletics. While there are lighter options on the market, this pair weights in considerably well and certainly won’t weigh you down while you’re on the move.


The Purebounce+ is a great choice for a normal arch type. It offers the kind of mid-level support that’s best suited to this foot type. Those with a higher arch might find that the cushioning in this pair doesn’t offer enough of a support structure to prevent pain in that delicate underside of the foot. While people with a low arch will find that the padding is a little too much for them and could also have some discomfort. When you’re running it’s important that you properly support your arch otherwise you’ll find yourself in a world of discomfort that could even keep you from running.


This pair is made with a mesh upper unit that’s both breathable and lightweight. It provides a sock-like fit and super supportive wear that is ideal for runners and athletes alike. A rubber sole ensures superior grip so you won’t slip or fall while you’re running on the city streets. These training shoes offer a one-piece Primeknit construction that makes them fit like a dream and helps to provide a locked down ride. The midsole is made from Bounce+ energized cushioning that is extremely responsive and flexible.


A unique lug pattern and rubber outsole help to make this a grippy choice of shoes. It’s important when you’re running on pavement and other uneven surfaces that your shoes offer enough traction to help prevent any accidental slips or falls. This pair offers the best kind of grip that’s specifically designed for the city streets. Its unique tread allows for better hold on all kinds of terrain including wet and slippery surfaces.


As with most Adidas shoes, this pair offers a stylish design that can be worn for athletic and casual occasions alike. Its cool looking upper unit and smooth lines make for a street-ready look that is a hit with wearers. The great thing about these athletic shoes is that you can wear them while you train without having to change afterward thanks to their versatile design that looks good with nearly anything. This is where street-style and athletic equipment form to make the ideal running shoe.


These shoes are popular with wearers who enjoy their comfortable feel. A unique Primeknit construction ensures that they fit like a glove and offer a supportive ride. The midsole cushion offers the kind of responsiveness and bounce that runners crave which is another aspect that encouraged more runners to opt for a pair. Wearing comfortable shoes while you run is very important and can prevent a ton of painful conditions. It's also necessary to protect the delicate arch area and prevent collapse.


This shoe doesn’t offer much excitement in the way of colors! It comes in all dark hues like black, green, and carbon, though there is one grey option which is still fairly dark. This is okay for wear in the fall and winter months, though for spring and summer it can get a little gloomy. While they do offer an attractive appearance and smooth finish, the colors are lacking in variety and don't offer the kind of uniqueness we have come to expect from Adidas.


While the Purebounce+ is specifically designed with a wider forefoot this can become a problem for wearers with narrow feet. In fact, you might find this shoe is way too wide if your feet have a slender structure. This works well for people with wide feet and even for normal widths, but it’s not appropriate for anyone with a slim foot. Sometimes buying a half-size smaller can help them to fit better and quite a few wearers found that this helped significantly.

Bottom Line

Overall, this shoe is an ideal choice for runners and athletes! It’s made with Primeknit one-piece construction that delivers a locked down ride and the ultimate glove-like fit. This shoe was made with a uniquely wide forefoot that increases surface contact so you’re more stable while you run. This makes them a great choice for city runners because it lets you respond quicker than your average pair of running shoes do.

A breathable mesh upper unit allows for plenty of airflow inside the shoe and around your skin. This prevents a build-up of sweat and odor-causing bacteria for an all-around healthier environment for your feet. It also prevents a build-up of sweat and odor-causing bacteria so you’ll feel fresher for longer while you train.

The Purebounce+ has a rubber sole that offers solid traction on any terrain and a flexible design that lets you move whichever way you choose. All-around these shoes are well-made and offer the kind of features that help to enhance your performance and maximize your speeds. The only downside is the lack of colors available which might pose as an issue to some fashion-conscious runners.