Adidas Pureboost RBL Review

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Adidas’ Pureboost RBL is the ideal running shoe for winter weather. It lets you better connect with the ground beneath you and offers a responsive ride that’s perfect for running in the city. This shoe is made for colder weather and boasts a splash-resistant upper unit that keeps you nice and dry during the wettest conditions. Made from breathable and lightweight knit fabric, this running shoe feels feather light and won’t weigh you down while you run.

An all-terrain sole lets you move with ease on any surface, including wet and slippery ones. It provides superior traction which helps to prevent any accidental slips or falls when the sidewalks are dangerous. The Pureboost RBL was designed to help increase energy returned with every stride so you can run farther, faster thanks to its responsive cushioning that propel you in the right direction. These zero-drop running shoes offer the kind of neutral support that is ideal for runners. Its flexible build and versatile design make this a go-to choice for athletes who live to train in the heart of the city. One of the best aspects of the Pureboost is it’s natural cushioning that lets you feel more in touch with the ground underneath your feet and provides the ultimate in cushioned comfort.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Boost Midsole
  • Stretch Web Outsole
  • Knit Upper
  • Lace-Up
  • Neutral Cushioning
  • Narrow Forefoot
  • Minimal Colorways


The shoes can be worn while you run on various types of terrain. They’re suitable for the gym, track, and any paved surfaces like roads and city streets. The sheer adaptability of their design lets you run wherever your feet may take you and ensures that you’re never limited by the type of terrain that you can safely handle. The Pureboost is well-suited for the fast-paced environment that the city streets have to offer and let you maneuver around the myriad of obstacles that you could face at any given moment.


The Pureboost was made with your comfort in mind which is why they offer a knit upper unit. This material is both breathable and lightweight so you can move without feeling weighed down or over-heated. When we exercise our core body temperature rises quickly which causes sweating. Once you start to sweat it leads to the perfect breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria, but this airy upper makes sure that you stay as dry as can be. Its collar is also made from the same knit fabric so you won’t end up with sweaty ankles that can cause chafing and other discomforts.


These runners have an 8mm drop that most find to be the perfect level. The term “drop” refers to the difference in height from the heel to the toes. Shoes used to have an even greater difference but over recent years it’s become increasingly popular to run with the least amount of drop possible. Some wearers feel that a zero-drop is the healthiest and most natural way to train, though there is little scientific evidence to support this popular theory. An 8mm midsole drop is a comfortable level that won’t raise your foot in an unnatural position but still provides adequate support and cushioning to keep your feet feeling their best.


The Pureboost was made after careful research based on NASA’s Aramis System which identified particular areas that were most susceptible to pain and tension among runners. This research helped Adidas to create some of their most innovative technologies, like their unique Stretch Web sole. This incredible design actually adapts to your movements and syncs with your stride for the perfect running sequence. It helps to eliminate aches and pains while boosting your overall speed and performance. This outsole offers grippy traction so you won’t need to worry about slips or falls.


These runners come with Adidas’ breakthrough technologies, including a full-length Boost midsole. This midsole is unlike any other because it literally gives you more energy back with every step. It actually conforms to the shape of your foot and works in conjunction with your movements to provide superior energy return. This type of responsiveness is unique to the Pureboost and is a must-have for runners and athletes.


This pair has got everything you need and more! It’s made from a combination of the most up-to-date and innovative materials which include knit fabric, a Boost midsole, and a Stretch Web sole. The Pureboost’s knit upper unit is breathable and lightweight so you won’t need to worry about hot and sweaty feet. It also provides an excellent support structure so you will have better energy return and fewer aches and pains while you train.

This shoe utilizes some of Adidas’ most innovative materials including Boost and Stretch Web technologies that help to make it one of the most responsive running shoes ever made. Adidas claimed that their Pureboost would change the game when it comes to athletic footwear and they delivered nicely on their promise.


The Pureboost RBL is a cool looking low-top that was made for life on the city streets. Its lace-up design allows for easy on-off wear while also looking super-stylish for those who are concerned with their appearance while they train. A statement outsole offsets the knit upper unit for a polished finish that wearers love. Anyone who is shopping for a fashionable yet technologically advanced pair will enjoy the RBL’s uniquely innovative design features and distinctive appearance. A rear pull-tab lets you get your shoes on that much easier and ensures that you'll be out the door in no time at all. Overall, this pair is styled exceptionally well and delivers a smooth ride that's unparalleled in the world of athletic footwear.


These running shoes were made for life in the city which means having to deal with rainy weather and slippery streets. Which is exactly where this pair excels! You can forget about wet and soggy feet while wearing these thanks to their impressive water-repellent finish that keeps you safe from puddles, splashes, and more. They also offer a higher collar that protects your ankle from the elements, talk about a win-win!


One of the few downsides to this incredible shoe is that some wearers found it a little narrow. If you have wide feet you might consider purchasing a half-size larger than normal to compensate for the tighter forefoot. Most people find that there’s enough room in the heel area and that the length runs true to size, but the toe box can be a little cramped for wider structures. You can always try to stretch out the forefoot by putting something larger inside of the shoe overnight. This will stretch the fabric just enough but won't cause it to distort.


Unfortunately, all great things must have a downfall and when it comes to the Pureboost, color is its weakness. This paramount creation fails to impress when it comes to shades and is only available in rather drab combinations. You can choose from options like Night Red/Trace Maroon, Base Green/Black, Black/Scarlet but overall the colors lackluster and brilliance. If you’re a fan of minimal flash then you’ll be impressed with these pairs hues, otherwise, you might find yourself wanting more.

Bottom Line

Overall, I rated the Adidas Pureboost RBL quite highly! This is a result of the sheer performance-driven features behind their design and the unique technologies which they bring to the table. Runners in search of neutral cushion and a responsive midsole will benefit greatly from this pairs structure. It helps to improve your stance and even returns energy to you through every step you take.

Adidas promised to change the world of athletic footwear with their Boost technologies and they delivered nicely on their claims. With unique aspects like their full-length Boost midsole and Stretch Web outsole, this shoe is able to provide superior protection and comfort without compromising on appearances.

The only downsides to this incredible runner are the lack of eye-pleasing colorways and their somewhat narrow forefoot. Besides these points, there’s really nothing I can say that isn’t positive! These shoes should definitely be taken into consideration by anyone who is serious about the quality of their footwear.