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The 3ST.003 from Adidas is a breakthrough design that pushes the limits of skate shoes as we know them. Made with next-generation style and performance, this pair is driven by pro rider insights. In conjunction with skater Miles Silvas, Adidas has created something truly exceptional with their 3ST.003 model. It offers a reinforced forefoot and superior mesh heel that brings a whole new meaning to support and enforcement. A smooth street-ready style and cool crisp colorways help these sneakers stand out from the rest. They feature Silvas’ themed lettering for a truly unique appearance and are guaranteed to impress when they’re on your feet. No one likes the same old kicks and these ones elevate the scene to a new and exciting plateau.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Structured Mesh Heel
  • EVA Midsole
  • Miles Silvas Designed
  • Fold-Down Tongue
  • Geoflex & Herringbone Tread 
  • Sizes Run Large
  • Limited Colorways


This skate-inspired pair is the product of Adidas’ collaboration with pro-skater Miles Silvas. Silvas has been skateboarding since he was just five-years-old and was first sponsored back in 2008 after he won a local contest. Since then his career has continued on an upwards track and the 3ST has colorways and lettering that’s inspired by his visions. This pair is one of the cooler looking skate shoes from the Adidas brand and is the perfect addition to any street-style wardrobe.


The 3ST is made from a comforting combination of materials. Its suede upper is cooling and lightweight for versatile wear and its abrasion-resistant Adituff toe helps to keep the delicate forefoot well protected. The midsole and sockliner are made from lightweight EVA material that offers superior cushioning and allows for a responsive ride. Perhaps the best of all is the Geoflex gum rubber sole that provides superior handling on both wet and slippery terrain.


Nothing could be worse than hitting the parks in a pair of shoes that don’t support your feet. By the time the day is over, you’ll find yourself with a tired achy body and it won’t make you want to get back out and start all over again the next day. But, if you choose a pair that offers a solid support structure you won’t have to deal with sore feet and achy legs once the day is done. Instead, you’ll be pumped and ready for more.

The 3ST is a great choice of shoes because it’s designed to give you that extra support you need in order to feel your best day after day. Its heavily textured sidewall wrap is specially designed to provide enhanced support and makes the pair last way longer than other’s available on the market. A fold-down tongue and reinforced upper also help to better stabilize the foot and lessen the strain of daily activity. Overall, this shoe will help you to feel better and more energized even after long hours of training.


You can forget about poorly constructed footwear that falls apart after a few good rides! Adidas’ 3ST.003 was made tough so it’s able to handle daily wear and tear with ease. Most shoes available today will likely fall apart too soon after you buy them but this choice will live up to your expectations. This shoe has a one-piece suede upper unit that is durable and extends the lifespan thanks to its tough exterior. This combined with an Adituff toe reinforcement makes this one of the most adaptable and long-lasting upper unit available.

A unique outsole that’s made from tough gum rubber and features a flexible Geoflex tread pattern only adds to the durability. It ensures that the 3ST is able to withstand continuous stops, starts, and turning maneuvers without cracking or falling apart.


This shoe provides the ultimate in traction thanks to its combined Geoflex and herringbone technologies that offer maximum performance. Adidas’ Geoflex sole is an innovative tread pattern that offers superior flexibility and solid grip that won’t let you down. When combined with the herringbone pattern etch it makes for a completely stabilized ride that allows for quick pivots and faster start and stops. The sole itself is made from gum rubber which is non-abrasive and extremely grippy so you can move on any type of surface, whether it's wet or dry and won’t have to worry about accidental slips or falls.


The 3ST features a structured mesh heel that helps to better support that delicate area of the foot. Proper support can prevent all sorts of aches, pains, and injuries which is why it’s so important. This pair offers a textured sidewall wrap that combines with its unique heel structure to make for an impressively supportive ride. If your foot isn’t properly supported you’re at a greater risk of injuries because when you land there is enormous pressure that falls on the heel of the foot and without aided support you could run into difficulties. The 3ST was designed to watch your back while you’re on the move and it protects you from every angle which sounds pretty darn good to me!


Everyone likes a comforting yet lightweight pair of shoes and that’s exactly what this one offers. Its superior midsole is made from a cushiony yet feather-light EVA material that is perfect for both athletic and casual wear. EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) is a manmade foam resin material that provides the most comfortable kind of cushioning without adding unnecessary bulk to the shoe. Its airy texture allows for adequate airflow, while its comfortable padding protects the delicate underside of the foot for all-over enjoyment.

This skate-shoe also offers an EVA sockliner that only adds to its superior comfort. A sockliner is the layer of material that your foot sits on inside of the shoe and is one of the most important aspects when it comes to cushioning and protection of the underside of the foot. Having a sockliner that’s made from EVA not only makes the pair more comfortable but also helps to control excess moisture by allowing for increased airflow inside the shoe and around your skin. Airflow is important because it prevents overheating and excessive sweat which will eventually start to make your shoes smell pretty funky.


Adidas is one of the most well-known brands in athletic footwear and apparel. But they weren’t always so renowned, in fact, they started as a tiny company with only 50 employees! Back in 1949, Adi Dassler had a vision - to give athletes the best equipment imaginable. In the tiny town of Herzogenaurach, he set up shop and registered the now infamous Adidas 3-stripes. 1954 saw the birth of Adidas’ screw-in studs that helped the German football team win the World Cup against an “unbeatable” opponent. It’s only been uphill from then on for this brand who went on to reach global success and become, arguably, the most well-known manufacturer of athletic apparel.


Finding a shoe that fits perfectly can be a tricky task and no pair is without some sort of flaw. For the 3ST that flaw lies in it’s sizing and fit. Most wearers found that this shoe runs quite large and would have preferred a whole or half size smaller. It’s very important that your shoes fit properly otherwise you’ll be leaving yourself at risk because you could trip and fall if they’re too big. Shoes that are too big could also flop and cause blisters from the friction of the material rubbing against your skin so be sure to consider the sizing carefully before making your selection. You can always check the measurements online and then measure your feet for the most accurate results.


While the latest addition to the 3ST series is a huge improvement over previous versions, it lacks in one key area, colors. This model comes in a very limited selection of colorways and quite frankly is fairly boring. This is a shame considering the otherwise appealing looks that this shoe offers. Some of the choices include White/Bold-Green, Navy/White, and Black/Light Granite which leave little to desire. I had hoped that a shoe of the 3ST’s esteem would have brought something truly exciting to the table when it came to appearances so it was a little disheartening to see the rather bland line-up of shades available. But other than this issue, it’s a very nice looking shoe as a whole.

Bottom LIne

Overall, the 3ST.003 from Adidas is an exciting pair of skate-shoes that offer more than your average pair does. They were inspired by Adidas’ collaboration with pro skater Miles Silvas and offer a seriously stylish exterior. Made from a comforting combination of materials including a suede upper unit and Adituff toe, this shoe will have you feeling your best for hours on end. Having a supportive ride is vital while you train and this shoe has got you covered! Its structured mesh heel and heavily textured sidewalls ensure that your feet are properly supported in order to prevent fatigue and possible injuries.

The 3ST has an EVA midsole that provides the perfect amount of cushioning without weighing you down so you can move with ease. Its EVA sockliner adds even more pillow-like softness while also allowing for lots of air to flow inside of the shoe and around your skin. This will help to keep you cooler which in-turn prevents a build-up of sweat and odor-causing bacteria.

This shoe is jam-packed with performance-enhancing features and guarantees to impress onlookers with its smooth street-style vibe. The only downside to this pair is that the sizes run a little bigger than expected so you might want to consider opting for a full or half size smaller than you normally would. The colorways are also fairly limited but the shoe makes up for this with its cool looking exterior and solid appearance that will have you coming back for more time after time.

I rated this shoe quite highly based on its overall appearance and fine delivery of the kind of features needed by skaters of every skill level. The versatility of its design means that just about anyone can rock a pair of 3ST sneakers with ease and its minimal yet stylish vibe is just to easy to match with all your favorite clothing.