Best Trending Shoes Reviewed For The Style You Crave

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Converse Chuck Taylor Low-Top
Test Winner: Converse Chuck Taylor Low-Top
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In the search for the most fly shoes on the market, it can be quite a challenge to find a specific focus. To find the shoes that have the highest level of quality, as well as the coolest designs can be quite a task. I mean, think about it: There are so many shoes on the market nowadays that it can be kind of difficult to find just what you want. With all the new designs, there are also various different “new” materials that are used to give one all of the added comfort and style. We searched for best trending shoes on the market and found the top 10 to review and rate, so keep reading and find the one for you.

Standout Picks

Air Jordan Retro 10 trending shoes
Now, for a pair of shoes that many individuals probably wish were released a bit earlier. The Air Jordan Retro 10 is a shoe that many have been scooping off of the shelves due to their inherent stylish and trendy design. The use of fantastical color schemes as well as the various different features such as their leather upper and the Ankle support they provide are what qualify these shoes for this list.
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Nike Air Vapormax Plus trending shoes
If you haven’t seen the hot new style of the Nike Air Vapormax Plus, then you'd better get to check them out. These shoes are on this list for obvious reasons; their constant reinvention makes them something that stays out and on people’s minds. The features that make them qualify, on the other hand, is their use of TPU material and the 3M that runs the length of the shoe itself.
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Adidas Ultra Tech top trending shoes
The Adidas Ultra Tech features a below ankle design as well as comes in various different colorways which allow it to provide one with what they need in terms of support when worn for use on a skateboard. Not to mention, these shoes have a design that allows them to adequately provide one with what they need in terms of style; that deep purple color makes them pop. The reason they are on this list is mainly due to their vulcanized outsole and the EVA sockliner they are equipped with.
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Nike Air Penny IV trending shoes
The Nike Air Penny has always been a line of Nike’s that’s caught people’s eyes. This shoe and it’s the use of simple yet complex layering makes it a state of the art basketball powerhouse as well as a fashionable piece of footwear. The Penny is on this list because of its use of a Bootie design as well as the fact that they make use of an ankle strap around the heel of the shoe.
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Converse Chuck Taylor Low-Top trending shoes
We can't talk about trending shoes without talking about Converse. These basic kicks have a simple design that goes with anything and will never go out of style. The medial eyelets, ortholite insole, and canvas upper ensure that these shoes will feel as great as they look.
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Nike Air Max 270 trending shoes
If this isn’t a shoe that's considered to be stylish, then I seriously don’t know what is. The Air Max 270 is a shoe that makes use of both comforting features such as the extra-large airpod located in the heel of the shoe and, as well as the inclusion of dual-density foam in the midsole region, well as the inclusion of dual-density foam in the midsole region are why these shoes had to be featured on this list.
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Clyde Coogi X Puma trending shoes
I know you all remember that period when Coogi sweaters were to thought to be the hottest thing out. All we could remember seeing were multi-colored sweaters every day and everywhere. These weren’t bad times. To bring back that feeling, Coogi decided to partner with the shoe designer Puma. Their creation, the Clyde Coogi FS Puma is a sight for sore eyes. These shoes were decisively featured on this list because of both their custom knit upper as well as their use of 18k premium gold branding on the tongue.
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Nike Epic React Flyknit trending shoes
The Nike Epic React Flyknit appears to be a favorite among various different individuals, and for good reason. The design of this sneaker is one that makes use of all of the stylistic elements that one would like as well as the functional aspects one would need to remain comfortable while worn; these are one of the hottest pair of shoes on the market today, which is one of the reasons they are featured on this list. The other reason it was imperative to make note of them is because of their Flyknit exterior and their lightweight design.
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Nike SB Dunk Low Pro trending shoes
This is one of the most sought-after shoe designs of this century. Well, there are probably more popular shoes but, the inherently stylish design these sneakers have been imbued with makes them something that many individuals any when seen. They have somewhat “bigger” features which make them blend relatively well with various articles of clothing that have become popular in the last decade. Besides this, the reason these shoes have been included among the other greats of this article is that of the use of the Full-length air sole unit as well as the Elastic construction.
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Nike Air Max 98 trending shoes
We’ve all heard of several different iterations of Air Max models of shoes. We’ve seen the Air Max 90, as well as the Air Max 97. What we haven’t seen though, is the Air Max 98 (at least not in a while. These shoes are amazing as Air Max shoes and are trending because of their chic and stylish design. They are featured on this guide because of their Air Max cushioning as well as the thick tread along with the outsole.
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Criteria Used for Evaluation


Brand power is a big driving force behind fashion trends. Barring the occasional underdog story, most trending designs and products come from brands like Nike and Converse that are embedded in the public consciousness. These powerhouses have been a major part of the fashion world for years, so it makes sense that they would be the ones setting and reinforcing trends. While these brands are often more expensive, you're paying this price because the products are both stylish and innovative in some capacity.


A major contributor to a shoe's ability to provide one with any level of functionality is the comfort provided. I don’t know about you but, it can be a major challenge to wear shoes with designs that don’t allow for any level of comfort. Things such as a lack of coverage for the various parts of the foot as well as cushioning are things that can result in an utterly uncomfortable feel being achieved by a shoe. This is something that we seek to eliminate with this guide; we only wanted to introduce you to the most comfortable latest shoes on the market.


This is a major contributor to the shoes' ability to be functional; if it isn’t at all durable, it will likely not last long enough to be worn on various different surfaces and for different activities. The longevity of the sneaker itself actually depends on a few different things such as the quality of the materials in the design and the actual nature of the materials used. You can’t fully expect a shoe to be functional if the way it’s designed doesn’t make use of things that allow for functionality. For instance, it doesn’t make the most sense to try to wear and use a shoe made of plastic for arduous activity; it won’t work.


Many trendy shoes are trendy for a reason. They either have state-of-the-art designs that allow them to provide one with an incredibly functional usage period, or they are stylish. In our search for the trendiest shoes on the market, we found that it was incredibly important to make note of the shoes with stylish features. The overall style was very high on our list of things to weigh new trending shoes against.

Trendy shoes don’t always come in a recent package though; as of late, many of the shoes that have been blowing up have designs that stray back to the style of shoes from the retro, 80s days. We wanted to make sure that each of the shoes that were presented to you was presented to you had designs that were easily recognizable and wearable; that’s what makes them trendy.


While this isn’t the most important thing to pay attention to with a sneaker, it is important to make note of a shoe’s ability to switch between different areas of use. For instance, many shoes have designs that allow them to be worn for both sporty(athletic) activities as well as for casual use. Shoes with this quality tend to provide one with what they need in terms of value due to their ability to provide one with more than one type of usage type.