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Nike Epic React Flyknit Review Facts

Have you ever placed your foot in a shoe (made by Nike) that has a feel that could rival any of the best lifestyle running shoes that are on the market? If so, did the look of the shoe also say that it would stand out at any meet that you went to? The Nike Epic React Flyknit is a shoe that is made to deliver comfort to runners with various styles of running. Both the heel strikers and the forefoot strikers are able to truly enjoy the feel of this outright wonderful shoe due to the hallmark technology that is placed in the sole unit of this beautifully designed model.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Foam midsole performs well during competition
  • Form fitting upper
  • Responsive midsole
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Tight feel for width
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  • I do appreciate these shoes, I do a ton of regular running, the outsole is holding up as durable, my speed is on the up as these are light, give nice spring and hold nicely onto surfaces in wet and dry, the flyknit uppers are good for support and ventilation.
  • I love how these let my running motion be so natural, the return on energy is impressive and bouncy, the traction holds up wherever I choose to run, width is snug and comfy, the uppers look soft but they do hold well for support, after 5 months these are holding up for durability.
  • These fit good and they look nice, lots of return while running due to the midsole, the cushion in thise hits a happy medium not to hard and not to soft, the heel cup is really supportive and after a lot of miles I can confirm that these have durability.
  • I run often, the shoe is light, it is reliably comfortable, the traction is nice for variable surfaces, so far I have put in a lot of time and the outsole is proving to be durable.
  • I’m rightly impressed with the great response given by the midsole, I feel like I’m sprung forward after each touchdown, I like the uppers this flyknit has breathability while also being supportive.
  • I’m a fast runner and I’m impressed by the way these shoes allow natural movement, these are great for speed and up tempo bursts, the energy feedback is highly impressive, these are durable and they give very good performance.
  • I was drawn to the style, these are nice looking, solid, robust and comfortable, the shoes are light and allow for speed, nice consistent response from the midsole, the uppers are unique as flyknit and lots of ventilation for sweaty feet, I have covered a lot of distance and I do put these up as a great pair of shoes.
  • I can say that if your running moderate miles and want a reliable shoe these will do for you, lots of support, good bounce back to help running motion, nice comfy upper which lets your feet breat but good and supportive.
  • Straight out of packaging these will perform, sure they need breaking in but thats no problem, I would say your not going to get a 30 miles a week shoe but these are very good for local runs regularly of up to 4 miles a run. Comfortable and supportive and for sweaty feet these do give breathability.
  • I love the structural upport from the base of the shoe and heel, the upper does give support while allowing flexibility and ventilation, traction works good and all standard running surfaces.
  • I like these but I’m distracted by them making a popping noise while running, this issue is not new and has never been fixed.
  • Nice enough shoes though I suggest they are good for short runs of a few miles because the sole wear out quickly.
  • Heel counter is kind of rigid, little tight in the forefoot area, yes the shoe is light but it looks bulky.
  • I found these have a narrow fit, and they need a lot of time to break the shoe in to be comfortable.
  • Took awhile to break in, longer than they should, now when I run I get an odd popping sound.
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To allow the React foam in the midsole of this shoe to do its job to the best of its ability, Nike fit the Nike Epic React Flyknit with a minimal outsole. The outsole is literally just pieces of clear rubber placed on both the forefoot and heel sections of the shoe. Aside from these rubber sections, the rest of the outsole appears to literally be the foam material, which isn’t the worst thing in the world; this allows the shoe transition relatively easily while also giving the runner all that they’d need in terms of durability for those high-contact points of the sole unit.


The midsole on this beast is actually the feature that gets the most praise. The Nike Epic React Flyknit has a midsole designed of their special React foam material. Unlike many other materials by both Nike and other leading shoe designers, this react foam allows runners to both compete and feel the comfort that they’d need to do so for relatively long periods of time. It somehow manages to respond to various styles of running and give each wearer what they’d need in order to perform when they are actually out in competition. The midsole of this shoe is also patterned along the sides so that the wearer is able to enjoy an incredibly high level of flexibility while the shoe is used for its intended activity.


On the upper of this model of shoe is a material that many know and many love, Flyknit. The upper of the Nike Epic React Flyknit is designed to make sure that the wearer is able to completely enjoy the full range of motion that their feet are able to get when they are out running. Along the heel of the shoe is a counter that works to give the Flyknit material a bit of structure which also prevents the shoe from feeling flimsy while it’s being used. Also, for ease of removal, the shoe features a pull tab on the entrance.


Another great thing about this shoes design is that it is incredibly lightweight. The mixture of porous and inherently lightweight materials allows this shoe to stay under that 10 oz mark which, when actually in use works wonders to give one that competitive edge. For example, the use of the Flyknit in the upper and the overall lack of overlays in the design(other than the heel counter) is one of the reasons why this shoe is able to provide the wearer with a lightweight and reactive(see what I did there?) feel. This shoe weighs in at a remarkable 8.4 oz for a men’s size. 9 which again, isn’t something that one really sees every day.


A shoe with Flyknit material running the length of its upper is bound to provide the wearer with ample air circulation while in use; the same stays true for this specific model of shoe as well. The Nike Epic React Flyknit lacks both overlays and cushioning in the upper which works wonders in allowing the wearer to have a high level of airflow when used. On that same token, the air circulation that’s provided by the shoe also allows it to have a moisture wicking property. A shoe such as the Nike Epic React Flyknit that has such a thin upper will manage to aid in the dissipation of the sweat that accumulates along the foot during a competition and after.


The Nike Epic React Flyknit is meant to provide the highest level of comfort imaginable to the foot of the wearer during actual use. Before any more detail is gone into on the matter, consider the fact that the shoe has an upper designed from Flyknit mesh and has very few overlays; this material is considered a rather formfitting material and easily blends with the movements of the foot when in actual use. The Flyknit material fits the wearer’s foot like a glove and, due to the breathable qualities that it also holds is able to provide the wearer with all of the comforts that they’d need when the shoe is actually in use. In addition to this, the React foam in the sole unit also provides ample levels of comfort when the shoe is in use. The foam is fitted with grooves along its side which allows for ease of movement and has an adaptable cushioning effect that manages to continuously provide the wearer with what they’d need in terms of comfort. Something that one should keep in mind about the design of the upper on this shoe is that it does have the counter that runs the length of the heel; it can take away from the comforting aspect of the shoe if worn for extended periods of time.


This is a shoe that can provide both an aesthetically pleasing look and functionality. The shoe comes in a few colorways that each have something that can be worn on and off of the track with great ease. For instance, the contrasting colors that each model has in both the heel counter and the area that sits immediately beneath the counter are something that makes the shoe pop(especially when considered against the somber colors that generally make up the designs of the upper. The entire design of the shoe is color-blocked and does give the wearer a bit of ease when it comes to mixing and matching outfits with the shoes themselves.


One of the well-backed qualities of the shoe itself is that it can withstand a level of use that is generally not seen among shoes of its design. The React foam in the midsole of the shoe manages touts a 500-mile life-span that has been backed by the creators of the shoe themselves. The upper of the shoe is a rather durable material as well and should be able to easily keep up with the sole unit when used. To protect the foam in the sole unit (the foam is partially exposed) the outsole has clear rubber pieces that go protect the high-friction areas of the shoe such as the forefoot and the heel of the shoe; this was a great idea considering the intended use of the shoe and the fact that the shoe provides protection for the majority of running styles.


Well, for a running shoe of its design, the Nike Epic React Flyknit has all of the protection that one could really ask for. It has ample security in the form of snug lacing; this may come as a surprise but the fact that the lacing works to keep the shoe from simply slipping off of the foot during fast-paced activity is something that is generally overlooked. The cushioned midsole also works to give a level of comfort and control that, is incredibly important for those longer runs as it works to keep the foot from experiencing fatigue from the excessive transitions that it tends to go through.


The design of the Nike Epic React Flyknit is one that is meant to provide the wearer with a feeling that goes above and beyond that which is generally viewed as responsive. For starters, the upper of the shoe is designed from Flyknit; flyknit is a thin mesh-like material that conforms to the shape and the various movements of the foot quite easily. The ability of this material to move along with the movements of the wearer’s foot is something that doesn’t go unnoticed when the shoe is actually in use and actually fits perfectly with the intended running shoe design of this model. The foam in the midsole will definitely fall right in line with the movements of the foot and provide the wearer with all that they’d need when in a race or on a faster-paced run and requiring smooth transitions.


The sole unit has a design which shows the wearer that it is meant to provide support for those who have a more neutral style of running. The cushioning that runs the length of the foot keeps the wearer from experiencing discomfort after long periods in the shoe simply because of the addition of the React foam and the copious amounts of it that can be found throughout the shoe itself.


Sadly, the use of exposed foam as the midsole of the shoe makes it so that the shoe can’t handle itself very well in less developed terrains. That isn’t to say that the shoe wouldn’t have enough grip or functionality on terrains of this type but rather that the shoe may not be able to last for as long as it would if used on a more developed terrain such as a road. This shoe would work wonders if used on a terrain such as a road or something of the like; the grip of the sole unit and the way that it’s designed allows this shoe to perform to the best of its ability when used on its intended terrain.


For a shoe such as this one, that provides the wearer with functionality but does so for a price, a decent-sized one. The price tag that comes attached to this model of shoe is one that would be considered rather expensive by most but, is well-justified when considered alongside the rest of the shoe. The sole unit, touting a 500-mile lifespan, will give the wearer of this shoe a use period that ensures that value is taken from its design.


The multi-directional and grooved pattern of the sole unit does provide the wearer with a higher than normal, level of traction when in use. Despite the fact that the sole unit is partly exposed React foam material, it still provides the wearer with a decent level of traction when in use.. The use of the clear rubber in the sole unit also allows the shoe to improve takeoff for those who strike on those parts of their foot.


The entire design of the sole unit on this shoe allows the wearer to move relatively easily while the shoe is on foot. The flex grooves throughout both the sides of the midsole and the bottom allow the shoe to provide the wearer with ease of movement while the shoe is in use. Flyknit is also a material that moves with relative ease and is shown when the shoe is on foot and used in a competition.


To counteract the use of Flyknit in the upper and ease with which the material moves, Nike fit the heel of the shoe with a counter; the counter works to give the shoe a bit more structure which in turn results in added stability for the entirety of the shoe. The sole unit, namely the midsole, the React foam balances itself out and provides the wearer with both a bit of cushioning and comfort while also maintain a firm feel which makes for an amazing running shoe.


The heel-to-toe ration on this particular shoe is roughly 10mm which is roughly average and gives the wearer what they’d need in order to function in their respective feel. The higher heel allows this shoe to maintain transitions that are nothing short of amazing.

Key features

• React Foam
• Flyknit upper
• Seamless design
• Lightweight


This shoe is definitely something to be reckoned with. Whether it’s for those who need a pair of shoes to go for leisurely runs in or a pair of shoes to give them that competitive edge when they go out for competitions. One thing that wearers may consider when thinking to purchase this shoe is the fact that it is a bit more expensive than many of the leading shoes that are on the market.