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Nike Zoom Train Command Review Facts

Many have had great difficulty finding either a training or CrossFit shoe that could meet their needs. Whether it be that the shoe has too little cushioning for heavy-duty training or is actually too soft to be used for an adequate training period, many shoes just don’t have what it takes. Eventually, many just settle on a shoe that they feel will fulfill most of their needs when they need to get a session in. Well, now technology has developed to a point that doing that is no longer completely necessary; the Nike Zoom Train command is designed to cover various important aspects during any training routine.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Sleek design
  • Cushioned
  • Inexpensive
  • Adaptable
  • Quality issues


Many training shoes that are on the market are not designed with quality outsoles; they either wear too easily or simply don’t provide the grip necessary to really handle whatever field that the shoe is used on. This is definitely not an issue with the Nike Zoom Train command. The Train command has an outsole fit with a multidirectional pattern that makes quick movements in the shoe a relative breeze. Not to mention that the sole unit is also designed from a rubber compound that is inherently sticky and does a good job of providing wearers with what they’d need in terms of durability and functionality in several respects. The great thing about this outsole is that it is specially engineered to function during various training activities. From sprints to weights these shoes will get the job done.


The midsole of the Train command is designed from a material which is typical of Nike, Zoom cushioning. The Zoom cushioning in the midsole of the shoe does an amazing job of gradually providing the wearer with all that they’d need in terms of comfort and stability due to its shock absorbing nature. In addition to this inherent cushioning effect, the shoe does an amazing job of providing a responsive feel to the wearer’s underfoot, which is something that isn’t typically experienced in running shoes of its design.


When training, support, and stability are considered to be of the utmost importance. Whether it’s during highspeed activities or during a weight-lifting activity, shoes need to be able to protect the wearer’s foot in every way. This is why the upper of the Train command has a design which incorporates several protective and comfort providing elements. For starters, the upper of the shoe is designed from a mesh material which allows the shoe to regulate the temperature of the inside relatively well. The lacing on the upper of this model is crafted from a flywire material which allows the shoe to easily provide the wearer with a snug fit that does nothing to cause the wearer any sort of problem when on foot.


A shoe that is meant for training activities must be lightweight enough to aid the wearer in their attempts to improve both agility and speed. The Train command is designed to improve upon the wearer’s natural abilities by adding minimal weight to the wearer’s frame. In addition to this, the design of the shoe manages to be lightweight while also retaining a bit of cushioning and providing the wearer with a high level of comfort as well. The great thing about the lightweight design of this shoe is that it manages to provide wearer’s with comfort even while allowing the wearer to retain their level of activity in whatever training environment that they engage in.


The upper of the Train command is designed for those individuals who must engage in a high level of activity. This means that the shoe must be perforated enough to ensure that the wearer is able to endure the amount of sweat that they are likely to come into contact with long hours of arduous training exercises. With that in mind, the upper of this shoe is designed from a mesh material with very minimal overlays. The mesh material is porous and allows the shoe to maintain an adequate level of airflow to flow through the shoe design. The overlays in the shoe’s design don’t do much to keep the shoe from providing the wearer’s foot from having ample airflow while the shoe is in place either.


One of the best qualities of this shoe is the level of comfort that it provides to individuals. The midsole of this shoe has ample cushioning and continuously provides comfort to those who need it. The Nike Zoom cushioning is a favorite for many individuals who like to have ample comfort in their shoe designs simply because of the material’s ability to conform to movements as well as cushion each forceful movement that the wearer makes while in the shoe. The upper of the shoe has several stylistic elements that double to provide the wearer with a bit of comfort while the shoe is in use. For instance, the Flywire cables and the TPU midfoot wrap allows this shoe to provide the wearer with what they’d need in terms of a tight fit.


Unlike many of the training shoes that are on the market right now, the Train command has several things that ensure that the wearer is always in style. The design of the shoe is one that incorporates a sleek cut and a multitude of colors which enable the shoe to remain relatively fashionable. The features of the shoe also give it a bit of an edge in allowing the wearer’s feet to look as if they are at the top of the line in various respects. On top of this, the shoe comes in various colorways which gives wearer’s a bit of flexibility in what style they can wear when they step into the gym.


The longevity of this shoe’s design left a little bit to be desired. The outsole of the shoe, for instance, provided wearers with ample coverage. The tread material that it’s designed from is long-lived and does a decent job of keeping up with the surface that the shoe is being used on. The multi-directional pattern also does a decent job of keeping up with various terrains without wearing easily; in a training shoe, this is simply a must. The upper of the Train command is where durability somewhat lacked though. The mesh upper on the shoe doesn’t really last for very long simply. This is hypothesized to be due to the fact that the mesh material isn’t very thick and has few overlays in place to protect the shoe’s design.


For a shoe to make an effective choice for actual training, it must have various elements which allow it to function and protect various aspects of the wearer’s foot. The Train command has several of those things incorporated into its design. For instance, the design of the midsole on this shoe allows the wearer to retain a high level of stability when the shoe is in use. The use of flywire lacing also does a good job of allowing the wearer to keep their foot locked in place in the shoe. For high-speed activities, it is pertinent that the wearer is able to enjoy a decent level of security in their movements, which is why the lacing in this model is so well-loved.


Nike Zoom cushioning is one those cushioning that one simply can’t help but enjoy when it is encountered. When the shoe is on foot, the material manages to give the wearer a pillow-like feel due to the fact that the material conforms to the curves of the foot rather easily. For heavy-duty training exercises, it is rather important for the shoe to be able to mold to the curves of the foot. Otherwise, it can be a rather uncomfortable task to wear the shoe for any length of time.


Another one of the features of this design that manages to continuously provide wearers with joy when they encounter this shoe is the support that it provides. A feature that continuously comes up when the design of the shoe is considered, is the Zoom cushioning. Due to the fact that the material conforms so easily to the curves of the foot, it is considered quite a simple task for the shoe to provide the wearer with support when the shoe is in use. The upper’s Flywire also allows the shoe to provide the wearer with a support for the sides of the feet. The support that stems from the flywire ensures that the wearer’s foot doesn’t slip around when the shoe is used which is a huge plus for active individuals.


For all intents and purposes, this shoe can be considered a cross-trainer. The Train command has a sole unit that can withstand various terrains rather easily. Due to the use of the multi-directional gripping, the shoe can perform on whatever terrain when in use. Another good thing about the shoe’s design is that the cushioning that is in place allows the wearer to sprint outside without worrying about discomfort.


A great thing about this shoe’s design is that its price is nothing to worry about. Despite the fact that the shoe has several technologies throughout, Nike still managed to sell it for a manageable price. On that same note, the shoe has a level of versatility that allows it functions on various levels. The fact that the shoe can be used to perform various training exercises is something that makes it an invaluable addition to any training shoe rotation.


The rubber outsole is something that will never get old in any shoe design. Also, the multi-directional pattern in the sole unit keeps the shoe providing a grip on whatever surface that the shoe is used on. The outsole design really shines when it is used for the high-speed activities. Explosive exercises like sprints and certain types of weight lifting allows this shoe to show wearers exactly where it’s skill lies.


Shoes with a mesh upper tend to have a bit more flexibility incorporated into their design. The flexible aspect of the design is well-needed for high-speed exercises simply because of the ease of movement that they introduce to the wearer’s foot. Nike has always done a good job of finding a balance between flexibility and durability and, as one can tell, didn’t skip this shoe in that effort to find balance. The slender cut of this shoe also manages to add to this quality of the shoes design. Nike did a good job of keeping this shoe as minimal as possible and so, designed a shoe that has no problem providing wearer’s with a decent range of motion while the shoe is on foot.


The Train command does provide wearer’s with stability, but not in the way that one might think. For instance, the shoe’s design has all of the stylistic elements that make for a great weightlifting and high-speed running shoe but, may not serve as well when the wearer needs a shoe to provide them with support for issues such as pronation (either under or over).


Considering that this is a training shoe, it should be able to provide wearers with a low drop. When weightlifting, for example, it becomes rather important for the shoe to give the wearer as of a feeling as possible. With that being said, the design of this shoe definitely provides wearers with an extremely low drop. The lack of excess cushioning in place ensures that this effort is achieved by this model.

Key Features

• Zoom cushioning
• Flywire lacing
• Tread outsole
• TPU technology


All in all, the design of this shoe is one that definitely won’t disappoint runners of any type. The technologies incorporated into the Train command makes sure that the wearer of the shoe has all that they’d need in order to perform to the best of their ability and for the price, the purchase of this shoe can’t be beaten.