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Nike Lebron 15 Review Facts

Nike is a brand that is known and trusted by all for their quality and style. They have been a leading sports brand for a number of years and are known for the endorsing of a number of well-known players. LeBron has partnered with Nike designer Jason Petrie and combined qualities of his past shoes with a few new ones. The LeBron 15 is a shoe that marries style, comfort, and practicality seamlessly. LeBron even mentioned that these shoes are by far his favorite shoe to play in.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Available in half sizes
  • Fits true to size
  • Not waterproof


The outsoles of these shoes are pretty different from LeBron’s models from the past. The designers tweaked the sole based off of recommendations that LeBron gave on previous pairs and together they created the Max Zoom bottom. It is constructed with one big section and three main deep grooves built into it. This creates articulation and adds more flexibility overall. There are triangles at the very bottom that kind of look a bit aggressive but helps with traction on the court. As for the material of the outsole itself, there is a choice between translucent and solid rubber. Another thing to note is that though it is recommended that you wipe the bottom of your shoes regularly reviewers noticed that the outsole doesn't attract dust as much.


Nike uses a combination of Zoom Air and Air Max cushioning for their midsoles. Both of these midsoles are a part of Nike Air family and are common in many of their basketball shoes. This is the first time that they are used together though. They provide an immense amount of cushioning and comfort while you are on the court. Zoom Air cushioning is also created to be incredibly lightweight and durable. Due to the fact that Zoom Air cushioning is thin, it enhances stability while doing quick movement because your feet are closer to the ground. Air Max has larger-volume airbags and uses few materials in their midsoles. This makes it very lightweight and provides a lot of cushioning for your feet.


The Upper features BattleKnit, which is not common in most of Nike’s shoes. The BattleKnit upper is pretty new. It gives you a sock-like fit making it snug and gives you the ability to move freely. Though it does give this it is also created to be incredibly thick giving you the proper support needed to function while playing. The tongue is connected to a high stretch collar that is knitted entirely. This helps create even more of a snug fit for you. Nike decided to complete this look with a traditional shoe.


The Nike LeBron 15 is built to be incredibly light. This is something that surprised many customers because it is a “man's” shoe. With all the materials built into this shoe, the shoe weight comes to a whopping one pound. When you consider the materials used this should come as no surprise. In the midsoles both Zoom and Air Max are known to be light. The material in the BattleKnit was created to be light and tight as well so its material wouldn't weigh you down. This comes in handy when you are moving quickly on the court. This will be something that you will notice almost immediately after putting them on.


There were no complaints about the breathability of these shoes. The BattleKnit is very breathable. Battleknit holds several similarities to mesh materials that it allows wearers to have a porous fee while their shoes are on foot. In addition to this, Nike made the shoe relatively minimal which resulted in a shoe that reduces the sweat that the foot accumulates while in use.


These shoes are crafted to be immeasurably comfortable. Customers all over agreed that if anything this was the most comfortable shoe LeBron has sported. The designers achieved this by starting with the already comfortable LeBron 10. They figured out a way to tweak some of the materials to keep the right amount of comfort as well as make it less stiff. This was so you would have the needed stability but you would also be able to move freely. It also helps that the collar is purely knit with less thickness so it is less restricting around your ankles. You will also find that because of the BattleKnit upper this shoe fits both narrow and wider feet. It not only creates a snug fit but also provided the right amount of stretch needed for your feet to be comfortable.


You will find that not only are the LeBron 15 packed with amazing features that are handy on the court, they are aesthetically very pleasing. The three-dimensional design not only feels great and looks great. When you start looking around you will find that these shoes come in a variety of colors and styles. It is clear that Nike wanted to get across was that you don't have to give up the style in order for something to function well.


You will find that these shoes are quite durable. For starters, the midsole is very durable. These shoes are created for basketball players who are not only tough on the court but for everyday practice as well. That being said the midsoles chosen excels in this department. Not only are they comfortable they can withstand a bit of weight without tearing or falling apart. This gives you the confidence to jump or move quickly without fear of tear. The BattleKnit is also pretty durable. Something that was very wise for Nike to do was make the BattleKnit thicker in some parts as opposed to all. This not only lends a hand to flexibility but it also makes sure that the shoe is thick enough to withstand the pressure you may place on it. Something to keep in mind is that these shoes are not recommended to be used as street shoes. You may find that the soles may wear quicker as opposed to a gym.


Because this is a court shoe protector is something that Nike kept in mind while designing the LeBron 15. Like LeBron’s past shoes they provide traction. The combination of the Zoom, Max air, and Battleknit also create a snug close fit so your feet fit securely in the shoes. This is very important as to avoid heel slippage or side to side movement that may occur without the proper support. Another added protection is that the material is very snug and gives a sock like closeness needed for stability. It is very important that while you are playing that your feet are not moving apart of from the shoe but as one together. Nike also decided to opt for shoelaces as opposed to other options available so you can have more control over how much of a fit you want to have. The laces also give you an overall sense of security.


The responsiveness is pretty similar to LeBron 10. It gets pretty good traction so you are able to turn quickly and push off without using excess energy. The only difference is that some customers mentioned that there was a slight bounce in the shoe due to its midsoles and outsoles. This can actually be helpful during jumps and landing. You will find that your feet feel close to the ground despite its hefty construction. This gives you more control and security as you play. The overall consensus is that the responsiveness on these shoes as court shoes was pretty good.


The support was pretty average in comparison with other basketball shoes. If you need more support for your ankles these may not be the shoes for you. Though you may not feel the support there you will find the knit to be very supportive as well. There was an appreciation of the one-to-one fit so you wouldn't experience heel slippage.


You will find that the Nike LeBron 15 is very much an indoor shoe. It is not recommended that these shoes be used outside on the gravel or hard ground. If they are you might find that they wear faster. These shoes were built for the gym floor. All in all use with your own discretion if you choose to take them outside for a game. It is also a good idea to keep these shoes away from water because they are not waterproof.


The LeBron 15 is a bit of an investment. Despite this what you gain in quality is so worth it. You get a one of a kind style and fit that other shoes probably won't have. There may be other versions of these shoes though that may fit in your price range that are just as good. One risk you may encounter is if other versions are made with the same care and thought that Nike put into their shoes. In the long run, it may be best to invest in these because it would be best in the long run.


You will find the traction in these Nike shoes to be average in comparison to other Nike shoes. They were created with three distinct articulated section and have deep grooves. On the very bottom, there are little triangles that lend an extra hand with traction. While they are pretty good at traction overall some did still experience a little slippage. This can be expected with any shoe on a shiny gym floor.


The upper and the soles provide an astounding amount of flexibility. BattleKnit is incredibly malleable. This snug and sock-like fit makes it possible for the shoe to expand with your foot. It creates the necessary space needed without sacrificing support. The sole’s three-sectioned Air Zoom also gives way in the right places so that they are less restricting while jumping.


You will find the stability to be pretty average for a Nike shoe. The Nike Zoom cushioning, for starters, is pretty thin. This enables your feet to be closer to the ground and creates more security. This is especially important for quick cuts and multi-directional movements while you are playing. It was mentioned that this shoe is designed for a linear player, as a result, these shoes did not require much ankle stability. A few customers commented that this shoe needs out-triggers for stability. They went on to claim that it has a naturally high ride and while this may be true for some, other customers felt that there was no need for a change.


Unfortunately, there was no drop specified on the Nike website. You can expect for the drop of the LeBron 15 to be pretty low. Though the smaller drop means less padding, these shoes are still very comfortable. You will see that the small drop really helps with stability and helps you to feel closer to the ground altogether. You will find that this too is a very minimalistic feel and can add to the experience of wearing the LeBron 15. Along with the minimalistic feel, the smaller drop also makes it ideal for basketball as a whole. You will not encounter much bulk to weigh you down as you move across the court.

Key Features

• BattleKnit
• Zoom and Air Max midsole
• Rubber outsole
• 3 Flex Grooves
• Available in many styles and colors


You will find that this shoe is overall really good. Due to the Air Max and Zoom the LeBron 15 has built in support and a comfort that is out of this world. The improvements to the FlyKnit into BattleKnit to made the shoe more durable and pliable as well. You can count on the traction to be similar to the LeBron 10, which is pretty good. Though it may be a small investment, it is definitely something that is worth thinking about getting. You do not have to sacrifice your style and comfort for an edge on the court anymore.